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    Hunting the Covenant Leaders; the Gigantic Flesh-Eating Doll of Unfathomable Terror

    by , 10-23-2014 at 10:57 AM (361 Views)
    I remember a few things from tonight's dream; the first was a scene in which I was the Master Chief, upon a grey-green ship out in the cosmos; I remember a battle earlier, in a long, trapeze-shaped corridor with grooved rails to either side; it seemed to be some kind of hangar. From a first person perspective I was engaged with small metal satellites that fired lasers; everything was a blaze of action; there was a comrade to my left whose features I can't recall, but I myself seemed to be piloting a very small ship or maybe mechanical suit, firing out purple quasar blasts at every opportunity. It was quite intense, but indistinct. After I had gotten clear of the hangar, I flew out into the empty void of space; something was odd about it, as if it seemed more cluttered than space ought to be; I few past a perfectly spherical rock that looked like a little planet or moon. I was bigger than it. I continued on, the stars tiny white dots against a sheet of blackness. Just after the moon, I saw a great churning void of purple light, like a ball of energy tangled and knotted around itself, shifting constantly to try and disentangle itself; it was so bright, a whitenes burning at the heart of it. I received an order from Cortana to go into it, and I saw that there were three enemies I must be assassinate; one of was a leader of the typical "Arbiter" type Covenant; he had a golden orb in his skull, much like the "Metalheads" in the Jak and Daxter series. I then saw a panning view of a brute leader in a space-station with a similar orb in its skull, and then finally, floating meditatively by a great arched window with a view to the void of space, slightly cloaked in darkness from one side, and turned away, looking left, away from the window, floating in his hover-chair. Something was threatening about him, and I heard Cortana say something along the lines of "God knows how we'll fight a prophet" or words to that effect.

    The dream scene shifted, and this time I was looking through my collection of PSP games. For some reason "Daxter" seemed most prominent (maybe something to do with Metalhead reference from earlier). Something was unusual about my room; it seemed mostly devoid of furniture except for my bed and a wooden, two-tier shelf made of the same material as my desk, which was not present. The desk was supported by two small wheels on either side, and held a vast collection of video games that were all mixed up and had no particular order. PS2 games were placed next to little PSP cases, other cases were simply placed on top of the row of cases (I remember seeing Tekken 3 there); I felt slightly annoyed at how disorganised the desk was, and went downstairs. The porch door and front door were both open. The notable thing about outside was that it had been snowing; a light dusting by the looks of it, but enough to cover the ground (We never get much snow in my part of the country). A bald man with pale eyes and an expressive face seemed to be standing guard. He wore a black fleece with some indiscernible company name on, black trousers, and had a walkie-talkie clipped onto his jumper; I asked him how long it had been snowing, and he told be it hadn't been snowing for very long, using that phrase "Just a dusting." My friends Lauren and Lee were getting into a taxi, and I waved goodbye to them. This part had me in a third-person perspective, and I looked oddly hunched, my legs in an odd position, as if they were giving me bother; they drove off, and the dream scene shifted again.

    This time, the scene took place in a toy store with pinewood floors and pinewood shelves; although it was a toy-store, all of the shelves seemed to hold indistinguishable black CD cases rather than toys, but that's what I had the feeling the place was. In this scene, I was wearing a black jacket and sunglasses, and occaionally saw myself from a third person perspective, but for the most part it was first-person. I was in the left-hand corner of the shop; the only one of my companions that I can recall was a fat farmer-looking fellow with a grey yard-brush moustache, great bushy eyebrows, no chin, and face that would likely quiver and turn purple when enraged. He looked a little like the late Richard Griffiths. He wore a typical farmer's cap, khaki trousers, a dark red V-neck jumper and carried a double-barrel shotgun. This scene was particularly scary, as it contained a doll. A gigantic, towering, glassy-eyed doll with slow, shuffling movements. It had pigtails, a creepy, dainty face, black glassy eyes, and turn-of-the-century children's attire.

    I yelled at, as we'll call him, Vernon, and he shot at the doll as it shuffled towards us soundlessly from the opposite corner; the bullets did not seem to have any effect. We ran to the other end of the shop, and it followed, then ran back to the other side when it got there. It bent down next to the CD rack on the right-hand-side of the store, exposing its rump, and I had the overwhelming urge to kick it. I did, laying a shoe right in there. It rose, turned around soundlessly, and grabbed me. With that, it opened its terrifyingly huge mouth to reveal human teeth, and bit into my hand; I screamed even though it wasn't painful; I felt only a slight pressure, as one cannot feel pain in dreams, I've noted. Next, it bit off my little finger, and then finally began to claw at my shirt, ripping it open, and bit into my stomach to consume my insides. It was at this moment I realised, if you are bitten by it, you become like it; everything went black and white as the room swirled around me, and I saw a brief glimpse of myself shambling towards the others like a zombie, still in black and white. The primary emotions of the dream, as I must record them, were of course annoyance, anxiety and outright fear, and at one point a sense of empowerment that came fro kicking the giant doll, but that was very quickly replaced again with fear. I would rate its vividness at a 6/10, and I did not become aware, perhaps only slightly just before waking up, I would my awareness at a 2/10. That's all I recall of tonight's dreams.

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