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    Trapping Team Zaheer

    by , 11-19-2014 at 12:02 PM (295 Views)
    Trapping Team Zaheer (DILD)


    The dream seems to fluctuate through many environments, mostly because I realize that I can teleport like how Goku does when putting two fingers to his forehead. Subconsciously, there are numbers that I think of that will allow me to transfer instantly from one place to another.

    “9” and “1” were the two that I was teleporting to frequently, but there were moments were willing myself to go to those locations would not work at all. There were two dream characters I had to be cautious around, Zaheer, and Ming-Hua. Apparently, I had to trap Zaheer in what could look like a Pandora’s box, maybe some kind of Covenant of the Ark-esque object that had a dark jade color to it. And I also had to lock Ming-Hua, who apparently isn’t armless in this dream at all.

    I recall her trying to force me into the same room I want to lock her in, and while she’s holding my hand so vigorously, I can look at her visage, and see that she’s very ambitious in taking me with her. Fortunately, I managed to gather enough strength to escape her grip, and I immediately shut the door, and braced against it with my back. Ignoring dream logic of how a dream character couldn’t open a door that could easily be destroyed if she just water-bended, I run away somewhere.

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