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    Trying to Fly to Actor's House

    by , 04-16-2014 at 07:44 AM (506 Views)
    I was at my cousins' house, which is just up the road from where I live. I guess I must have gotten bored, 'cause I started flying off a cliff, concomitantly realising it was not real, and thought of my plan to, next time I became lucid, take my friend to LA to find her favourite actor. So I called her down from the top of the cliff and she flew down and I told her my plan, and she agreed and we were trying to decide whether to teleport, fly, or take an aeroplane. Okay, decided to take the plane; we'd at least know we'd end up at the right place and wouldn't get tired of flying and fall into the sea or something, so we flew to the airport, on the way going through the school where I flew under a bench where a girl we knew happened to be lying, and then I flew under another bench upon which the girl's twin sister was sitting (she does have a twin sister). Then someone said "They might as well not be brothers-in-law." (I think she meant twins, but whatever.) And then my friend started laughing because she found what I was doing funny.

    At the airport we hadn't any luggage to put in the luggage place so I said "Let's imagine what luggage we'd like to take," and my friend said, "I want to take my MP3 player!" I said "No, I mean imagine your whole luggage and it should appear here." Then it did, and then my old maths teacher came by and said something nasty about a bag we had that was ugly and smelt bad or something, and I said "That isn't ours! That was already here!" and then I realised it was ours - my friend's - but we laughed and said "Shh!" Not like we would tell HER that; not any of her business.

    And then we tried to teleport onto the plane, but it didn't really work. So then we flew somewhere else, to the edge of the land I guess, where it had this cage with a mini island inside it and then ocean, and we flew over the top and all this random stuff happened, with a random baby thing that two of my brothers were awed by because it was like an almost-complete replica, the way it acted anyway, of a baby from some game or something. And then we tried to teleport to the actor's house from there but we had to hide a balloon from my parents and my piano teacher, and we weren't sure whether to tell my brothers to tell Mum and Dad that we had gone and blah-blah-blah, or to just GO. So we ended up not even getting there.

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