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    Walgreens Shootout & My Donation is Undermined

    by , 12-20-2015 at 05:35 AM (617 Views)
    Walgreens Shootout (DILD)


    Im going inside a store that resembles Walgreens, and outside is fairly dark. The dream itself is in this haze as if most movements made have a lingering trail of slow motion blur to it. Im not sure what Im going for at the moment, but I hear some stuttering and screams in the background, and quickly noticed that someone is armed with a gun in the store.

    He was black, wore a gray vest and dark colored pants, and had a muscular body. His hairstyle was probably a buzz haircut, and I could barely see any details in his visage, mostly because I was trying to hide from him like the others are doing. I kneel on the floor immediately, and started to panic a little bit, but then reigned myself back into place, and took advantage that I could see whats going on in my surroundings in a third person viewpoint, and noticed that he, and potential accomplices were located.

    I remained in a stealth position with my knees bent, and literally fluctuating in standing on my toes, and having my feet firm on the ground. Im wearing a black shirt and dark colored pants, and my main mode of stealth is this gray cabinet that stretches out for maybe ten feet, or so, and has this white backdrop sheet on the top of it. Theres also others like it with varying sizes, and I take advantage of the mini-labyrinth.

    I noticed that he wasnt the only concern, as I get this weird vibe based from a mlange of sensations with peripheral vision, and what have you, that there were two women that were armed. However, I felt that they could be after him, but there was too much equivocation going on. Im on the right side of the main base of the cabinet, and this is the section of the store where theres more light.

    I see a random Caucasian female appear, and shes holding a basic black gun akin to the Western movies, and she turns around and points the gun at me. But after looking at me, her visage of terror turns neutral, and she moves on. I breathe for a little bit, and presumed that shes after the male, and then just as Im trying to reconcile myself again, I look around to my left while still maintain the third person camera view to see theres an Asian female with a hair bun hairstyle and some black pins inside of it carrying a larger weapon; maybe a shotgun of some sort.

    Shes walking slowly, and for some reason, the angle at the time felt as if Im looking at her through a mirror that shes walking towards. Shes swaying her foot motion in this C formation on her right side, and an inverted C for her left, and this is probably due to her wearing heels in general.

    She eventually gets to me, but she doesnt shoot me at all. The guy is getting closer, and I have a clarity of his location, but Im not afraid anymore. I cant remember the rest.


    My Donation is Undermined (DILD)


    Strake Jesuit tennis player with bowl shaped hair hands over $600 when I thought handing $40-50 was good for some donation at a neighborhood. I was riding a bicycle in a neighborhood somewher.e

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