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    WakingNomad Dun Took Mah Comb, Bus, Vortex (SDE Day 07)

    by , 08-21-2012 at 03:14 PM (705 Views)
    WakingNomad Dun Took Mah Comb, Bus, Vortex (Non-lucid)


    You'll see soon in this dream...*giggle* even if he may be a projection from my mind, still funny...I'm probably going to be laughing just by trying to imitate some hillbilly accent while saying the title.

    There's a lot of dream shifts, but they are all so similar that it's best to just make it one dream, and maybe it was! I did sleep a little late last night. I'm at the pinnacle of my dream recall when it comes to purposely getting distracted with things and still remembering the details (most of them). Now I just need to elevate that peak more....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    I'm running around somewhere similar to a track and field, and I feel this is just some final exercise we would do for a class. Things feel like their coming to an end, and then I remember running fast at an angular line. The grass was so blurry that it started to look like N64 graphics if that's a decent comparison to go by.

    I didn't feel any pain from my legs at all running so fast, so I kept running and running until I reached a locker room where I assumed my stuff would be located at. I'm still running a little fast, making short turns and curves inside the locker room and finally found my locker.

    There were a few guys around the area I was going too, and most of them only had their boxers or underwear on, and it felt kind of awkward too.

    I decided to do a short jump over the small light apricot/vanilla colored wooden bench and take a seat. I'm still breathing a little fast from this (THE RUNNING mind you), but I didn't notice it too much unless there was complete silence in the locker room. Then a guy wearing a dark gray shirt and some dark blue denim-type of shorts randomly declared in the most annoying tone,

    "That was only a side jump!" Let's nickname him "DeS" to help me remember the waking life counterpart the DC is the embodiment of. I turn my whole face to the left, look at DeS for a few seconds and literally said (not doing the act of it),


    DeS looks at me weird, so I guess my job was done here.
    I managed to make a DC shut up for once and not make me feel bad about myself!

    I thought DeS was going to react from something like that, like punching me on my left jaw kind of reaction....guess not. I open some random locker door and claimed it was mine, and some of the stuff felt like it really did belong to me. The locker doors were white, but had some fade and wear to them, but not by a lot.

    There were those little holes as well for air to go in and out easily in the front of them as well. I start taking random clothing inside my locker room, and there wasn't a lot of stuff in it, just a few dangling pieces here and there, and the rest was just a dark gray shadowing most likely from how the lighting in the room was spread out.

    I forget where I put my belongings into, but I guess it would be a bag or something. I take out a comb from the locker, and it is devoid of any teeth (those little spikes). I can't remember the exact color of the comb, my guess is between swamp green or the default orange you see with the skinny combs.

    I also recall seeing a shape of a fist and all the fingers clenching together that you would see on an Afro pick.

    I look at it for a while, and then lose all awareness of it being in my hand. It felt like someone took it and quickly dashed away. I remember seeing a silhouette of someone behind me on my left, and it wasn't DeS anymore.

    With my peripheral vision alone
    (I love this vision of mine I've been using a lot lately in my dreams), I could sense that this person had very long hair, and was even smiling a little. I didn't need to see the person's face, their aura was so positive and full of jestful nature, and he quickly fades away.

    Once I realize this, I quickly get out of the locker room, and the dream environment shifts into a fairly dark room with natural lighting from outside shining through some small windows near the sides of the roof.

    And without even thinking about it, I presumed this person to be WakingNomad.

    "Hey....hey....give me back my comb WakingNomad....." I could see that he's not really trying to go anywhere with my comb, he only took it away to get my attention.

    Then I started to declare in jestful tone myself,

    ".....before I go into yo dreams....and....and..."
    (I can't remember what I said to him after that =P )

    I think he gives me back my comb, not sure, but I do remember the creases on the silhouette's visage forming to where it looks like he's smiling. He leaves through a door, and I do the same.

    The dream shifts where I'm inside of a yellow school bus.
    (Second time in a row so far that's happened).

    I'm going to the back section and sit down at the right side of the bus. There's a few girls in front of me, and I barely noticed this. I see some heads moving around left and right, as if they're trying to build a conversation of something. And then I see the blonde Sarah that I used to know in waking life.

    She was beautiful...just like the waking life counterpart.

    Spoiler for Mini Life Story:

    While I'm looking at her, her other friends are like blurs to me at this point. I pay attention to how the dream captured her hair realistically, and started to lower my vision to her visage. She had a fragile but soft and glowing facial structure, completely innocent and enthusiastic.

    I think I get a Blackberry phone out of my pocket, which is probably a teal color instead of being "black" like the one I have in waking life, and pretended that I was going to text somebody.

    [Sarcasm] Very smooth Link....very smooth...[/Sarcasm]

    I realized I was wearing the varsity tennis outfit from the school me and the blonde girl Sarah wore. It was dark green, with some one white stripe along each side. Then I checked over on Sarah again, and she's wearing her's too. She's also wearing really short sports shorts as well. I think she and the other girls she's sitting between know I'm looking at them, but they just pretend they don't know I'm looking at them.

    It was so obvious because Sarah tried to use her peripheral vision by turning her face to the side a little too much. After this "pretend to not see" contest, the perspective changes to where I see the back of the school bus, and I also see a separate small window somewhere around the corner that shows the bus driver.

    It's a dark-skinned man, and he looks very young, and the fact that he's all jittery doesn't give me enough assurance that we're going to make it through whatever destination me, Sarah, and all the other random dream characters are going to. The driver was driving on top of a bridge road, and he literally has the bus near the edge of the bridge.

    I don't know how he got the wheels to get on the edge, especially when there were side borders to prevent something like that from happening, but I start trying to tell the guy to be a bit careful....like seriously, this guy, I swear if someone scared him, we would be falling off from a very very very VERY high bridge.

    I had moments where I thought I was going to freaking faint, I can't believe I go on a bus where I place my faith on a jittery and inexperienced driver. Just thinking about it makes me laugh and scared at the same time. The driver looks familiar, but I can't exactly who he looks like.

    I basically go through this mental process of "WTF MAN, YOU TRYNA KILL US OR SOMETHING?" and "HOLY S*** WE'RE GOING TO DIE," and while I'm going through this traumatic state, the dream characters are just chilling, Sarah too.

    Like what the hell, how are they this calm when the bus driver looks like he's high on sugar? After watching the outside rear of the bus again, and seeing the driver on a separate display at the corner still jittering and looking like he's fucking crazy with every shift to the edge of the high bridge, there's finally a dream shift......

    on flat ground....thank goodness!!!
    (I hate how I'm still giggling at how scared I was with the bus driver's competence)

    I'm not sure if I'm in the school bus anymore, maybe I am, but now we're inside some weird tunnel. I'm pretty sure I'm inside some moving vehicle, I don't see myself at all, just a first person perspective, but it still feels like I'm seeing this over the shoulder.

    Think of third person shooter type of games like Resident Evil 4 and up( go on YouTube for game-play to get the gist of what I experienced....if you really care. =P)

    The tunnel consists of darker shades of green, and with the alternating colors of it and other random colors, it feels like I'm going through a vortex tunnel that doesn't look like it's going to end. There's all the typical vortex sounds you'd hear, so much "Whooooshing" and "Swishhing" interchanging, playing at the same time, it was just a rush, rush, rush!

    There's all sorts of things happening here, there's random creature that look like Deku Scrubs from the the Zelda series, and whenever they are destroyed, a feather that looks like the ones that are dropped when you kill monsters from "Tak and the Power of Juju" and the rest of the series shows up.

    The surface inside this tunnel looks like very shallow water, there's all sorts of small ripples forming. ***********EDIT******** Oh, and there were skunks all over the place in small groups as well....o.O

    So much flashing, so many things going on at once that the only thing I could do was just become passive and embrace everything. Then the dream starts getting even MORE random.

    Now it feels that I'm watching a game, a game with so many things on it, too many enemies to avoid, and it had the game play of Super Paper Mario for the Wii (the dream had a side scroller type of perspective and 3D view).

    I believe I'm watching Mario, and the entirety of what makes him, him....is saturated with different uses of gold, and a little bit of orange as well. It was like the classic NES or even arcade type of embodiment he was in. The walls in this new environment are full of bland colors, mostly various hues of gray. A bunch of block like structures, but no surprise there since the dream seems to be conforming to the classic 2D game style.

    There was so many things that happened that I can only recall a few. One was me mentally controlling the Golden Mario, and making him avoid direct contact from enemies trying to come after him. Some of them look like variants of the default Goomba you see in Mario games.

    I kept mentally controlling Mario to jump up constantly because the enemies confined in the area he was in were just all over him. I remember one scenario where Mario is on top of those brown blocks that you would normally make him butt his head on for coins or other random items, and I think there was a Shell going left and right, and it was hard timing everything right so that I can step on it to make it stop moving.

    Then there's one more part I recall, like with the Super Mario game play, things went into 3D-mode, but still had a two dimensional feel to it. Then a random Thwomp block just strolls its way into me, or Mario, or whoever, all I know is that I'm seeing things in first person perspective now.

    The Thwomp is actually trying to talk to me,

    "Hey Bro....."

    or something like that. I know he told me something else,
    but I can't remember because I distracted myself too much with watching YouTube videos early in the morning. =(

    I think that's all I remember, I know I had more dreams, but you know what...WHATEVER....I can deal with forgetting a few dreams, there's always the next time I sleep for that.

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