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    Zoe's weird things

    Welcome to LittleZoe's Dream Journal!

    Personally i'm more interested in Lucid Dreams than Regular ones and i'm sure there are others that think the same way. So, here i'll post ONLY my Lucid Dreams, mostly just to provide fun reading to people that might stumble onto my Dream Journal.

    I welcome any comments and questions you might have ^^

    1. Inspired By My Books

      by , 08-24-2012 at 09:03 AM (Zoe's weird things)

      [This dream happened on August 22nd, at around 10AM]
      [So uh... the last DJ entry i posted was almost a month ago... Well i was feeling really down for a while now and my lucidity was going bad as well, but i hope to change it now ]
      [Both this dream and the upcoming one were inspired by the Dark Elf Trilogy i'm reading currently]

      I was just walking on the street really close to my old school, when for some unknown reason i became lucid. I realized that i didn't have stable and worthy lucid dream since a while, so i become pretty happy.

      I didn't think much about what to do, for some reason i thought of Guenhwyvar almost as soon as i became lucid. [He is a spectral black panther in the books]. I didn't plan anything, but wanted him to appear. As soon as i turned a bit to my right side, there he was, standing in all his glory.

      I didn't really have time to say anything to him or look at him more closely, because he just run off almost instantly, towards the lower end of the street. I immediately started running after him and catched up fast.
      He suddenly stopped at a house, which's car entrance to the garden was open. I looked in there and noticed something between the shrubbery. It looked somewhat like a huge white dog-ish creature, but it was standing on two feet. It looked angry for some reason.

      Before i could do or say anything, Guenhwyvar just jumped in there and attacked the dog like creature. I wanted to help him out, just in case, so i ran up to them and tried to fight the creature, but instead of fighting, i automatically started hugging the black panther.
      I just hugged him near his neck and didn't really know why i did that, but it was an interesting feeling putting my head on his black fur.

      Soon i was just staring at him while still hugging and then i got lost in the black, woke up.

      [Well, haha, i have no idea why that hug was, other than that i got to like him in the books, but still... i didn't even control my actions when i hugged him]
      [The dream was pretty short, but it was somewhat more stable now than the ones i had for weeks before]


      To Be Sacrificed

      [This dream is from August 23rd, around 8:35AM]
      [I find it pretty interesting how the books can influence even my lucid dreams... ]

      I was being harassed by 4 old classmates, while i was sitting in my old school at a lesson. They were standing outside at the big windows and making fun of me. I got tired of this and just thought that maybe i'm dreaming and i can do something about it... so i walked through the wall and grabbed two of them by their necks and put them into the wall halfway. They got stuck in there while the others ran away.
      I got more aware now, but not lucid yet.

      Soon i flew above the street and when i got to the same part where i became lucid yesterday [the dream above this one] i remembered that dream and became lucid again.

      Now i was more aware of myself than yesterday and before doing anything, i instantly stabilized by rubbing my hands together. When rubbing them, i noticed that i have some heavy gloves on, but i didn't care about them too much. I turned around to check my environment.
      There was an old stooped woman walking slowly away from me and when i looked at her back i got all dizzy, so i started stabilizing again.
      When i was done, i decided to move on.
      [I forgot a part here, all i know is that i went back to my school and did something there, so a bit of time skip here]

      I came out of my old school at a backdoor, but the place where i got to was unknown to me. It was a small garden, with those huge white greek columns on all sides. There were creeper plants coming down from the walls on all sides. There was a little sidewalk on the left side of the small garden, it was made of red pavement stones.
      I was standing on this sidewalk.

      I started walking near the garden when i realized that on my left side, there was no wall anymore and it lead to some kind of street, but it didn't look like the streets in my town at all. I got curious so i turned that way and moved on, but then before i could leave the area, i heard voices from my right side and from behind me. [I became a little scared here].

      I turned around and noticed a small altar at the right end of the sidewalk. Two female drow were standing next to it, fully naked and both held a dagger in their hands. The grip on the daggers looked like a spider, so i already knew they must be priestesses of Lolth, with sacrifice daggers.
      Then i noticed another drow woman behind me, she was well dressed and her clothes made me think that she is an important person as they were all gold, black and red. She had a whip in her hand.

      I didn't have too much time to think of the situation, because i soon heard the clothed drow say:
      - Go and get her!
      The naked ones reacted instantly, with respect in their voices:
      - Yes, mistress.

      They started walking towards me, with evil grins on their faces and grabbing the daggers more furiously now. One of them started walking faster, leaving the other one behind, but she didn't mind as i've seen and she just stopped to watch instead.

      Spoiler for +18:

      Once she got close enough, i decided that it was enough of staring, i flew up into the air as i got a little scared now and i wanted to fly away from there... but then i had a thought, that i shouldn't fear them as they are just dream characters.
      I turned back to her while still floating in the air and told her:
      - I don't fear you!
      Her evil grin still didn't disappear from her face when she said:
      - Oh, i don't believe you.

      Without much hestitating, the first thing that i thought of was a fireball, so i created one and immediately thrown it at her. It exploded as soon as it reached her, but she didn't seem too affected by it.
      Her body had some burn marks and there were small embers on her body. Her hair was still on fire, but she just started laughing.

      As i was staring at her, i woke up.

      [Um... yeah, that was interesting I think i already know that i should try and get to know a drow girl from closer soon ]
      [Oh well, anyway, i welcome these FR inspired dreams anytime ]
    2. Dark Flames, That's Not Lucy

      by , 07-28-2012 at 12:01 PM (Zoe's weird things)
      [This dream is from around 9:30AM, which is funny, because i got to sleep at 4AM after watching the Olympics... It's like my brain waited that 5 hours by itself, as i didn't wake up at all]
      [My recall is HORRIBLE these days and thanks to that i forgot some parts in this dream as well... and i think my not perfect control with the flying is caused by that as well :/]

      I was in our garden i think, but it was deserted and looked different. Earlier in the dream i helped out some Amish family and they got me to this deserted garden on their carriage.
      I just decided to fly up into the air, which got me lucid instantly.
      I looked at my hands as usually when i get lucid, but they were shadowed by something and i could barely see them. I looked around and there was a huge tree near me, which looked exactly like the walnut tree from our garden.

      I flew up higher into the air and just wanted to go as high as i could. I kept going, but after a while i felt like something was blocking me from moving up. I tried and tried for a while but couldn't get higher. Still, the height i got to was good enough, so i started flying around while thinking about my goals. The walnut tree also flew up into the air for some reason and it was floating next to me.
      Suddenly the dream collapsed on me.
      [Back with DEILD].

      When i was back in, i was standing in Árkád, the biggest plaza around here. I was on the second floor.

      There were a lot of people walking around me. I decided to head to a store close to me.
      I walked into the store, which was Mediamarkt as far as i remember. I was slowly checking my environment... there were some people walking about, but much less than outside of the store, most of them were looking at all kinds of household machines.
      I had a thought that i'll try something here that i've seen Lucy do before

      I summoned dark flames around my body, which went way easier than i expected. I looked at my hands, which was covered by the completely dark flames. As i moved my hands around, the flames reacted fully realistically in their movement. It was an interesting thing to watch.
      I looked down and realized that my whole body is covered in these flames, but they didn't hurt, since i created them. I found it funny how i took a power from Lucy

      I did a throwing move with my right hand and thrown a dark flame towards a wall, it burned and left a dark mark on it. I kept throwing these flames all around me with both my hands and soon most of the machines around me were on "dark fire".
      The people were scared and wanted to run away, but i thrown some flames towards them as well, althrough i didn't want to flames to kill them, so they just kept running while trying to extinguish the flames on themselves. [I don't really like to hurt my DCs seriously].

      For a moment i felt like a maniac... because of throwing these dark flames all around me. Then i decided to move on finally and go find Lucy, the flames on me disappeared.

      I walked outside the store now. I turned around and noticed a weird girl waiting for someone in the middle of the wide hallway, her hair looked like Frankenstein's
      I walked up to her and when she noticed me, she looked at me with a frown. I asked her:

      - Do you know where Lucy is?
      She looked a bit upset:
      - Why should i know where she is?!

      Well, she didn't seem to be much of a help, so i looked the other way to find someone else who i can ask. But just as i turned around, i noticed a black haired girl, in rocker or emo clothes who was just walking into a small hallway, towards the washrooms. For some reason i thought that it must be Lucy, even while she looked younger now and she even had different styled clothes than usually...

      I ran towards the small hallway and when i found her, i grabbed her hand. When she looked at me, i realized that she was like 15 years old, while Lucy is around 20. For some reason i thought that this must be her past self, so i didn't think much about it. [That's a kinda stupid thought...].
      I smiled at her when i realized that she isn't acting hostile.
      [At this moment i became semi-lucid for some reason].

      I started moving towards the end of the hallway, towards the toilets where she originally headed and now i still held her hands. She was coming after me and asked:

      - Where are you bringing me?
      - Just come, don't worry.

      Instead of going to the toilets, we kept moving towards a bigger door which lead behind the stores of the plaza. As we walked in there, soon the hallway continued in my school and we walked up on some stairs. She acted all confused now and it seemed like she didn't want to follow me anymore.
      I told her:

      - Don't be that frigid!
      - I'm not! Why do you say that?!

      [I'm not even sure why i said that... lol... i was semi lucid...]

      As we kept going, soon the girl turned into a mouse and i turned into a cat. She was the one leading now and i fully lost lucidity and it all turned into a weird regular dream.

      [My english is a bit worse today than usually or at least i felt like that while writing the entry, so sorry for that ]
      [Well, the dark flames were fun to play with, but this girl who i thought to be Lucy... eh... I don't even know why i thought that, when i woke up it was obvious that she wasn't her... ah well, next time i'll make sure]
      [I'll really need to start working on my recall now, i basically fully forgot the flames part and only remembered it while already writing this entry... and there are still some small details that i forgot ]
    3. Tigerform, Mass Telekinesis

      by , 07-23-2012 at 11:15 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Dream happened at around 9:30AM]
      [So yay, new week equals new lucid I was a bit stressed about lucid dreaming for the past days, but now it seems to be on track again]
      [I forgot some small parts from the dream and my lucidity wasn't always on the top, but it's better than nothing]

      My old love was staying at our house. We both got a new phone from my mom as some kind of gift, so we were taking photos and just trying the new phones in the garden. While we were in the outbuilding she broke her phone somehow, so she told me to ask my mom for a new one.
      I walked out of the building and was just about to climb into the neighbouring garden for some weird reason, when i had a sudden thought... "How could my mom give us another phone? We couldn't even afford the first two..." "Oh and what is E. doing here in our garden?"
      These questions were enough to make me lucid.

      The dream was blurry and dark-ish, while it wasn't exactly night time, but it almost looked that way. Well, i flew up into the air to think. [Flying goes so easily most of the time that sometimes i don't even think about why i do it... ].
      I was hovering near the roof and was a little upset because of the dream being this blurry... i didn't really think about a goal to do, because i wanted to get rid of this blurry state first.

      I flew towards the right side of the garden and passed to the neighbouring garden. I decided to try and "teleport" to the sports center using the eye closing method and maybe it would be more clear over there.
      I closed my eyes and immediately thought of the sports center, but instead of seeing full darkness, there was a weird black girl in front of me in the dark. She disappeared fast and i felt my real body, so i knew i must've woke up. I focused back on the dream and got back in.

      When i was back i was standing near the 6th road [which is one of the biggest roads in the country]. I recognized the place by the different kinds of wheat and plant fields close to the road, the bus goes this way everytime.
      I looked around a bit, but didn't see any cars anywhere, which was weird.

      I had a sudden thought that i should turn into a lion. I didn't know how i got that idea, but i found it to be a good one, so i jumped from the road onto the field close by and when i hit the ground i knew that i transformed already. I didn't want to be a lion that much, so i changed it into a tiger form. Since the dream was blurry, i couldn't really see my hands too clearly, but i've seen that they were much bigger, cat-like and had stripes on them, so i took it as a success.

      This was the moment when i realized how i don't feel ANYTHING. It made me upset, i basically didn't feel my body at all or anything near me. I was in control, but it just felt weird, like i wasn't really there. [This is a rare occurence].
      While thinking about this, i started running through the field. I didn't really have an idea how to run on four legs, so i was kind of just running and jumping at the same time, i couldn't keep running correctly

      During this time i noticed another weird thing: There was music playing in my head... i just knew it that it's coming from my head as it was really loud and no matter where i looked, i couldn't see a source. I didn't know this music or at least i didn't recognize it. It was some kind of old jazz and rock mixed music.
      Soon i reached a side road and at this time i started hearing talking, mixed with the music from before. I didn't understand anything from it, like it was in a language unknown to me.

      Finally i noticed some cars that were about to pass onto the side road. I jumped next to a car and stood in front of it. I checked inside to see who is the driver.
      It was a guy around his 50s, he looked emotionless, but i could still feel that he was annoyed because of me. There was also a blonde girl sitting next to him, who i recognized. She was an old classmate of mine [who i always found attractive ].

      I decided that i'll take the opportunity and kiss her... just because. I didn't hear anything other than the weird mix of music and voices in my head, but i felt like something told me that i should grab her by the neck and pull her out of the car like that. I didn't want to do that, so i just grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her out through the window. I let her go when she was on top of the car's hood.
      At this moment i realized that i'm still a tiger, as my hands were still huge and striped. When i looked back at her after observing my hands, she has turned into a housecat... [My first thought was that the dream is trying to troll me... ].

      Well, i'm not into that sort of thing, so i moved on. Now i was flying instead of running through the fields. I was just enjoying the flight, even while i couldn't feel anything other than some heavy feeling on my hands as i pushed the air time-by-time around me.
      I passed by lots of fields and roads and even our garden yet again, even while i had no idea how i got back there, but i went on [and while flying, i turned back to my normal human form].

      Soon i reached some kind of city. I descended to the ground here and looked around. It made me think of a part of Liberty City from GTAIV, but i wasn't sure that it was taken from there.
      There was a long building in front of me, which had lots of small windows all over it. There were many roads going in all directions from my standing point.
      There was a parked car in front of me and i just randomly grabbed it and thrown it to the wall, it heavily crashed into it.
      [I became semi-lucid here].

      I had a feeling that i must fly to one of those windows and do something inside, so i did. I flew up to a window and looked in there. There was a mechanic looking guy just walking out of a door. I passed through the window and got inside. It was a really small room with barely any space. There was a machine of some sort on the wall with lots of cables.
      I opened some tiny door on the machine and wanted to check it from closer, but the mechanic guy returned. I hid behind the door and waited.

      The guy just leaned close to that machine and started working on it, but at the same time he started mumbling something about his co-worker and he welcomed me. I thought that he must think that i'm his co-worker. I became fully lucid here again.
      I jumped through the wall and flew back to the road where i was before. When i reached it, i started walking to the right side of the building, trying to find something to do, even while the dream was blurry and i barely felt anything.

      I turned left into a smaller street where a huge crowd was standing around. I wanted to see what they were watching with such interest.
      While going that direction, i thought that i should try some telekinesis... i didn't do it since a long time anyway.

      At first i used one hand to bring a car up into the air with telekinesis. It went really easily and i just thrown the car away. There were some other parked cars on the right side of this small road and some people were walking next to them as well. Now i held both my hands in front of me and i made two cars and two people hover up into the air. The DCs i grabbed with telekinesis didn't seem to be too scared, they took it well.
      I made them spin around in the air for a bit then thrown both the cars and the DCs far away with my powers. I heard some quiet crashing sound from far away.

      Now i walked towards the crowd and checked what they were watching. There was a stage to the left side and there was a choir made of around 30 people on it. I could only see their mouths moving, but i heard nothing they sang... [probably related to this not-so-clear state of the dream].
      Well, that choir seemed like a good challenge... without much of a second thought i held both my hands up again and tried to move the whole choir up into the air with telekinesis.
      It was somewhat hard to do, i even felt some pain and tiredness in both my arms finally as i did this. I succeeded in bringing them up into the air, but i couldn't really make them float too high like with the others.

      Some of them seemed a bit scared, but others were still singing without me hearing anything. I held them for a while and tried to move them away from the stage, but it was too hard and my arms were really tired now, so instead of throwing the choir away, i let them go.
      Some of them ran away, but some were still on stage, singing... o.o
      Soon after this i lost lucidity fully.

      [Ah well, this blurriness, lack of feelings and some sounds were disappointing... but what can i do... :/]
      [I didn't even think about my Lucy goal during this lucid, but i would've skipped it anyway, because in a blurry state like this i would rather not try to fight Lucy...]
    4. Lucy, What's Wrong With You?!

      by , 07-17-2012 at 10:18 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Dream happened at around 8:20AM, almost 30 ]
      [Oh well, i took 3 Negro candies yet again... which made me have a painful stomachache, but i could get rid of it after a while and get back to sleep]
      [After waking up from this lucid, i didn't get up immediately and slept back for 2 or so more hours... interestingly, i only forgot one single part from this dream during the extra nap ]
      [The dream also collapsed multiple times, but i can't really recall the places where it happened]

      I was at a place i knew well in my town, near the house of my old school's ex-principal's house. Some guy was just trying to park in that garage with luxury cars. I became semi-lucid here and grabbed one of his cars and smashed it exactly in front of the garage door, so he couldn't move his cars in our out. I laughed and moved on.
      I started with walking towards the middle part of the city, when suddenly i noticed my cat Kormi. Since i was just semi-lucid, i had an idea that i should ride my cat. I became smaller than my cat and jumped on his back. [That was weird ].

      He started jumping insane distances as we were moving towards the inner part of the city. He even jumped above a lake which should've not been there. Soon we reached a random house where he sit down on the window ledge and let me down from his back. At this moment i became fully lucid.

      I just realized what i've done and laughed at that. I looked around for a while from the ledge, then flew up into the air to check around from there instead. We weren't exactly in the middle of the city, but it's okay. I turned back to my original height now.
      [I've done something here which i totally forgot during my nap, so time skip].

      I was flying towards the old train station and admiring how nicely the Sun was shining, while i was wondering what i planned to do today... I just couldn't recall my goals for some reason. It bothered me a bit, but i continued flying around just for fun.
      Soon the world around me shifted and i was in front of our house. Oh well, i decided to check inside, after all it was daytime now, so someone must be in there.

      I flew through the closed door and started floating in the living room. I noticed my mom and dad in the kitchen. They were talking about some carnival or something like that, but i didn't pay much attention.
      I decided to go on, so i flew through the window towards the garden. [Ugh the garden... why do i get back here again o.o?].

      I was just slowly passing by the fig tree, when i suddenly remembered that i wanted to meet up with Lucy again. I got a little nervous, but then i told myself that i can't skip this now. I gotta befriend her finally.
      I started flying towards the end of the garden, when suddenly i noticed a bird flock coming towards me really fast. I wasn't worried at all, so i just let them come close.
      When they got close finally, i realized that these were SHARK BIRDS

      This image makes me sick o.o

      I started flapping my arms around and knocked most of them away, but one of them was just somehow stuck on my face, it wanted to eat my left eye.. ugh.
      I didn't hestitate and just grabbed it and thrown it away as far as i could. [Weird shark birds, you deserve this... ].

      I started flying faster now to avoid stuff like this. Soon i reached the end of the garden and while fighting the almost collapsing dream, i called out for Lucy.
      I shouted "Lucy!" "Lucy!" "LUCYYY!" for a while, but nothing happened. I got somewhat mad at her for hiding again, but then something unexpected happened.
      There was a hole in the wall at the corner of the garden and some power started lighting it up and beams started shooting out of it. [When i was young i always feared that monsters come from that corner part of the garden...]

      Soon a bigger beam appeared and it pointed to the ground. Suddenly, a monster appeared from the beam.
      But i just knew that it was Lucy in a different form, to scare me away. This monster was made up of a bottom half of a human with legs and everything up to the waist, but it had no upper body at all! It had a torn skirt on and it had two hands coming out of the legs. It also had some tentacles on top of it.
      I was staring at this weird thing and all i could think of was "What's wrong with you Lucy?!"

      I didn't have much time to think, because she attacked me almost instantly. This monstrosity ran towards me with those huge legs and wanted to hit me with the tentacles. I jumped out of the way. Suddenly i've seen myself from above and i had a sword and shield in my hands. I couldn't control myself anymore and she was just beating me without any problem. I could only stare and do nothing against it.

      Soon my body dropped to the ground and she let out a monstrous laugh, while a word appeared in front of me: Love.

      I woke up.

      [Ok... what the hell... that was weird when it happened, but it still sounds weird when i think back to it...]
      [That "Love." in the end felt like she meant it in a way like... you know... like she delivered what she wanted and is satisfied... but maybe it has more meaning than that... o.o]

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    5. Terror, Unstable Dream Ends in Kisses

      by , 07-16-2012 at 10:45 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      First REM Terror

      [I went to bed at 11:30PM yesterday and had this dream at 1:15AM, which makes me believe that it was in my first REM cycle ]
      [Sometimes i wonder why i use this AM/PM stuff in my own DJ... but i guess i'll be nice, after all, it's hard to count to 24 ]

      I was sitting in my room on the ground and watching some kind of musical show, where they've played "Songs of the Years" or something... 2009 and 2010 were listed on the side of the screen.
      As i was watching this, i heard the noise of keys and heard that someone has opened the door and walked into the house. I turned off the TV fast, to make it seem like i'm sleeping already.
      Soon after this i heard that the other TV in the living room was turned on and the same show continued.

      I was wondering who this might this late at night, so i walked out to the living room, carefully.
      I noticed that it was my old love and she also carried a bag with herself. She smiled at me and called me to watcht the show with her, so i stood next to her and we both started watching it. It took some time until i suddenly thought "What..? What is she doing here?!" I turned back to look at her and she was still staring at the TV. I became lucid here.

      I backed away from her and suddenly i felt an unimaginable fear. I turned away from her and wanted to jump out of the window, but at that moment i knew that something was watching me and it wanted to attack me. I couldn't think too much, so i started flying around the room, while everything got darker and darker... it was like dark flames were trying to consume me. I kept flying in a circle and shouting in my mind "NO! I CAN FIGHT IT!" and similar things, but i couldn't really believe it at that time. [I was so scared and confused that i didn't really know what to do at that time].

      The walls soon turned into wood with missing planks, like it was an old wooden building about to collapse. I flew out of the wall and continued the "escape" along the street.
      I constantly felt that terror as something was chasing me and like the whole world was against me. Everything got blurrier and i could barely see anymore as it was nighttime and my eyes were teary for some reason. I rubbed my right eye with one hand, then the left one too the same way, which then made me able to see clearly, but it was still dark outside.

      I flew as fast as i could and i got to some kind of mountain and decided to fly upwards. I still didn't feel safe, i could feel that something was really close to me and that i could hardly escape it. When i almost got up to the top of the mountain, suddenly a ceiling appeared above me. That surprised me a bit and i fell back down. The ground was only some meters away now and as soon as my back hit it, i woke up.

      [Ah well... i can't really put that terror into words, i was just overwhelmed by it. It felt like i wasn't allowed to be lucid at that time ]
      [It really rare when i get lucid this early during the night... when i woke up i first imagined the time to be 5AM at least... but it was just 1:15AM]


      They Can't Kiss Right

      [Had this dream at 9:15AM, a bit later than usually, because i woke up for WBTB later than i should've done so]
      [Lol, it took me a while to find a somewhat good title for this dream, but it seemed impossible, so here you go...]
      [Oh and i took 3 Negro candies yet again, for the menthol]

      I was just trying to hide from an insane teacher, who i insulted earlier in the dream and she knocked me unconscious with a Tesla-Coil. I ran through the city and then found myself in another town soon.
      The teacher was really close, so i decided to fly up into the air... Since i was able to do so, i became lucid.

      The dream felt rather unstable and it was kinda blurry... i remembered that i told Dreamprofessor that i'll try to find him on this Monday, but i can't do it in a dream like this.
      I decided to fly high in the sky and think out something else to do.
      Soon i reached a huge bubble near the clouds... it looked rather strong, not like a normal bubble. As soon as i noticed it, for some reason i had a thought that there's a candyland like place in the bubble. [I have no idea where i got that...].

      I got through the side of the bubble, but it turned out to be much smaller than i expected, also it was EMPTY... ah what a disappointment
      I decided to leave this place if i can't even find a single gummycandy or something...
      I flew back down to that town where i came from. I started floating nearby a long street. I just realized at this time, that the town was supposed to be near a lake, but the water was missing from it. This made me remember that i still wanted to explore underwater, as my last attempt turned out differently than i wanted it to. [I imagined the exploration to be fully underwater and not just a small part that leads to ground again].

      Soon i noticed a pool further down the street. I turned around and imagined it to be bigger, then turned back to check it out. It definitely got bigger, but not big enough...
      I turned around to check for other possible underwater sources. The other side of this street ended in a long street that was close to our house. I looked back and forth... it looked weird how the world merged two different towns together

      I started slowly flying above this street towards the part that lead to my town. I was constantly checking around for some water when suddenly i found a nice looking pool.

      There were some kids playing in this pool and it wasn't even too big, but i decided to try my luck at it... I jumped into the water and woke up immediately.
      [Back with DEILD].

      Ok... that was a bad idea... it seemed like this blurry dream didn't really want me to do anything good.
      I moved on from this place, towards the closest market... i thought that maybe i could find something there...
      I almost passed by the market while i was distracted by how the dream was trying to collapse constantly, i had to focus on stuff around me to stop it from doing so. [It tried to collapse multiple times earlier as well].

      I stopped in the air and thought of going in the market building, but then i noticed two rocker girls standing on the grassy part near the market. Ah well... i thought that if this dream is so pathetic, then at least i'll end it in a fun way

      I descended to the ground near them and to my surprise the dream finally got clear. But since i was already committed...
      I checked them out for a while. One of them had black hair and fully black clothes and had a somewhat mean look on her face. She was standing near the wall. The other girl had blonde hair and looked a little more friendlier, with black and white clothes. They both had heavy eyeliner around their eyes. [Well, i like that style, so i didn't want to just leave them there ]

      I walked up to the black haired one and kissed her. I focused on keeping my eyes open to not make the dream collapse on me.
      She just kissed horribly, she didn't even move her mouth or tongue at all, she was like a plastic doll or something. I backed away from her shortly after and was thinking of an insult of how badly she kissed, but then decided against saying it out loud... after all she is a DC, she knew what i thought.
      Instead, i walked up to the blonde now and kissed her too. It was somewhat better and her lips felt somewhat more life-like, but still not quite right. She didn't do anything either just like her friend, she just let me play around in her mouth without any interaction from her part.
      I still got excited while kissing her and felt that tingling in real life again, but i could withstand it for a while... but not for long enough, it distracted me too much and caused me to wake up.

      [Oh well... those girls kissed like dead weasels, not like i know what's that like, lolol... i'm going crazy here... ]
      [Anyway, i'm really disappointed of this lucid. I wanted to meet Dreamprofessor or at least do something interesting, but when the dream is so blurry and unstable, it's not much fun and takes away from the experience.. ]
    6. Mediterranean City, I'm Mean

      by , 07-14-2012 at 09:37 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Another dream from 8:30AM, lol... as soon as i woke up, i checked the clock and it was 8:30 again... what kind of sorcery is this? ]
      [The dream collapsed a lot this time, it was really unstable and i had to DEILD back a lot, but i can't tell the exact places of all the DEILDs, so i'll only say so when i'm sure it happened at that exact place]
      [Oh and i took 3 Negro candies again, which makes it the fourth time that it succeeded ^^]

      I just walked up to the window in our house to look outside, when i noticed that instead of seeing our garden outside, the house was on a tall cliff and there was a huge forest below us, with a well lit town further down. I wondered a bit about this, but got lucid really fast

      Without much of a second thought, i looked back behind me just a little bit and noticed that it was almost fully dark in the house. So i just climbed to the window and jumped through it without hestitating.
      I was happy that i got lucid again, but i expected it, so i wasn't much of surprised at it.
      It was nighttime outside, but i didn't worry that much yet.

      I let the wind carry me as i was flying above the huge forest. I wondered at how awesome that little town below looked... it had thousands of night lights on. Soon i couldn't see it anymore as the wind got weaker and i started descending towards the trees. I almost hit one of them with my head, but then i flew higher intentionally.
      [That windy feel of flying was a bit more noticeable here than usually, but maybe just because i focused on it].
      Soon while flying towards the town, the dream collapsed on me.
      [I went back with DEILD].

      When i was back in i was already standing near some kind of crossroads in the town and it was daytime. This part of the town looked like it was close to the harbor as there were multiple industrial buildings on both sides.
      [I became semi-lucid here].

      There was a tall bridge in front of me that passed above the street i was standing on. For some reason i felt like i need to climb on that bridge, so i started jumping higher and higher, climbing on the metallic parts of the old bridge. While doing so, i noticed 3 DCs standing down below. One of them was an old guy and two boys were with him.
      One of the kids said:

      - Oh wow! Look at what she is doing!
      The old guy reacted with an angry face:
      - That's totally dangerous to do, don't even think about cheering for her!
      Both the kids:
      - Oookay uncle...

      I just kept climbing without thinking much about them [as i was semi-lucid]. When i reached the top, the dream collapsed again, which made me fully lucid again.
      [Back with DEILD].

      When i was in the dream again, i found myself at a different part of the town. It made me remember my holiday in Greece as it was really similar, this was definitely a true mediterranean city.

      The buildings looked similar to this.

      There were these narrow, sometimes steep streets everywhere. The buildings all looked similar to eachother, but this just gave a special feeling to the town. They weren't taller than 3 floors max, but most of them didn't even have a second floor.

      I was walking around for a while and just checking out the environment as the sunlight was shining on the buildings and the ground. People looked busy in all directions, most of them went on foot to do their daily things, but there were some small cars passing by.

      As walking about, soon i found a small apartment which somehow made me remember how i wanted to talk with DCs yesterday. I decided that i'll keep trying as i couldn't really get too far.
      I passed by this building on the left side and got to a parking lot. There were those weird small cars everywhere. In one of them was an older woman who was just about to get out of the car.
      Just for fun i grabbed the bottom of the car with two hands and flipped it. The car was flipping around in the air fast as it crashed into the closest wall.
      Some DCs were looking at me weirdly, when a guy asked:

      - Why did you do that to her?
      - Um... i did it to the car, she isn't injured...
      He looked at me with a mean face, but i walked away.

      Soon i thought of entering a building, so i when i noticed that one of the doors are open, i took the opportunity. I walked inside and noticed that two girls were arguing:

      - Why do you say that to me?
      - I just don't care, okay? Just leave!
      The girl standing next to the door soon after this left and slammed the door behind her back.

      For some reason i thought that they just broke up or something...
      The girl who owned the house was sitting in a corner on some pillows. There were basically pillows everywhere in this house on the ground... and it was somewhat messy.
      [This house made me think of my old love for some reason... maybe because it was similarly messy as her house, but still similarly comfortable to be in].

      I walked up to her and though that i should try to comfort her a bit, then try my luck
      I sat down near her on another pillow. She had black hair, but she looked sad and her face wasn't that attractive to me anyway, but she was okay... I started:

      - So you just broke up wi...
      Before i could finish my sentence, she said:
      - Yes.
      - So, how do you feel now?
      - Really bad.
      - Why did it happen?
      - I just don't know... it's complicated...
      Just as she said this, i felt like time skipped suddenly.

      She looked happier now and smiled while she said:
      - I just broke up with him for real now!
      - Him? I thought that you...
      She looked at me weirdly now... like she realized what i planned.

      I realized that she found out... so i started thinking loudly:
      - Should i be nice...?
      [That basically meant that i was wondering whether i should kiss her anyway or just leave her alone].

      I decided that i'll be nice... so i just turned around and flew through the wall. As i was slowly flying away, i noticed that some of that girl's friends were in the room now and they started shouting things at me:
      - Booo, how pathetic you try to use her like that!
      - Just go, just fly away far from here!

      I felt bad for doing that, even if she was just a DC... because that's not what i am like....
      While flying away, i soon woke up.

      [Meh... i managed to talk more with them now, but that didn't turn out as i expected... ]
      [Anyway, the dream was definitely interesting... i'm getting more and more interested in the DCs during these last days, instead of using all kinds of powers everywhere... i can't tell if it's better or worse.. but i enjoy talking to them ]
    7. Girl School, Hug Time

      by , 07-13-2012 at 09:27 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [The dream happened at around 8:30AM yet again.. this is becoming a trend...]
      [I took 3 Negros yet again as well, this is the third time in a row that i took it, was able to fall asleep after WBTB and got a lucid ]
      [Thanks to that regular dream in the end, i forgot huge parts of the dream, but i was able to recall most of them while laying in bed... but smaller parts are still missing ]
      [I have no idea what got me lucid or what was the regular dream before, so i start from my first memory]

      I was near our outbuilding and it was night. There was some weird tower close to the building, which had all sorts of electronic ads on it. They made quite a big light in the dark as they were flashing about.
      I walked around a bit and thought about what i planned to do... i couldn't really recall any plans, so i was almost about to fly away and find a place where i can use my powers on something, but then suddenly i remembered that i wanted to talk with DCs in more detail, because i rarely do that.

      I flew up into the air and noticed another flashing ad on the side of the neighbour's building [which looked different now] and i flew close to that. Without a second thought i just broke that flashing ad "logo" off the wall and thrown it away.
      I just somehow felt that there is a school or something similar in that building.
      I flew back to our garden to the same place where i was standing before, because it was still night and i wanted to change that. So i used the same method that i figured out before. I closed my eyes fully and imagined that it's day, then waited until my vision returned. While it was dark, i heard a voice say "Oh yes, that's a good technique she found out, she just has to wait until her vision returns, but it works..." Indeed it worked you random voice, it was day now

      [Time skip]

      I don't remember how i got here, but i was standing in that school now that i've seen from the outside. The school's inside was wide and there was some big stairs in the middle, which lead down to another level of the school.
      I looked around and it seemed to be a fully girl school, i couldn't see a single guy anywhere. So, since i planned to speak to DCs, i kept looking around to find someone who might seem interesting enough to talk with. I soon noticed a short girl walking towards a door and she held a heavy basket in her hands. [She seemed really young, like 10 years old, but i felt like she had a distinct personality].

      I approached her as she was about to pass through the door and greeted her:
      - Hey!
      She didn't even look at me, just replied in a hurry:
      - I have things to do, can't chat now!

      She entered the door fast and i looked after her. She was apparently bringing that basket to the kitchen part of the school, where a fat guy was cooking things. She had a bunch of meat in that basket.
      I thought about going after her, but then i decided against this... since she would probably stay this negative about talking.

      I turned back to the hallway again and looked around. There was a cheerleader group walking in my direction and they were laughing at something loudly. I looked at them weirdly when i noticed that one of them were a drow... [such influence from my books].
      It seemed like she was pretty much part of the team and they knew her well... i didn't even think about going up to her, even while i planned to do so once i find a drow next time...
      Just as i was thinking of this, the dream started collapsing, but i closed my eyes faster and waited for my vision to return, which happened soon and everything was back to normal.

      There were others walking in all directions as well and while looking at them i noticed the dining area. I walked that way and was gazing around to find another DC that i could talk to. Soon i noticed a girl who seemd to be lost in her thoughts. She was kinda tall, but attractive. I grabbed her hand and said:

      - Come with me, let's talk!
      I lead her after me, while holding her hand and i found a table with two chairs. I lead her to one of the chairs and she sit down, then i sit down on the other chair.
      She didn't seem too happy about it and looked meanly at me. I smiled at her and asked:
      - So... what's your name?
      Just as i asked this, she suddenly turned into a crazy looking bald guy, like the one from the Adam's Family. He bursted out:
      - Why do you want to know my name? Why did your bring me here? Who do you think you are? What do you think you are doing? What is your problem? What is wrong with you? Blah, blah, blah....

      He kept going on throwing these questions towards me in a madman tone... i decided to leave him alone... ugh
      I left the dining area and though about that i wanted to hug a DC since a while now, but for some reason there was nobody in the hallway anymore.
      I walked back towards that kitchen door where the young girl went in the last time and i entered it. There was an additional door in there, that lead to the kitchen and a narrow hallway that lead to another place. I decided to check out the hallway.

      The hallway's wall was covered with bathroom tiles, so i guessed that it must lead to some kind of bathroom. I got to the end of it finally and it was indeed a bathroom, just a much bigger one, with lots of showers, fitting for a school.
      I was slowly walking next to the shower cabins and i could see hands in the air under the showers. [I had a though of going in there, but then i decided against it... i didn't want to do that now].
      I was awaiting that some of them might step out, so i can hug one of them. Just as i though this, 3 shower doors opened.

      The first door revealed a black haired girl, who's hair was all wet and she only had a towel covering her body. The door furthest from me had another girl coming out, who also had a towel covering herself.
      Then the middle door opened, which revealed a girl fully dressed and her hair wasn't wet either... like she wasn't even in the shower. She had dyed red hair and i found an extreme attraction towards her.

      As soon as he turned around, i noticed that she had the look of a girl from my town who i often thought about how we could be friends or something... i always found her to be similar to me somehow.
      This made me happy that it's her and i hugged her without a second thought.

      It felt surprisingly real I felt her body as close to mine as possible, i felt like we were connected, i even felt her clothes touching my skin. Her hair was shiny red and mesmerizing in the light and i even moved my head a bit to feel her hair touch my face. I had no idea what she might've thought at that time, but she didn't want to make me let her go, she just kept her hands around me. She smelled fresh, like she just showered.
      [As much as i was mesmerized, i kept my focus high, to not let the dream end at this point].

      I kept hugging her for a while, then while still holding her close, i took my head from her shoulder and looked at her face. She seemed a bit surprised, but happy. I couldn't keep myself from smiling at this point and i put my head on her other shoulder now, then i felt that she did the same
      Soon i let her out of my hug... her facial expression made her seem really shy now.
      I kissed her on her right cheek and let her go. She still looked shy and surprised at me and was just staring at me as i started walking away slowly. I was happy and thought that i should wake up now, before i forget these feelings

      Before i could woke up for real, i entered a regular dream in which i was writing down this lucid dream entry in an exercise book, while the friend of my sister was trying to peek at what i wrote so far.

      [Oh well... as craving for love and interaction i am, this hug part felt really awesome to me I know some of you might think i'm pathetic, but whatever...]
      [I think this was a good enough dream, even while i didn't even use any powers other than flying for a bit.... it's not always required to have a fun lucid ]
      lucid , memorable
    8. My Power Left Me, Sex Attempts Always End Bad

      by , 07-10-2012 at 09:02 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Dream is from 8:35AM or so Similar to yesterday's timing]
      [The funny thing is, that i took 3 Negros again, just like yesterday... It seems to work pretty good so far, but i need to try it for 1-2 more days to see if i can get a lucid everyday with them =D]

      The regular dream i was in was really surreal and dark. I was just planning to go home, but on the way i passed by many buildings that were made of metal and some people were fighting the police on the way. I started running to not make them see me, but the police noticed and thought that i was also part of the vandals. I started running fast and they didn't follow me.
      I was walking again, just passing by a corner where everything reminded me of Half-Life 2. There were metal buildings everywhere and the air just had an "authority" smell. [Not sure how much sense that makes].

      I noticed a huge green glowing cable that was connected to a building and the other end of it was somewhere in the sky, but i couldn't see the end of it. This building had some weird equipment and machines on top and the sky became purple... like that cable did something to it.
      I just started walking towards a steep road, when i had this played out in my head:
      - "Hmmm i'll must tell Aly about this weird dream when i wake up... maybe the Negro caused it... Wait what?! ... THIS dream? OH YES, I'M JUST DREAMING!"

      I got lucid and almost facepalmed for myself

      My first thought was to try and find out where that glowing cable goes, so i would need to fly to reach it. But first, i noticed some people doing something behind a barrier.
      I walked up to them and looked around. This place was filled with trash, junk and metal parts in big piles... it was like a junkyard, but there were some clear parts where the people were doing their daily things.
      A guy was cooking something on an old rusty stove and others were collecting things from the junk.
      [This environment just made me think more of the ridden civilization of HL2].

      Who would like to live in a place like this?

      I felt somewhat sad for them, but i had something else to do, so i jumped into the air and started flapping my hands the way i always get into the air. To my surprise, i just fell back to the ground soon after.
      I was wondering what might be wrong, so i did it again... and again... and again.... and i did it until i fully realized, that i'm unable to fly high for some reason now.
      I could only flap my hands for a short while and it got me above, but i always fell back... controlling my flying with my mind wasn't even working. [Sad, sad...].

      I tried it that way that i got into the air a little bit, then gave myself and extra push by a wall nearby... i could get higher this way, but i couldn't keep it up long eough... Once i even got up to some kind of ceiling that i almost got through, but it got dark inside it and i had to wait until my vision returned.

      Well, i gave up on this after that.... As i was getting a little sad, i noticed a tiger walking by... it was funny to see in this environment, but he seemed to be at home and just sit down somewhere...

      I thought that if i can't fly, then i'll have to do something else... So i decided to check out the DCs more precisely and see what they are doing. I turned around to check out the cook guy, but he wasn't there anymore. I went up to the stove and grabbed the pan and played around with it a bit, then put it down.
      [I forgot to put my hand on it, to try to burn my hand with it, althrough i planned it].

      I was just staring at the stove, thinking about what to do, when someone stood in front of the stove again. I looked up and it was an asian girl, who had no pants on, nothing. I looked at her weirdly as this was unfitting to the scene... but then i already knew what i'll do

      I was looking at her from behind as she was cooking something, then...

      Spoiler for +18:

      I couldn't continue for more than some seconds, because suddenly everything got black [as it happens often with scenes like this] and i was focusing on getting back my vision now. But while everything was black, i still felt the same sentation as before, which then caused my real body to feel some kind of tingling too and it just distracted me and i thought about my real body... which then caused me to wake up fully

      After a short while when i was laying in bed, i had a short dream about that i was chatting with Wolfwood on some site and i was telling him about this same dream and i told him that i got lucid in the dream because the stove turned on twice instead of one.... which is not true, but lol.

      [I don't usually have sexual dreams and don't usually do anything like this in lucids either... but since i lost my ability to fly, i thought i'll give in now and do it But i can never keep it up long enough, i always feel something in real too and it distracts me and the dream collapses... sigh...]
      [I rarely dream about asian people, but it's getting more usual these days... probably because of the arguments on the forum about preferences...]

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    9. Long Lucid: Underwater Attempt, Lots of Stuff Done, Failed TotM

      by , 07-09-2012 at 09:55 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [So dream happened at around 8:20AM or so...]
      [Ugh... so how should i get to this... i really have to try hard to keep the pieces of this dream in the correct order... and i'm not even sure it's correct like that... my recall is so bad these days that it takes me lots of effort to remember everything, but some smaller parts are still missing]
      [Also... i think i found out a way to create bigger things that i couldn't before... you'll see ]
      [Oh...and i took 3 Negros (candy) before going to bed after the WBTB, so i feel like it might be relevant now to this lucid...]

      So i was just in a regular dream where an around 30 years old blonde girl was supposed to be my mom. She was also a murderer and i helped Columbo to catch her. I was just hugging her and telling her to stop killing people and not hurt me, when i realized how stupid this is.
      I got lucid and started looking at my hands and waving them around like i always do when i become lucid. [It's a good test to see if you are in control for real].

      I was happy that finally i got a lucid as i was trying for 3 days without success, althrough the dream was a little like it was in sepia... or just the colors were somewhat lifeless.
      I looked around and noticed some asian girls... maybe Chinese, i couldn't tell. There was a nun-like asian girl in front of them, like she was their teacher. That girl was waving her hands and was showing some kind of tai chi to the others.
      I walked up to the teacher and grabbed her hands, then pushed her away from the students. They all looked weirdly at me and i felt bad for doing that, so i started walking away.

      There was people walking in all directions in this hallway i was in... I remembered that in the regular dream i got to this place through a secret "hole" in the wall in the back of our garden. So i flew through the wall and found myself in our garden once i was outside. [Oh the garden again... nooo ].

      I immediately flew up into the air and moved towards the streets. I ended up on the long street that crosses ours. I started flying in the exact direction of the street and all that was in my mind is to find water to get underwater and complete my goal finally.
      As i was passing by other streets, i noticed that they all looked like ours... like they were just looped. Well, that was kinda disappointing, but i didn't mind it too much.
      I flew above one of the houses on the left side and as i was passing by the dream started collapsing.
      [Went back with DEILD].

      When i was back, i found myself in a classroom like place, but it didn't look like classrooms in my country at all. There were 8 old classmates of mine sitting there and watching some kind of movie from a projector.
      I thought about my goal again and as i was wondering, 3 of those classmates laughed at me for some reason. Maybe because i was in the way of the projector...
      I though that i'll try something fun, if they are laughing at me anyway. I recalled how i read a trick about creating an explosive chainlightning in the book, Dissolution that i'm reading currently.

      I started focusing on my hands, until there was a little bit of spark in it... I couldn't see it too clear because the colors were still in that old tone... not too colorful.
      I aimed the spark at those 3 laughing guys and thrown it in the middle of them. A suddenly explosion and they all were laying on the ground helplessly, their bodies were even steamy. I knew they were just unconscious though.
      I started moving towards the door, when another guy, R, started laughing at the others that i hit with the lightning explosion.
      I charged up again a little bit and let out a single lightning towards him and he hit the ground too.
      The 3 others that were left were just sleeping in the back of the room, i didn't want to hurt them.
      [Maybe i'm not so nice towards my DCs, but if they earned it... ].

      [I think the dream collapsed again after this and i got back in, since i don't remember how i got outside].
      So, i was walking on an unknown street outside and i remembered my goal again. I didn't want to give it up, so i thought of a new way to get to water... For some reason i remember the washing powder brand "Whirpool"... or maybe i just made that up, but during that time i thought it's real.
      I've seen a shop close to me that had all sorts of stuff in it's showcase. I walked up close to it and realized that there was actually a Whirlpool branded washing powder in there... I found it funny that i already summoned it unintentionally.

      I didn't even go into the shop, i just put my hand through the glass and took that powder. It was somewhat in liquid form, but in powder too at the same time... it looked weird.
      I was about to go and find a place where i can work out something with this. [I imagined that i could create a real whirlpool out of it and that would take me into a watery place].
      But just as i turned around, some really tall, mean and primitive looking guys stood in front of me.
      One of them said something like this to me:

      - Where do you think you are going?
      I found it funny, that they are trying to stop me:
      - Wherever i just want.

      I grabbed the guy with one hand and thrown him up into the air so high that he disappeared in the clouds. I looked at the others while smiling and went on my way

      I got to a sandy place... like a beach or something. There was a metal tower close by and it was small, but it had enough place to fit inside there. I walked up to there on a small sand hill and sit inside the tower. I reached into my pockets to take the Whirlpool powder out, since i knew i lost it somewhere, but i could recreate it from my pocket. No, it didn't work. I just couldn't see it. I held something in my hands, which was really blurry, but it wasn't the powder... i think i just imagined it to be there and it was some weak illusion.

      Well whatever, i thought i'll be on my way now and try to find another way to get to water. I was just about to climb out of this metal tower, when i noticed that my environment completely changed in the meanwhile.
      I was sitting in a concrete tower or something similar, it was bigger now and i was looking out of a framed window.
      I recognized the place as the city that's closest to my hometown, althrough it was a little different somehow.


      Just as i was thinking about this, something really weird happened. Everyone on the streets, including dogs, birds, humans, every living thing... just looked like they were sliced in two at their waists. There was blood around them and it looked freaky.
      I had no idea why that happened, but i jumped out of the window onto the street. When i landed, everything was back to normal. No blood, nothing... just people walking around happily.
      [Now that was weird i tell you O.o I didn't experience stuff like this before... and my lucids are not bloody usually, but now there was lots of blood around the half corpses].

      I flew up to one of the nearby roofs because i planned to do something there... i think i wanted to conjure something, but i don't remember it anymore.
      [Skipping a little, since i forgot this part].

      I was in our house now, althrough i don't remember what i wanted to do there. I checked into our small corridor and noticed some dark figure in a fully dark room... I got scared and flew through a wall into another room and was just about to run away when i realized: i have no reason to run!
      I turned around and felt so powerful at that moment. I looked into the face of that shadowy thing and it disappeared. I was happy.

      I flew out of the window and it was getting dark already... so i decided to try a new idea.
      [Since i can easily get back to the dream with DEILD, which basically consist of getting dark as the dream collapses and me focusing on the place where i want to find myself... or just the dream itself. Now, i thought, what if i intentionally close my eyes, to let me "wake up" (maybe, not sure if i really wake up) and focus on what i want to change about my environment...].
      So, i closed my eyes and focused on it becoming daylight again. I didn't even need to open my eyes again, soon the darkness disappeared and i was in the exact same place as before, but it was day again.
      [Yay! ].

      So i started flying towards the garden, thinking about trying to create water there with this same method.
      I reached the fig tree and looked at the garden. It was depressing to see it in this sepia-ish color, so i remembered how ASMR helped me stabilize the last time around. I started inducing it again and it felt even better than in real life. The garden soon came to life too... everything became colorful and the earth was even red-ish instead of brown, like i overcharged the colors. I did this for a while, but then remembered what i wanted to do.

      So i flew up a little higher and was looking at the ground. There were some in real non-existant trees blocking my view a bit, but it didn't matter. I focused on the ground and closed my eyes. It was dark again, like when i wake up, but i focused on creating a little lake under me, on the grassy part.
      Soon my vision returned and there was a small lake down there, althrough it was shaped like it was created by human hands. The only problem with this was that the water was totally black... like it was oil or something.
      [I unintentionally thought of Lucy because of the scary dark water... i imagined as she would pull me underwater into that darkness if i get close :/].

      I didn't want to get into that, so i closed my eyes again and imagined a clearer lake. My vision returned yet again and now there was a tiny-tiny "lake" down there. It was as big as a smaller puddle of water, but it looked clean at least. I descended down to check it out... it looked fine, so i didn't hestitate much... i considered it big enough to make me fit into it.
      I jumped into the puddle and at the same time i woke up.
      [Back with DEILD again].

      When i was back in, i was underwater somewhere... the water was clean enough for me to look around. The sides of this "pool" were made of bricks... there was basically nothing underwater, only those ugly bricks.
      I noticed a part on the top of the water where i could get out to somewhere, so i started swimming towards it. As i popped out my head, some kind of priestess [who reminded me of Lolth's priestesses and she was a drow] looked at me with wide open eyes and started yelling "We have an intruder" or something like that. I went back underwater again because of this, but for some reason i held my breath automatically, while before i could breath in the water. So as soon as i realized that i'm holding my breath, i started choking and it felt surprisingly real. I popped out again, while the priestess was running to alarm the others. I jumped back in and didn't hold my breath now, i swam to the other way, where i found another exit out of the water.

      I popped out of the water here again. This exit was looking onto a hallway which looked totally like part of a dungeon. I liked this place, so i jumped out of the water. I imagined that i could complete the basic TotM here... since i could just find a potion somewhere in the dungeon... it seemed like a really good idea and i focused on summoning a potion somewhere deeper in the place, just to not make it too easy

      I was about to start going deeper inside, but some ugly orc-like barbarian looking baddies showed up on both sides. They had axes and swords and looked really angry that i was there.
      I didn't get scared at all though. I let them get closer to me and i let out a force push from my hands, pushing the biggest orc away in front of me.
      Now there were still like 10 of them, 6 of them coming from in front of me and the others from behind. I charged up a bit and let out an even bigger force push towards the ones behind my back, while i jumped out of the way of the attackers from the front. I started smiling at how awesome this was...

      The big orc was pushed into the water further away and the group from my back were also pushed into another part of the water, they didn't seem to return, but there were still 6 enemies coming towards me. I force pushed those away too, but 2 of them didn't fall off the cliff and stood up, then started marching towards me.
      I thought that i can just get past these guys now, so i jumped above their head and jumped through small floating platforms to the other end of the hallway. They didn't seem to be able to jump after me and was just staring at me angrily. [I think i'll need to arrange more fights like this later on, i enjoyed it that more enemies tried to corner me ].

      I was in front of an altar here and there were more altars like that a little further near floating platforms, but those were too far to jump to. The altars were somewhat spider shaped, which isn't surprising as i've seen a Lolth's priestess here already.

      I checked out the altar, which had white gummybears on it... I was surprised, as i expected a potion to be here or something more dungeon-ish... but i took some of it and ate it anyway.. how could've it leave it there? I flew towards the other closest altar and checked out that too.
      It had gummybears as well, but black ones... Now i thought that maybe if i eat them along with the white ones then maybe it creates a potion in my mouth. [Lol what an idea... ].
      I started chewing on these and even while they were black colored, they tasted really good.

      I flew back to the other altar, but the gummybears were black now there too... I took some anyway and started chewing on them while imagining that they turn into a potion and that i'll just pull it out of my mouth... Just as i was doing this and felt something crunchy in my mouth, i woke up.
      I couldn't go back anymore.

      [Oh well, this was a really really long post haha... it took me 1 hour 40 minutes to write this o.o I'm not sure how i managed to spend that much, but it was fun remembering the dream]
      [I had long dreams like this already, but not since i was on DV, so this is for you all of your enjoyment now ^^]
      [I can't tell if the Negro with it's menthol helped me get this long and somewhat weird lucid, but i have a feeling that it did ]
    10. Fire as a Light Source

      by , 07-05-2012 at 08:46 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [This lucid happened at around 8:45AM]
      [I took 19mg of Menthol too before i fell asleep after the WBTB, althrough i'm not sure if it's in any way relevant in succeeding in getting lucid, i think it was more about the setting of the dream]
      [I'm getting kinda bored of mostly becoming lucid in our garden during these weeks...]

      So, i got lucid in our garden like usually, i'm not even sure what was the reason. I was standing near one of the peach trees and it was night time and the dream was also blurry. I tried to stabilize with rubbing my hands together and thinking about how the dream will stabilize, which helped somewhat, but it was still night.
      [I'm starting to think that if i would sleep in a brighter environment, these dark dreams would be more rare].

      I was kinda upset, that i had to deal with the darkness yet again... so i thought about flying into the house for first and imagined that the lights are on inside.
      I started flying towards the house and passed through the wall, then stopped inside. The lights were definitely on in there, but the house felt empty for some reason, even while everything was in place.
      I passed through the wall again and went outside instead.

      I noticed a little bright light coming from near the outside table under the apple tree, so i flew there.
      I descended down to near the plastic table and realized that it has some lit candles on it. I was happy that finally i found a "safe-haven" and i started thinking about my goal, to go underwater exploring. I didn't know how could i get there, so i also thought about trying to find Lucy... but then the darkness made me remember that it might give her too much of an advantage against me.

      I decided with the underwater goal, but just as i wanted to move on, it started raining. The candle fires were put out immediately.
      I created some fire in my hands to lit the candles again, but the rain kept putting the fire out... Then i decided that i'll try to do it the dragon way, so i breathed fire onto the candles, which lit them easily, but they were put out yet again. I even tried to use the matches that were on the table.. but of course they didn't help.
      [I always wonder how easy it is to conjure powers like fire, but i can't deal with the darkness... ugh].

      I thought that i'll need more serious tools here, so i hit the table, which collapsed into two pieces and it also turned into wood.
      I conjured fire with my hand again and burned up the table, which now got a much bigger flame, the rain couldn't deal with it. I would've liked to stay and watch the fire for a while, but i decided to move on while i can.

      I took one of the legs of the table and started flying towards a little bright white light along the horizon.
      [The burning table leg was almost as convenient as a torch, as i didn't feel the pain as it was burning my hand too ].
      I imagined my goal in front of me, that i want to find a place where i can go underwater and i started flying at really fast speeds, everything blurred around me.

      Soon i found myself at a place which i somehow just knew that it was another planet. I was flying through a series of tubes, which lead to some kind of racer stadium. I just knew it without seeing the stadium itself.
      The color of the ground on the planet made me think of Mars, as it was red-ish, but somehow it was even more familiar to me... at that moment i thought that i've seen this place in a movie before.
      As i was flying through the tubes, i unintentionally fixated my look and woke up.

      [After this i tried to go back with DEILD, but just couldn't for some reason].
      I was laying in bed, looking at my eyelids, when soon i found myself in a regular dream, where i've actually posted this entry already and i had two comments, one by sivason and one by Matte87

      [I'm a little disappointed in my lucids this week... hopefully i can get a third one in which i can finally complete my underwater goal...]
      [I'll also try to make my awareness higher at other places too, not just at home, because i don't want to always get lucid in our garden...]
    11. Wormhole

      by , 07-02-2012 at 12:17 PM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Dream happened at 7:50AM or so... considering that a month ago i was complaining that all my LDs are after 8AM, this changed a lot these days ]
      [I was falling back and forth between fully lucid and semi-lucid states in this dream, not exactly sure why... but sadly i forgot my goals that i planned]

      As i was just escaping some kind of factory and while flying above our garden i got lucid. The dream was really blurry, so i kept flying in a circle and thinking about how the dream will be clear. It worked fast. Once it was clear i decided to move on from the garden. [These days most of my lucids start out in our garden for some reason... probably because i pass most of my time at home during these hot days].

      I decided to go to the backside of the garden and find my way through the neighbouring gardens to somewhere new. As i was flying there, i kept shifting my thoughts about my real body and my dream body and it caused the dream to start falling apart, then stabilize multiple times. I did this just for fun, but then i even rubbed my hands together to stabilize in the end, just in case, but i still woke up once.
      [I went back with DEILD].

      As i was flying in that direction, i noticed a blonde, short haired old nun. I thought that she said something to me, but i didn't care much.
      Instead of listening to her, i descended a little and landed on her head with one of my feet, then propelled myself forward with a jump from her head... she must've been angry after that...

      As i got to the end of the garden i realized that there is a huge wall of hedge blocking off everything else from the garden. I wanted to get through it, but my control wasn't on the top here... i just got stuck between the branches and leaves. I gave up on it and flew back the other way towards the street.
      I got out on the street and everything looked differently here. The road was much more wider and there was heavy traffic. Even my house disappeared as i looked back.
      [At this moment i became semi-lucid].

      For some reason i thought of angels and seen a glory floating above the clouds... I wanted to get up there, so i started flying upwards, but i just fell back to the ground soon after. I tried multiple times, but it always happened the same way. At the same time, i heard an old man's voice, who kept saying things like "You can do it!" "Don't give up!"
      I didn't see him, but since i was semi-lucid, for some reason i knew that it must be my uncle (who i don't even know in real).

      After a while i got fully lucid again and i gained back the control. I jumped high above and started flying really fast towards the sky, where i noticed a huge hole. I kept flying towards it, but it didn't took long until that hole sucked myself into it... Turns out this was actually a wormhole leading somewhere into space.

      It was an interesting experience floating in the wormhole as it was constantly moving me to an unknown place.
      Once the wormhole ended, i got thrown out of it onto a huge floating rock. My angle of view changed here and it slowly moved away from me. There were lots of floating rocks in all directions and there was only space around them, nothing else.
      As the view slowly moved through all the rocks, i noticed some amazon looking girls on the rocks and they were about to attack me for infiltrating their homeworld.
      [I became semi-lucid yet again].

      After this moment i didn't regain my lucidity fully... the whole floating rocks place turned into a videogame environment and i was controlling a character who had two green lightsabers... I fully lost lucidity soon after.

      [Well, the dream wasn't that interesting in my opinion and because of me not being fully lucid all the time, it took away somewhat from the experience...]
      [Oh well... a lucid is a lucid, even if i don't complete my goals... ]

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    12. Petting a Squirrel, Car Driving

      by , 06-27-2012 at 06:50 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Had this dream at around 6:30AM yet again, just like yesterday's lucid Seems like i follow some kind of pattern here ^^]
      [For some reason the dream collapsed on me around 15 times, so i won't mention it every single time, since i can't tell all the exact places where it collapsed]

      I was at the end of our garden, near the raspberry bushes, with lots of random people i don't know and some scorpions and lethal critters were attacking those people. It got me lucid, since that was just stupid
      The first thing i did was fly up into the air, just to get away from the scorpions, just in case.
      Then as i was about to go and explore, i woke up.
      [I went back with DEILD].

      As i was back in, i realized how fast the dream collapsed... i hoped it won't happen anymore, but even unwantedly i kept thinking about it's possibility.
      Then i wanted to stabilize a little, since the dream was almost black and white, which is actually not that usual for me. So i thought that i'll try out something new. I remembered the talk about ASMR on DV from some days ago.

      Basically as i was floating in the air, i induced the ASMR feeling. The waves went all over my body and it felt good, but a little weak. As i did this, i kept thinking about how awesome it's to be in a lucid dream.
      These two things combined caused the world around me to gain lots of color. It was amazing to watch how the colors suddenly returned to the environment

      I didn't really have much idea what to do, so i kept stumbling around our outbuilding and the garden, when i noticed a squirrel eating from our cats' bowl. I went up to it and started petting it. It seemed peaceful enough, but i felt like it didn't like being petted. [Too bad, since it was really cute ^^]

      As i was petting the squirrel, i woke up again.
      [Back with DEILD of course].

      Up to this point the dream collapsed multiple times, but i didn't worry. I just stabilized by ASMR everytime when i got back in. The colors coming back into the world was just too good to see to pass this kind of stabilization
      Then i realized that the squirrel ran away, it wasn't at the bowl already. Well, i guessed it didn't like being petted for sure now. I flew up into the air and while doing so, i had some black backgrounded forum's picture popping in before me. All i could see was that people on that forum were talking about Dream Guides.

      As this was over, i got an idea. I'll get on the roof and shout out for a Dream Guide, since Lucy doesn't seem to be happy to help me out. [Of course with it in mind that i wouldn't accept the approaching DG if it would look/act stupid, i still plan about Lucy].
      So i kept flying towards the roof, but i got trapped in a loop. As i was flying upwards, through the plastic roof we have over the ledge, anytime i passed the roof, there was another same looking plastic roof above me.

      I gave up on it because i woke up multiple times during trying this. Instead i flew towards the street. At this moment something passed my mind: Someone on DV was complaining about how i always just fly everywhere in my dreams. I thought that i'll change that now just for the sake of it
      I got to the closest crossroads and thought about a place in the city where i could easily call out for a DG. [Sadly i don't remember what place i planned to go to].

      So to get there, i didn't want to fly, so i descended to the ground.
      I thought i'll go by car, since i don't remember driving a car at all in lucids before... and since i go by car like 1-2 times a year max [we don't have a car] it might be even fun to drive it. So i walked up to the closest market's "parking lot" and checked out the available cars.
      There was a huge black jeep there and it seemed like an obvious choice

      I walked up to the car and as i passed it i grabbed the left side's mirror and broke it off just for fun. Then i looked inside the car. There was a random guy sitting on the backseat, holding some bag of clothes in his hands and staring at me with half-open eyes. He seemed to be injured or just basically sick.
      I grabbed the guy and just teared him out of the car along with the door, then thrown him away. [I know i was mean, but he is just a DC].
      It felt kinda good that i just teared that door out with the guy so easily...

      This is a sight i rarely see.

      So i hopped onto the front seat, not caring about the missing door. I didn't even use the keys, the car just started as soon as i wanted it to. At first i even forgot to use the gas pedal [haha].
      The car went surprisingly fast and took the corners so easily... totally not like how i remembered it... probably the dream altered it a little. Even the feeling of sitting in the car felt differently.

      I passed some pedestrians, carefully to not hit them, then i started using the gas pedal to speed up. I drove in the direction of the city, taking corners at extra speed. I was wondering that maybe i should use the brake, so i stepped on it at the next corner... But it seemed useless, after all i was just dreaming... why would i use the brake?
      So as i was on my way, i woke up yet again, but accidently moved a little bit and couldn't get back anymore.

      [Well, i guess it wasn't that bad of a dream, even while i didn't do much... driving a car was interesting, yet it didn't feel so realistic... Maybe another time ]
      [Is that right that the brake is on the left side and the gas pedal is on the right? Because it was like that in the dream.. i'm not sure if it's like that in real too ]

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    13. Painful Flying Kitten, Trying to Talk to Amy Lee

      by , 06-26-2012 at 06:35 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [The dream was at around 6:30AM]
      [So finally had a lucid that i was able to recall well enough after laying in bed for a while after waking up.. it was in time, since my last lucid recorded here was 13 days ago]
      [My recall is really bad these days and it even affected the dream, it was blurry most of the time]

      I was running on a street in a regular dream, where something exploded and i knew that my mom was there at the explosion... I thought that it must be a dream, because something like this wouldn't happen. So i started running and just flew up into the air simply. I got lucid thanks to this.

      As flying above the streets, i noticed that everything was dark again, like in my lucids these weeks... Like i don't have enough control. I wanted to change this, but also got scared for some reason...
      I flew back to our house and i noticed that the lights are on in our outbuilding, so i flew in there, hoping to bring the light out with myself.
      As i got in there, i found one of my cats doing something in a corner... I wasn't sure what he did, but he looked embarassed and started walking away.

      I flew out through the closed windows and kept thinking about how i'll bring out the light with myself from inside the building. As soon as i found myself outside, turns out it didn't succeed.
      Everything was still dark, so i flew up again and held my hands in front of my eyes to try and use my really light white hands and create daylight from them. I held them in front of me and then moved them away, focusing on them blurring my vision, so maybe the lighter colors will remain... but it didn't work much.. it only got lighter a little bit. [I was kinda bored of this darkness already, it just happens too much since a while].

      Oh, i was part of your dream? Cool!

      Some kind of fear feeling got over me yet again as i was in the air and suddenly a black kitten [who i recognized immediately, it was my cat, Kormi] started flying at me really fast. He got to me and "climbed" on my hand and i felt a huge pain. For some reason this cute little kitten was scary. I wanted to get rid of him, but he kept holding on my hand and anytime i moved it, i felt that unbelievable pain.
      I flew into our house, hoping to lose him while passing through the glass window, but he was still there, hurting even more...

      Then i realized that all i have to do is think positively. So i started thinking about how this is just a dream and nothing should hurt me, everything shouldn't be dark outside.
      This seemed to work, because my kitten disappeared finally. I flew out of the window yet again and now it was around 7:30PM in the dream, judging by the amount of light the environment gained. [So it wasn't that dark anymore, i could see well now, but it was getting dark soon].

      I was happy that it worked and in my happiness, i flew up to some electrical wires above me and started chewing on one of them. I thought that it's funny that these would be deadly in real.
      They tasted horribly though, just like rubber... I thought about that they should taste like gummycandy, but it didn't seem to work, so i left them.
      I noticed some electrical storm really far away in the horizont, i wanted to go and check it out.
      I had a thought that the cables empowered me, so i changed to super speed flying and headed that way. While flying at extreme speed, i let out some kind of electrical pulses out of my body and they zapped the air around me

      When i got to the storm, it was kinda disappointing.... it got really tiny and not that huge as it seemed from further away, so i left and went back to my starting position.
      While flying back that way, i remembered my goal, i wanted to find Amy Lee, to ask her some things. [Along with questions about how to befriend Lucy... after all they are both DCs, so she might know].
      I flew out to our street and made a remark on how there were no people anywhere. Then i landed on top of a big transformer that is standing at the end of our street.

      Amy Lee

      I kept thinking about Amy standing on the other side of the transformer and i was turning around to summon her. As i was turning, the transformer was tottering as the air moved it, but i didn't feel unsafe.
      Soon after this suddenly the environment shifted around me, now i was still standing on the transformer, but was in our ourbuilding. [Which's ceiling got much much taller].

      I noticed a macho looking guy on the ground below. He shouted something at me, but i don't remember it. He seemed to trying to tell me something important, but i didn't care much about it.
      For some reason i was able to look through the wall without any effort at this moment... I noticed a DC walking away from the building outside, and she had a black hair and i thought that it must be Amy Lee.
      I put my head through the wall and looked down at her, she didn't look up at me, but her eyes were on me and she was smiling at me like she was planning something bad. [I knew it for sure now, she looked perfectly like Amy and i was happy that my mind was able to recreate her so beautifully ]

      I flew outside and landed behind her as she was trying to leave the garden.
      I wanted to say something to her, but suddenly hear someone behind me, shouting "CAREFULLY!".
      I looked behind me, and it was a naked girl, who's body was made of plastic, only her head was human. I just knew it that this was the same guy who were standing near the transformator before... he just changed.
      I turned back to Amy, not caring about this random person, even while i had a thought that maybe he/she was the one who brought Amy here.

      Just as i looked at her, i heard a howling sound and she started transforming into some kind of monster... It was like a werewolf, but bigger and had some unrecognizable parts on itself.
      That weird person behind me said nothing, but i heard in my mind as he/she was thinking "I told you".
      Ah well... how could i know that this was just a trick and not the real Amy? I flew up in the air away from this monster, then woke up.

      [I guess this dream wasn't so bad, despite the fact that it wasn't that clear as they are usually, but that's thanks to my recall... gotta work on it more now ]
      [I'm going back to sleep, since it's just 7:30 when writing this entry, so i hopefully be able to post another LD today ^^]
      [11:40AM Edit: Well, couldn't get another LD, sadly, just some regular dreams and a sleep paralysis ]

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    14. Bringing Down the Sun, Nommy Cupcake

      by , 06-13-2012 at 09:08 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [This dream was at around 8:40AM or so]
      [Haven't had a single LD for almost a week and half before this, so it was time ^^]

      I was just escaping some huge ogre and it's bandit friends who were coming out from our outbuilding, when i decided to fly away from them. When i flew up into the sky, i just thought to myself "Oh... how can i fly up here? Oh yes, i'm dreaming!"
      Of course i got lucid and really happy, the dry spell was broken

      I descended down to the earth and just looked around a little. It was night and i was standing in our garden. Some things were shining a little, so it wasn't totally dark, but dark enough to get lost in it.
      I wanted to create daylight immediately, so i looked up to check out the sky.
      I found the Moon, which was pixelated, just like in an old videogame. I held both of my hands high above and focused on moving the Moon with telekinesis... It happened surprisingly fast, i was able to move the Moon back and it disappeared behind some clouds.

      Since it wasn't enough to make daylight, the next thing to do was bring up the Sun.
      I held up my hand again, but now pulled towards me. Soon the Sun showed up and it was moving quite fast towards me. Even while it was on the sky, daylight was nowhere, so i was focusing on that, but it didn't want to happen.
      I let go of the Sun since it was coming at extreme speeds towards the garden.
      After a short while it just crashed into the wall of our outbuilding and destroyed it. It looked more like a huge pulsating yellow ball.
      [At that moment i thought to myself how disappointing it was. I expected a real sized Sun ].

      Well, i didn't really want to check out the Sun from close, since it was that small, i lost interest in it.
      I looked around yet again and was thinking about that i surely need daylight if i want to wander from there... I noticed a pink-yellowish beam coming down from the sky to the earth in the landscape. It just lighted up everything around it, but it was too far and i didn't want to go through the darkness to reach it.
      I decided to fly up to our house's roof, since it was somewhat lighter, but when i was about to do it everything got dark. [I thought to myself that it can't be the end of the dream yet, it didn't feel like when my dream ends].

      I realized that it was a tricky darkness, to make me think that i woke up, but no, i stood still and waited, focused on getting to a lighter place, when suddenly my vision blurred and when it got back to normal i was in a new place already.
      It was some kind of bazaar and it was daylight finally. I started walking and let out a "Whooohooooooo!" because i was happy that it's not dark anymore. [The daylight here was blue for some reason].
      I looked around the bazaar and it was really surreal, the vendor booths were placed in different levels on all sides and even above me and some of them looked like they were floating.

      I flew up to check around, when i noticed a vendor that was selling different kinds of desserts and things like that. Someone was just buying something from him and in the meanwhile i reached out for a little biscuit like food. While reaching, i thought to myself that it must taste sweet. Just as i thought that, the biscuit suddenly had a chocolate cover with some sugar on it.
      I took it and started eating it... it tasted good, but nothing extraordinary...

      I looked around and at the other side of the counter i noticed a HUGE cupcake

      Similar to this, but it was flatter and had a cherry on top.

      It just looked so good that i couldn't leave it there. I took it with me and flew away. I immediately took a bite and it was just sooo goood
      I decided to try and find Lucy, but even while i knew i should think about her positively, so she won't attack me, i just couldn't. I had negative thoughts just as i thought of her name and i got scared that she'll just trick me again.
      I flew up higher from the bazaar, where then i noticed a flat transparent blue surface floating above. I flew higher and descended onto it. I had no idea what it was, but i didn't really care either.

      I was thinking about Lucy, to summon her somewhere near, while still nomming on my cupcake time-by-time.
      [Maybe next time i'll even bring a cupcake like that for her ^^].
      I noticed a virtual picture of a brown haired girl on a wall and i immediately knew that it must be her picture, but for some reason i expected her to be blonde now... not sure why.
      As i was just about to go there, the picture slipped down from the wall and disappeared into the ground...
      Then suddenly a huge iPad-like screen appeared at that same wall. It had MSN Messenger open on it.

      There were all kinds of unknown to me contacts on the screen, but i thought that maybe i could talk with Lucy on it... So i typed in her name in the search bar and her picture popped up, but she was blonde now.
      I clicked on it and sent her a simple greeting:

      - Hi.
      She answered in almost a milisecond:
      - Hey?

      I was just about to ask her something, when suddenly i felt my left leg itching, so i reached to scratch it, but my real hand moved for some reason... I woke up...

      [I didn't even expect my real hand to move at that time, it never happened yet that i was still seeing the dream, but my real hand moved instead :/]
      [Somehow i should get over my fears about Lucy... but it's harder than i thought]
      [At least the cupcake was tasty ^^]

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    15. Something After Me, Brown Haired Girl

      by , 06-02-2012 at 11:01 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      Something After Me

      [Had this dream at around 3:30AM, without expecting it at all, i was just normally sleeping ]

      I was on the street close to my old school with my sister, when i got lucid, not sure why. I started running down the street, while my sister was yelling things at me, but i didn't care.
      As i reached the end of the street, there was a huge hole in the ground and there was nothing anywhere anymore, like the whole ground disappeared. I couldn't see anything further in the landscape either... [It was somewhat like the end of the world or something].

      Without any second thought i just flew up in the air in that same direction. I didn't know what i wanted to do, i just wanted to fly somewhere.
      As i was flying, i thought about rain, so it started raining suddenly. It was good flying in the rain, but then something distracted me.
      Suddenly i had a feeling that something/someone is following me. I had no time to look back, but sometimes a picture of a girl was flashing in. She had wings and her body was fully made of darkness, only her face was somewhat lighter.

      She looked somewhat like this, without the weapon and her skin was made of darkness.

      I wasn't sure what to do, so i kept flying faster and tried to get lost of her. [I think i lost some of my lucidity here, since she wasn't that scary actually].
      As i was trying to escape, everything around me got darker and darker, when once i just popped out of the darkness and fell onto a wooden floor. I found myself in some kind of old shop.
      [I gained back my lucidity here fully].

      I looked around, but couldn't see anyone. As i was browsing through the stuff in the shop, i found a tiny mirror. This reminded me of the TotM of June, so i picked the mirror up.
      It was too small for even my hand to fit through. I focused on it and wanted it to grow bigger, which somewhat succeeded, but still only my hand fit through, not me fully.
      I took the mirror away and imagined a bigger one around me... i imagined as i walk through it... as my imagined self walked through the mirror, suddenly everything turned black.

      I heard a noise and found myself in the shop again, but there was an old shopkeeper now too. [I lost lucidity here].
      I told him to stop making noises, because i'm trying to fall asleep. I told him that i live in the shop....

      [So yeah, i lost my lucidity which is not so usual for me, meh... My dream self was 100% sure that she was sleeping in the shop... no idea where i got that from]


      Brown Haired Girl

      [This dream was at 8:30AM if i remember right, some time after my WBTB attempt]
      [I fell asleep multiple times after it, but for some reason i still remember it well]

      I was in our garden when i got lucid, i don't really remember what happened before.
      As i got lucid i instantly remembered that i should try and search for Dreamprofessor. I thought about creating a door somewhere and walking through that to the place what we arranged as a meeting place
      I also thought that i might try to find Lucy first and maybe bring her with me to Dreamprofessor...
      I turned around in the garden, ready to go and do these, but then i noticed a short, light-brown haired girl in the garden.

      She looked similar to this.

      She looked really clueless and like she was searching for something. For some reason i got a feeling that she is related to Lucy in some way and i unintentionally summoned her with my thoughts before... I walked close to her and asked what is she doing, but i got no answer, just a glassy look.
      She never looked at me, just at my hands or my legs. It seemed like she has some mental problem, so i stopped asking her things.

      I decided to leave her there and go on my way... while walking away i noticed that starting from the neighbour's garden everything was dark like it was night there. Only the area near our house and garden was sunlit.
      I was wondering about how to get out of there, since going throught the darkness wouldn't be a good idea... So i just decided that i'll create the door on the top of our house, because up there i can easily see if something goes wrong.
      [Maybe i could've just tried creating daylight everywhere else or something, but i didn't think of that].

      I stood near the wall and then started flying upwards, but it went suprisingly slow... I looked down and got totally surprised: That same brown haired girl was holding on my legs.
      I looked at her and she still acted that weird, she wasn't looking at me, just at my legs and sometimes at the environment near us. She was also mumbling something during this time, but i couldn't understand.
      I tried to shake her off my legs, which succeeded, she fell down, but grabbed onto a brick in the wall. [The wall had lots of bricks and things that can be grabbed on and it was also much taller than in reality].

      She kept climbing towards me with that glassed look. When she got close, i tried to kick her off the wall, but i couldn't. I decided that i need more power for this. I charged up and let out a powerful force push from my hands towards her.
      She couldn't hold on anymore and just slowly fell down to the ground.
      I was satisfied that i got rid of her, but then i suddenly woke up....

      [I probably woke up because of the noises my family made during this time... sigh]
      [Maybe i should be less distracted by things like that girl and only aim for what i planned to do originally... ]
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