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    Waiting in Line with Woman?

    by , 02-07-2012 at 03:31 PM (874 Views)

    Loool, my recall was super crap. I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm started around 4:30 AM. I was sooo tired, that I was too lazy to set up the FIELD method to record the mouse holding.

    Eh...at least I remembered something, no matter how small and useless it may be.

    Dream 1:

    I was in a line with some lady, we're not together, just waiting for something. I waited for whatever it is and I think I stay in that line because the amount of food I have isn't odd enough...

    Dream 2:

    Doing something.....DAMN IT I CAN'T REMEMBER
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    1. sinoblak's Avatar
      Sometimes I enjoy not remembering dreams.
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    2. Alyzarin's Avatar
      That amount of food you have... isn't odd enough?

      I agree Sino, it's nice to have it be a haze or just blackness every now and then. Strangely, despite how cool I think dreams and the concept of lucids are, one of my favorite things about weed was how I could smoke myself to sleep and be guaranteed to not dream.
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    3. Linkzelda's Avatar
      I just want a lucid. I honestly wasn't going to type this dream because it was so shit lol.
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    4. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Eh, it never hurts to type up something if you remember it, your recall can always use the boost. Do you do frequent RCs or anything?
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    5. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Eh, I haven't been so focused on those lately, I remember one time when I was in the forums for the first few months, I wrote on a piece of paper "I will have lucid dream" and kept looking at it almost every time, even in the shower when I set it out somewhere dry.

      And even in my apartment, I put sticky notes saying that I will have a lucid dream, but that was too much lol since every corner I turned to, it said "I will lucid dream."

      I even try to become aware of my surroundings more, but I'm not as devoted to that nowadays. It just feels like so much, I remember when I first came to this forum, I could handle all of the knowledge coming at me as I read a lot of guides here, but now it's just "Meh, I know the basics at least."

      But even so, it's just the sleep schedule I'm not focusing on as much because sometimes I might need to stay up late to study for an exam, or wake up early like I did today to do some rote memory for my Chemistry Exam that will start around 3:55 PM (10:17AM right now).

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    6. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Ah, yeah, it's easy to get pretty lazy about it lol. I think the fact that it happens on its own from time to time anyway takes away even more motivation. I'm thinking about trying some herbs and things for now just to spice my dreams up a bit, even if they don't become lucid. I always think back to a night I took St. John's wort, which I'd heard just increased the detail, and smoked damiana, which I'd heard increased the frequency of sexual dreams. I ended up having a really crazy romance plot dream, though it's been too long to remember much of it now. But the architecture in the dream was amazing, it was one of the most beautiful dreams of my life.
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    7. Linkzelda's Avatar
      If I could just create a dream wife that does nothing but sex sex sex sex sex and more sex, I would be the happiest virgin alive.

      I don't know why I'm not motivated to create something like that! Or at least someone to cuddle with every night

      You know, that feeling of euphoria as I rest softly on her breasts and her arms hold me gently :3
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    8. sinoblak's Avatar
      Yay Link! It never occurred to me that I could create a dream husband! But lol, that guy in my last lucid was the perfect one for me. Why don't you try DILD? All my lucids are DILD and all I have to do is to tell myself that each time I notice something unusual in the dream, I do RCs. And I use to jump up now and then to get into the habit of RCing. I think I'm simply not that serious to try WILD or some other technique.
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    9. Alyzarin's Avatar
      You know, that feeling of euphoria as I rest softly on her breasts and her arms hold me gently :3
      Replace 'breasts' with 'chest' and 'her' with 'his' and yes, I know that feeling.
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    10. Linkzelda's Avatar
      I'll try the jumping thing and DILD, thanks Sino, it's just that I'm one of those who likes the harder techniques, since WILD is the holy grail of LDing
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    11. sinoblak's Avatar
      Nice feeling, yes, but I appreciate the essential part of relationships more. Link, believe me, what you think that causes euphoria, turns out to be a drag in only 6 months.
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    12. Linkzelda's Avatar
      But it's all in my mind, and isn't your subconscious the thing that knows all about you, and still likes you?(if you believed in the emotional guardian angel mindset)

      I'm sure if it was a relationship in real life, of course it would be a drag, but I don't think whatever DC I find to be cuddle buddies with would think it's a burden to do.
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    13. sinoblak's Avatar
      You will create a new DC to cuddle in 6 months.

      And subconscious is not such a good thing to me as most people here tend to think. It is like a store. Heretical, but I perceive DGs and such simply as DCs. Do you want to fuck your DG? Or I just have misunderstood you again.

      No work tonight, less money for me. Too short and stupid to post it in RRCC.
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    14. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Well, it all depends on what you're looking for. I have an inherent sense of waking life trumping dreaming life, a DC or DG would never be enough for me.
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    15. Linkzelda's Avatar
      I'll just live in my own world while you two deal with waking life.

      @Sinoblak, I wouldn't want to just catapult towards my DG if it turns out to be a female, I need to respect them first before asking them

      and no complaint is too small on RRCC
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      Updated 02-07-2012 at 06:50 PM by Linkzelda41
    16. sinoblak's Avatar
      My DG never wants to catapult towards me. Good that there are other DCs.

      Of course, there are too small complaints for RRCC. I have difficulties in expressing deep feelings.
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    17. Linkzelda's Avatar
      You're right, I take that back.
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