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    Eating a Leaf, Rampage & Angels

    by , 05-17-2012 at 11:15 AM (3871 Views)
    Leaf Tastes Like Chicken

    [This one happened at 3:45AM, which is really unusual for me, my LDs are almost always in late morning]
    [I kept repeating "In the next dream i'll realize that i'm dreaming" while falling asleep... somewhat like MILD, and it worked ]

    I was in school, where i got lucid by an old classmate of mine, who had a country flag and a nickname floating next to his head... kinda unusual i'd say.
    The dream was surprisingly clear, considering that it was during the night, but i felt somewhat dizzy for some reason.
    The first thing i wanted to do is get out of the school. I looked at a tree from the window and immediately found myself in our garden, looking at another tree. I didn't mind because i got outside at least.
    I took a leaf from a bush and flew up in the air immediately. I started chewing the leaf, which tasted bitter like before. Then i decided that it should taste like chicken. It took only a moment until the taste changed, now it tasted exactly like grilled chicken, it was really nommy... too bad it was one single leaf...

    I kept flying above our garden in circles, while admiring how nice everything looks. During one of the circles i made in the air, i noticed our cat, Buci walking down in the garden and looking up at me... [This made me a little sad, because she is actually missing since 5 days in real... she was never away for that long before... ].
    I was going around for a while, enjoying the flight, but then i woke up as i unintentionally thought about the possibility of waking up... of course it happened.

    [I was so hyped because of this dream, even while it was short.. because i thought that i won't get a single LD this week. I couldn't fall asleep literally for 2 whole hours after this...]


    Icy Rampage, Angels

    [I woke up at 9:50AM and my first thought was that i didn't get another LD yet, even while i did a WBTB. This thought was enough to get me an LD soon]
    [This dream happened at around 10:20AM]

    I don't know what exactly got me lucid, i don't remember anything extraordinary.
    I was on a street in our neighbourhood, where a lot of cars were going by. During my sleepless hours i decided to find and talk with a DC in my next LD, and this was in my mind here.
    I noticed a guy standing close to the road, looking all bored. I walked up to him and got a sudden thought that i should posses his body... [I don't know where this came from].
    I didn't possess him after all, but i wanted to talk with him. Althrough when i walked closer to him, i got distracted by the thought that i should do at least one of my personal tasks for the competition thread on DV.

    I decided to wait with the chat a little and try to transform myself partially. [I didn't try full transformation yet]. I was wondering a little about the possibilities, but then i got a good idea.
    I decided to turn my hands into ice... I held them in front of me and focused, but they didn't want to change at all. I thought i'll do it the easy way then, i put my hands out of my vision and thought about them turning to ice. When i looked at my hands again, it definitely worked. They were made out of solid ice, with ice spikes coming out of them all around. It looked nice and flashy in the sun

    Somewhat like this, just more spiky.

    I got a little crazed [which happens sometimes in my LDs] and i went on a little rampage. I started creating some magical ice spikes with both of my hands, then i kept shooting those at the cars that were close to me. I did it for a while, but the cars never turned to ice as i expected at first. The spikes just left some icy scars on them, but that's it.
    I noticed some kind of long racing car passing by... The driver was clearly visible as the car didn't really have a cover... it looked like a desert vehicle or something.
    I got the urge to throw him out of his car, so i went to the car and picked it up with my hands. I turned it around in the air and the driver has fallen out of it to the ground. Then i just thrown the car away.
    He had a helmet, but i still knew that he was surprised by what i've done.
    I walked close to him and decided that i'll talk with him then, since the other guy already disappeared.

    - Hello there. How are you?
    - What? Why did you do that?
    - Well, i just wanted to talk with someone.
    - Oh.. how nice of you.
    - Well, don't be that upset...
    - Of course.. of course..
    - You know.. you seem like a really smart person, who knows a lot, so it would be nice to talk with you.
    I couldn't keep myself from laughing in my mind and think that he is just a dumb racing car driver DC... Of course he heard my thoughts... but it was too late already.
    - Sir, no. I won't talk with you. I'm not that easily fooled! /crazy laugh/

    After that crazy laugh, his face turned into a hyena's face, and he kept laughing like the hyenas from Lion King...
    I wanted to turn him to ice or something for calling me a Sir and refusing to talk with me, but i decided against it... no need to hurt every DC that doesn't agree with me
    I flew up in the air instead and decided to go on. I was looking at how awesome the sky looked, it was filled with tiny clouds all around.
    Then i noticed two clouds moving fast far away in the sky... for some reason i thought that there must be some angels there and it would be nice to borrow some wings from them...

    Just as i thought this, i turned around and noticed some clouds really close to the ground, with angels standing on them. There was also a jungle of some kind next to the clouds and it was really dark in there.
    I flew to the angels and noticed 6 little angel girls, all looking differently, like they represented a different element... fire, water, air, earth, darkness, light.
    There were some grown up angels as well, they gave some kind of instructions to the little ones... i just knew that they will be teached to keep the balance of the world with their powers.

    They actually called each of the angels by their names and introduced them to eachother, but i don't remember all of the names. The earth angel was called Nidalee. [A champion from League of Legends is named like that... yeah i played that game too much these days, it influences my dreams ].
    Then suddenly, once they introduced Nidalee, she flew past me at high speed and disappeared in the jungle. One of the grown up angels yelled something like "We knew it, she broke the balance! Try to find her before it's too late!"
    Everything started getting darker just as she said this.

    I decided to fly after her in the jungle and the other angels joined me as well. As i got to the jungle, suddenly i heard a narrator voice, who kept talking about the battle of the angels... It was just like if the voice would be reading a book. I was distracted by this and just lost my focus on myself.
    The narrator said something like "She was weak and couldn't do much anymore... she was just laying there, helpless..."
    Just as he said this, i've seen everything from the eyes of someone who was laying on a huge tree branch.
    He continued: "She couldn't see anything other than the assassin, Akali, standing in front of her, sweating because of the hard battle.."
    [Akali is also a champion from League of Legends... ugh... i really need to play it less ].
    The narrator continued again, while i heard loud noises of battle coming from the dark jungle: "She didn't see the assassin anymore... she didn't see anything. The poison worked fast and it was too much to bear........."
    My perspective suddenly changed to a "flying camera" like and it slowly moved towards another huge branch, where a shotgun was placed. This was the last thing i've seen before i woke up.

    [I didn't really do what i planned for today (meet Amy Lee), but it was fun anyway. That angel part of the dream was weird, especially the narrator thing, but i kinda liked it... It was like i lived a book or something ^^]
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    1. NewZealand's Avatar
      I have never been able to taste in my dreams, i wish i could though!
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    2. NewZealand's Avatar
      Oh, also, has Buci come back yet?
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    3. Taffy's Avatar
      I hope you find your cat. :C And cool dream, you got a lot of neat stuff done.
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    4. littlezoe's Avatar
      Well, she didn't come for breakfast today either... so still missing

      NewZealand: You just gotta believe that you can taste it

      ...and thanks Taffy

      Edit: During the afternoon she came home finally... I suspect one of our neighbours that they kept her closed into their outbuilding... but at least she is at home now .
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      Updated 05-17-2012 at 09:27 PM by littlezoe
    5. Wolfwood's Avatar
      Those ice spikes like those from Skyrim?
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    6. dreamerJon23's Avatar
      "Leaf Tastes Like Chicken" hi
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    7. littlezoe's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Wolfwood
      Those ice spikes like those from Skyrim?
      Haha, actually they made the same sound when they hit But personally i don't think that you can really vary how an ice spike will look

      Jon: Hey
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    8. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      Very interesting dreams Littlezoe. And ice power must be one of your favorite techiques in dreams i take it?
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    9. littlezoe's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Dreamprofessor
      Very interesting dreams Littlezoe. And ice power must be one of your favorite techiques in dreams i take it?
      I love to use any kinds of superpowers/magic ^^
      But the flashy ones like ice, fire, lightning are definitely one of my favorites
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    10. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      I love to use any kinds of superpowers/magic ^^
      But the flashy ones like ice, fire, lightning are definitely one of my favorites
      Ah, i see. Well you certainly must be proficent in those abilities. I tend to use projectiles and shapeshifting mostly when im lucid. But i will certainly try and start using fire or lightning more in my dreams. Especially seeing how you use your ice spikes. =D
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    11. littlezoe's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Dreamprofessor
      Ah, i see. Well you certainly must be proficent in those abilities. I tend to use projectiles and shapeshifting mostly when im lucid. But i will certainly try and start using fire or lightning more in my dreams. Especially seeing how you use your ice spikes. =D
      Haha, it would be the best if i could actually show my dreams... maybe in some years they'll work out a way

      But yes, element manipulation can be really fun. Once in an LD i was fighting in a forest where some mutants attacked us. I charged to super speed and as i passed the mutants i was sending out shockwaves from my body, so they zapped them all around me, it was awesome
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