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    1. I'm not broken anymore!

      by , 07-04-2017 at 12:03 AM
      The best dream I've had in awhile! The beginning is a bit fuzzy, but I found myself in a beautiful version of my city - it was sunny and warm, white clouds. I became lucid. At first I called out to my mother - I do this a lot but I can never find her - then I remembered that, and decided to try to find people from this site, and that castle I have read about here. I was absolutely stunned at how solid everything was. At some point a guy and a girl were helping me. I told them this was a dream. I kept looking up at the bright blue sky amazed at how real it all was. I was literally yelling out ' Is there anyone from the Dream Views site here?' I was also asking random people if they knew of a castle. My awareness was incredible, in all my years of lucid dreaming this was the most stable dream I have ever had. And I noticed when it was losing stability, and I would somehow focus it back. At certain points I became aware of the real world - noises like my dog barking. But somehow I knew how to push that away. Anyway, the guy that was helping me pointed at the sky behind me. I turned and saw these dark clouds forming into a tornado. (Tornados are a repetitive dream of mine) It was right in front of me. I thought 'OK this thing is going to suck me up, then I will fall (another recurring dream: falling from great heights...my fear comes from hitting the ground because I know if I see it happen my brain will create the pain, even though I know its not real, I will still feel it) Still fully lucid, up I went into the sky, I remained calm and waited for the fall. When I started to fall I closed my eyes knowing that if I couldn't see the ground, I would never hit it. I worked! I opened my eyes and I was standing on the ground. This gave me even more confidence of the control I had. I knew that I needed to stay extremely focused on what I wanted. It was almost like the dream was trying to distract me or something...the equivalent of mind wandering when your awake I suppose. Another thing that was very different from my regular dreams: there were people everywhere. One thing that I was having difficulty with was the fact that I was in my city....it was everywhere and I was slightly doubtful about finding a castle here. But then I found this big, tall building. It didn't look like a regular castle. But I was thinking that it might be it. So I went inside, asking the many, many people if this was the Dream Views castle. Again there were a lot of people and it was all kind of hectic. It was more like a school than anything. I found myself in a library of sorts. I was rather frantically looking at everything - pictures on the walls, books - anything that could tell me what this building was, and trying to remember everything so i could recall it when i woke up. I also knew that anything with writing might not be very helpful because in my experiences writing or numbers keep changing resulting in nonsense. Some of the books had symbols. There was one book that said a recognizable word: Focus. Then I found myself in a courtyard. This was when I remembered how I couldn't fly in my last lucid dream and I just knew that I would be able to do it now. So I took a running start and flew up and around. Its been so long since I've been able to fly...it was amazing. Something else that was new was that I would find my eyes closed and I would be worried that by opening them, I might actually open my real eyes and wake up. But everytime, I remained in the dream. There was a point were everything started to get fuzzy and distorted, but I was able to focus the dream back. At one point I even tried to call out my daughters name - in real life - with the intention of bringing her to where I was sleeping to talk to her about what was happening in my dream. But as usual, my voice probably didn't make a sound. What finally did wake me up was my dog barking. As the dream began to fade I was trying to open my eyes but I geuss SP was still in effect because it was extremely difficult. Then I opened them, and remembered everything. It was such a good feeling...I'm not broken anymore!!