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    Dark Flames, That's Not Lucy

    by , 07-28-2012 at 12:01 PM (1301 Views)
    [This dream is from around 9:30AM, which is funny, because i got to sleep at 4AM after watching the Olympics... It's like my brain waited that 5 hours by itself, as i didn't wake up at all]
    [My recall is HORRIBLE these days and thanks to that i forgot some parts in this dream as well... and i think my not perfect control with the flying is caused by that as well :/]

    I was in our garden i think, but it was deserted and looked different. Earlier in the dream i helped out some Amish family and they got me to this deserted garden on their carriage.
    I just decided to fly up into the air, which got me lucid instantly.
    I looked at my hands as usually when i get lucid, but they were shadowed by something and i could barely see them. I looked around and there was a huge tree near me, which looked exactly like the walnut tree from our garden.

    I flew up higher into the air and just wanted to go as high as i could. I kept going, but after a while i felt like something was blocking me from moving up. I tried and tried for a while but couldn't get higher. Still, the height i got to was good enough, so i started flying around while thinking about my goals. The walnut tree also flew up into the air for some reason and it was floating next to me.
    Suddenly the dream collapsed on me.
    [Back with DEILD].

    When i was back in, i was standing in Árkád, the biggest plaza around here. I was on the second floor.

    There were a lot of people walking around me. I decided to head to a store close to me.
    I walked into the store, which was Mediamarkt as far as i remember. I was slowly checking my environment... there were some people walking about, but much less than outside of the store, most of them were looking at all kinds of household machines.
    I had a thought that i'll try something here that i've seen Lucy do before

    I summoned dark flames around my body, which went way easier than i expected. I looked at my hands, which was covered by the completely dark flames. As i moved my hands around, the flames reacted fully realistically in their movement. It was an interesting thing to watch.
    I looked down and realized that my whole body is covered in these flames, but they didn't hurt, since i created them. I found it funny how i took a power from Lucy

    I did a throwing move with my right hand and thrown a dark flame towards a wall, it burned and left a dark mark on it. I kept throwing these flames all around me with both my hands and soon most of the machines around me were on "dark fire".
    The people were scared and wanted to run away, but i thrown some flames towards them as well, althrough i didn't want to flames to kill them, so they just kept running while trying to extinguish the flames on themselves. [I don't really like to hurt my DCs seriously].

    For a moment i felt like a maniac... because of throwing these dark flames all around me. Then i decided to move on finally and go find Lucy, the flames on me disappeared.

    I walked outside the store now. I turned around and noticed a weird girl waiting for someone in the middle of the wide hallway, her hair looked like Frankenstein's
    I walked up to her and when she noticed me, she looked at me with a frown. I asked her:

    - Do you know where Lucy is?
    She looked a bit upset:
    - Why should i know where she is?!

    Well, she didn't seem to be much of a help, so i looked the other way to find someone else who i can ask. But just as i turned around, i noticed a black haired girl, in rocker or emo clothes who was just walking into a small hallway, towards the washrooms. For some reason i thought that it must be Lucy, even while she looked younger now and she even had different styled clothes than usually...

    I ran towards the small hallway and when i found her, i grabbed her hand. When she looked at me, i realized that she was like 15 years old, while Lucy is around 20. For some reason i thought that this must be her past self, so i didn't think much about it. [That's a kinda stupid thought...].
    I smiled at her when i realized that she isn't acting hostile.
    [At this moment i became semi-lucid for some reason].

    I started moving towards the end of the hallway, towards the toilets where she originally headed and now i still held her hands. She was coming after me and asked:

    - Where are you bringing me?
    - Just come, don't worry.

    Instead of going to the toilets, we kept moving towards a bigger door which lead behind the stores of the plaza. As we walked in there, soon the hallway continued in my school and we walked up on some stairs. She acted all confused now and it seemed like she didn't want to follow me anymore.
    I told her:

    - Don't be that frigid!
    - I'm not! Why do you say that?!

    [I'm not even sure why i said that... lol... i was semi lucid...]

    As we kept going, soon the girl turned into a mouse and i turned into a cat. She was the one leading now and i fully lost lucidity and it all turned into a weird regular dream.

    [My english is a bit worse today than usually or at least i felt like that while writing the entry, so sorry for that ]
    [Well, the dark flames were fun to play with, but this girl who i thought to be Lucy... eh... I don't even know why i thought that, when i woke up it was obvious that she wasn't her... ah well, next time i'll make sure]
    [I'll really need to start working on my recall now, i basically fully forgot the flames part and only remembered it while already writing this entry... and there are still some small details that i forgot ]
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    1. Wolfwood's Avatar
      Were you going to fight Lucy with her own skill if you found her?
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    2. littlezoe's Avatar
      Hmmm... actually i had another plan to fight her... well more like "chain" her, so i could talk with her.

      But that's not a bad idea... if i would really need to fight her, then maybe her own weapon would be more useful ^^