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    1. Recurring False Awakening

      by , 06-17-2019 at 04:33 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I had an inordinate deal of trouble getting to sleep last night... for some reason, I was insanely excited to LD, far beyond the motivation I normally feel, and so my heart was racing and I couldn't go to sleep. I tried every trick I knew -- reading, mentally reciting various text, meditating, random yoga poses, etc. -- but my body refused to relax in any way. I eventually fell asleep sometime around 4 AM, over four hours after I had gotten in bed.

      I awoke in my bed facing the wall and tried to turn around but found I couldn't move. I felt a strange burning/throbbing sensation in the back of my head. I was eventually able to turn my head painfully slowly towards the rest of my room, and after a minute or so, I was finally able (with considerable difficulty) to rise from my bed and walk towards the door to my room. Before I could reach the door, I "awoke" back in bed again. This repeated at least twenty times; in the dream I seemed to think that by the end I had been through the ordeal four hundred times at least.

      When I finally "woke up" for good within the dream, I found myself in a large single-room house with an assortment of relatives I barely ever see: my maternal grandparents, my uncle, and my old High School History Teacher (not a relative, but she was there for some reason). A few of my siblings were also there. We talked about some mundane topics for a few minutes. Then something happened involving a woman who had engaged in "activism" of some sort by making a video game about freeing animals from zoos. But this was all cut short when...

      I had the recurring FA again! It happened at least another ten times, all the way up to the possible seventy-six I believed had happened within the dream. On one of the FAs toward the end of the cycle, I grabbed hold of a chair in my room as I got up and knocked it over, hearing the loud sound it made as it hit the floor, and said to myself, "That's proof that I'm up for real this time!" It was not, since I rapidly went back to the FA. The worst part was that I didn't do even a single RC, owing to the dream-paralysis that made me unable to...
    2. Prisons and Precognitions

      by , 06-03-2019 at 04:12 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      Prison Complex

      I am in a large underground prison complex. I have been arrested and sent there for absolutely no reason; the people running the prison even admit this, but they're apparently doing some highly unethical tests on human subjects and wanted me for some kind of chemical experiment. (This is very similar to a book series I read when I was young, "Escape from Furnace"). I am chained to a small metal lift platform in the center of a giant hexagonal steel-lined shaft, and one of the guards presses down on my hand, which is bound in a cuff just above a red button, causing the button to be pressed and the lift to descend.

      We arrive at some sort of "junction level" containing a large number of dormitories and various common areas such as dining halls and bathrooms; this is the last "normal" level of the prison, and below it are the "laboratory levels" where the experiments are done and which are home to strangely deformed-looking beings. I remember one in particular that was purple and consisted of a torso with four legs coming out of the top and four legs coming out of the bottom, all at right angles to each other. (I once saw a sculpture similar to this IRL.) I will be shipped down for testing tomorrow; for the time being, I have to clean myself up and find a bed to sleep in for my last night of normal existence. The dream leaves off here.

      Dream Machinery

      I have received a primitive computer-like device running a rudimentary operating system similar to Windows XP. This device will somehow help me "tap into my dreams." I fall asleep while holding the device and pass into a "deeper dream" where it is powered on. It seems I have "one hand in a dream and the other in a nightmare" (remember the "Prison Complex"?) -- there is a diagram of a clock to illustrate this, showing the hour hand and the minute hand at right angles (either 3:00 or 9:00, if I remember correctly) -- which means I'm seeing or am going to see a vision of something that actually happened in real life.

      A calendar application pops up on the computer; I need to use it to count the number of days that have passed since the subject of the vision actually took place. I'm having some trouble doing so because this calendar is labeled in a bizarre fashion; last month was apparently called "Mercury (HL)," and the month before that was "Mercury (HG)." I eventually click a button that has the computer count for me, and I discover something strange -- this is a rare precognitive vision. I am currently seeing exactly fifty days into the future. I also happen to see that it is the twenty-first of the current month in the "real life" timeframe of the dream. I am about to click a button to "enter the vision"... but then I wake up (a little after 8 AM)!
      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. Three Dream Night: Infiltration, Incineration, and Intoxication

      by , 03-24-2019 at 03:55 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      Children's Song Task Force

      I had been recruited for some sort of "task force" to carry out a tactical operation. Excluding the "commander," there were maybe four other people on the force, all with wildly differing appearances and personalities that mostly aligned with what would be expected from a generic "fighting" TV show (e.g. GI Joe). We were in a large concrete "prison-esque" compound full of bookshelves that was our base of operations. Each person was supposed to bring a book with them on the mission that would act as a helpful tool/source of power (it wasn't clear which, since we never ended up using them for anything).

      I decided on taking a small hardcover book with an image of a country landscape on it. Before the task force officially assembled, I became distracted by a small CD player of some kind that had the words "Dance Hall -- One-Step Music" written on it. Intrigued, I decided to give it a listen... and was rewarded with some low-quality children's songs sung by three different Antarctic-themed characters: a penguin, a seal, and a whale. You could choose which one of the three you wanted to sing each song by "switching the track." After a while, I got bored and went to join the rest of the force.

      Upon arriving in the room where everyone was presenting the books they had chosen to the commander, I realized I had forgotten to bring mine with me because of my preoccupation with the CD player. However, I had a trick up my sleeve. I pulled a small orange copy of the Bible out of my front left pocket (I always keep one there IRL with the exact same appearance as the one in the dream) and presented that. The commander seemed confused for a moment, but then he seemed to accept it and moved on to giving us our mission, which is where my recall cuts off.

      An Unsanctioned Journey

      I wanted to go on some sort of trip to another country (Canada, if I remember correctly), and I thought I had gotten permission from my parents to go. I got into a car with two people who were exactly like my parents in every possible way, except that I knew they weren't actually my parents, and we began driving there. We were supposed to reach our destination in "around three hours." It was very dark out and raining slightly, and the roads we drove along were thickly forested despite running through the center of a large town.

      My brother was now in the car somehow, and he asked me if we had actually gotten permission to go on this trip. I told him to call our parents and see, and a minute later, he told me that my mother had frantically picked up the phone, yelled "Fire! Fire!" and then dropped the receiver, through which he had heard some crackling sounds for a little while before something disconnected the line. Permission or not, I decided that we needed to get back to the house as quickly as possible... so I could save some rare sheet music from the early 1900's that I had in my closet from being burned up. I have the same rare music IRL as well; I even remembered exactly which pieces I had already scanned and backed up online and which pieces I hadn't and were thus in danger of being forever lost.

      Unfortunately, the people driving the car refused to turn around, but they agreed to just let us out of the car where we were and have us walk the rest of the way home. I thought this was an insane idea, but then I realized we had barely been driving ten minutes and were only in the next town over from where we had started. I got out (my brother had disappeared again somehow) and began walking along the side of the road. I passed a museum dedicated to the study of Antarctic marine life (sound familiar?) and kept walking, during which my recall cut off at some point or another.

      Japanese Death Arcade

      I was in Japan and trying to enter some sort of arcade tournament. I was chewing copious amounts of blueberry-flavored gum for some reason -- I think it was to "help me concentrate." Getting to the tournament involved descending stairs a number of times -- I arrived in a mall, went down the stairs, came to a subway station, went down the stairs, entered the arcade, went down the stairs -- and by the time I got there, I was deep underground. I looked at the list of tasks to complete in order to win the tournament, and I realized that they almost all involved winning a game after having drunk a large amount of a special kind of beer.

      After discovering this, I declined to participate in the tournament, but I quickly realized that anyone who entered could never leave, since you could only go down each flight of stairs and not up, and that I would be stuck there until I died, leaving no sign that I had ever been trapped there unless I managed to win one of the challenges and leave a warning alongside my name on the leaderboard for future contestants. I also realized that drinking the beer allowed you to die quickly and not have to waste away for days on end, slowly going insane as the dehydration caused you to hallucinate.

      Upon thinking this, I got a vivid image in my "mind's eye" of one such hallucination, which was quite disturbing. It was similar to a scene from David Lynch's "Rabbits," which I had foolishly watched the previous day due to a recommendation from an acquaintance. I do not handle horror well, and I had made it through all of twelve minutes before deciding to quit watching out of fear. I settled on trying to finish one of the few non-beer-related tasks and seeing if I would be able to leave if I did.

      I also found myself rather strongly desiring to have sex; this was unusual considering that I normally don't get such urges in real life. However, there were no women around, and none appeared as a result of my brain subconsciously trying to indulge the desire, so I couldn't do anything about it and just waited for it to pass.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. Concentration Camps and Faulty Theology

      by , 03-11-2019 at 03:50 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      Just Your Average, Everyday Stress Dream

      I was going to school and had mostly (but not quite) completed a biology assignment that was due that day. I planned to finish it during "study hall," but then I realized -- I had biology first! I quickly got the assignment out and started working on it in the five minutes I had left. For some reason, it was mostly math problems that had nothing to do with biology, and it was clear that I wasn't going to finish due to the sheer length of each problem.

      One of the problems said something about fire, and immediately the school setting was dropped and never appeared again. I was now standing in front of a large "open-air incinerator" (something like the furnace from the Book of Daniel) and watched as a team of archaeologists sifted through the ashes for "relics" (the holy kind). They were specifically interested in finding the remains of St. Maximilian Kolbe, but were worried that the Nazis (yes, the incinerator was apparently at a concentration camp...) had turned up the heat so far that it would vaporize even the bones so that no relics would be left.

      Eventually, one of the archaeologists discovered a large, roughly hand-sized piece of remains that was almost entirely burnt and charred. When they picked it up, the burnt portion fell away to reveal a totally unharmed pea-sized bone. This was a momentous discovery, and it was sent off to the Vatican at once. My mind wandered to the story of the fiery furnace in Daniel, and I noted that the two occurrences were rather similar, albeit that Daniel's friends were able to survive being thrown into the furnace.

      Explanation of the Holy "Quaternity"?

      I was in a church (somehow I specifically knew that this was a Catholic church) where there were four large stained glass windows, each depicting one of the four persons of God (the nonexistent fourth one was the "Spirit of God," apparently distinct from the Holy Spirit). Someone was discussing the attributes of the persons, but he only actually explained two: God the Son and the Spirit of God. Their windows are also the only ones I remember.

      The window corresponding to God the Son had an image of a giant black snail shell occupying the entirety of its area, and there was a miniscule black gem at the very center. The preacher (not actually sure who he was) explained that God the Son "is so small, you could barely see Him on the end of a matchstick" and that this is in order to keep non-Christians from noticing Him (?). However, this small size poses no problem to Christians, who can see and worship Him just fine because of his "shine" (glory?).

      The window corresponding to the Spirit of God had an image of a scallop shell with what appeared to be a beak on the front, and between the two slightly-separated halves of the shell there was a single circular eye. The preacher explained that "this is the spirit of God that lives inside of us" and listed a series of attributes describing the spirit: aggressive, rash, forceful, etc. He also added "meek" at the very end for some reason.

      I looked over between the two windows and saw a board posted by the "anime group" announcing what anime the group would be watching at their next meeting. It was something like "Neon Mew" or similar. The board also mentioned that there would be a three-and-a-half-hour "assignment" to complete based on the show after the members had watched it.
      non-lucid , nightmare