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    Girl School, Hug Time

    by , 07-13-2012 at 09:27 AM (2204 Views)
    [The dream happened at around 8:30AM yet again.. this is becoming a trend...]
    [I took 3 Negros yet again as well, this is the third time in a row that i took it, was able to fall asleep after WBTB and got a lucid ]
    [Thanks to that regular dream in the end, i forgot huge parts of the dream, but i was able to recall most of them while laying in bed... but smaller parts are still missing ]
    [I have no idea what got me lucid or what was the regular dream before, so i start from my first memory]

    I was near our outbuilding and it was night. There was some weird tower close to the building, which had all sorts of electronic ads on it. They made quite a big light in the dark as they were flashing about.
    I walked around a bit and thought about what i planned to do... i couldn't really recall any plans, so i was almost about to fly away and find a place where i can use my powers on something, but then suddenly i remembered that i wanted to talk with DCs in more detail, because i rarely do that.

    I flew up into the air and noticed another flashing ad on the side of the neighbour's building [which looked different now] and i flew close to that. Without a second thought i just broke that flashing ad "logo" off the wall and thrown it away.
    I just somehow felt that there is a school or something similar in that building.
    I flew back to our garden to the same place where i was standing before, because it was still night and i wanted to change that. So i used the same method that i figured out before. I closed my eyes fully and imagined that it's day, then waited until my vision returned. While it was dark, i heard a voice say "Oh yes, that's a good technique she found out, she just has to wait until her vision returns, but it works..." Indeed it worked you random voice, it was day now

    [Time skip]

    I don't remember how i got here, but i was standing in that school now that i've seen from the outside. The school's inside was wide and there was some big stairs in the middle, which lead down to another level of the school.
    I looked around and it seemed to be a fully girl school, i couldn't see a single guy anywhere. So, since i planned to speak to DCs, i kept looking around to find someone who might seem interesting enough to talk with. I soon noticed a short girl walking towards a door and she held a heavy basket in her hands. [She seemed really young, like 10 years old, but i felt like she had a distinct personality].

    I approached her as she was about to pass through the door and greeted her:
    - Hey!
    She didn't even look at me, just replied in a hurry:
    - I have things to do, can't chat now!

    She entered the door fast and i looked after her. She was apparently bringing that basket to the kitchen part of the school, where a fat guy was cooking things. She had a bunch of meat in that basket.
    I thought about going after her, but then i decided against this... since she would probably stay this negative about talking.

    I turned back to the hallway again and looked around. There was a cheerleader group walking in my direction and they were laughing at something loudly. I looked at them weirdly when i noticed that one of them were a drow... [such influence from my books].
    It seemed like she was pretty much part of the team and they knew her well... i didn't even think about going up to her, even while i planned to do so once i find a drow next time...
    Just as i was thinking of this, the dream started collapsing, but i closed my eyes faster and waited for my vision to return, which happened soon and everything was back to normal.

    There were others walking in all directions as well and while looking at them i noticed the dining area. I walked that way and was gazing around to find another DC that i could talk to. Soon i noticed a girl who seemd to be lost in her thoughts. She was kinda tall, but attractive. I grabbed her hand and said:

    - Come with me, let's talk!
    I lead her after me, while holding her hand and i found a table with two chairs. I lead her to one of the chairs and she sit down, then i sit down on the other chair.
    She didn't seem too happy about it and looked meanly at me. I smiled at her and asked:
    - So... what's your name?
    Just as i asked this, she suddenly turned into a crazy looking bald guy, like the one from the Adam's Family. He bursted out:
    - Why do you want to know my name? Why did your bring me here? Who do you think you are? What do you think you are doing? What is your problem? What is wrong with you? Blah, blah, blah....

    He kept going on throwing these questions towards me in a madman tone... i decided to leave him alone... ugh
    I left the dining area and though about that i wanted to hug a DC since a while now, but for some reason there was nobody in the hallway anymore.
    I walked back towards that kitchen door where the young girl went in the last time and i entered it. There was an additional door in there, that lead to the kitchen and a narrow hallway that lead to another place. I decided to check out the hallway.

    The hallway's wall was covered with bathroom tiles, so i guessed that it must lead to some kind of bathroom. I got to the end of it finally and it was indeed a bathroom, just a much bigger one, with lots of showers, fitting for a school.
    I was slowly walking next to the shower cabins and i could see hands in the air under the showers. [I had a though of going in there, but then i decided against it... i didn't want to do that now].
    I was awaiting that some of them might step out, so i can hug one of them. Just as i though this, 3 shower doors opened.

    The first door revealed a black haired girl, who's hair was all wet and she only had a towel covering her body. The door furthest from me had another girl coming out, who also had a towel covering herself.
    Then the middle door opened, which revealed a girl fully dressed and her hair wasn't wet either... like she wasn't even in the shower. She had dyed red hair and i found an extreme attraction towards her.

    As soon as he turned around, i noticed that she had the look of a girl from my town who i often thought about how we could be friends or something... i always found her to be similar to me somehow.
    This made me happy that it's her and i hugged her without a second thought.

    It felt surprisingly real I felt her body as close to mine as possible, i felt like we were connected, i even felt her clothes touching my skin. Her hair was shiny red and mesmerizing in the light and i even moved my head a bit to feel her hair touch my face. I had no idea what she might've thought at that time, but she didn't want to make me let her go, she just kept her hands around me. She smelled fresh, like she just showered.
    [As much as i was mesmerized, i kept my focus high, to not let the dream end at this point].

    I kept hugging her for a while, then while still holding her close, i took my head from her shoulder and looked at her face. She seemed a bit surprised, but happy. I couldn't keep myself from smiling at this point and i put my head on her other shoulder now, then i felt that she did the same
    Soon i let her out of my hug... her facial expression made her seem really shy now.
    I kissed her on her right cheek and let her go. She still looked shy and surprised at me and was just staring at me as i started walking away slowly. I was happy and thought that i should wake up now, before i forget these feelings

    Before i could woke up for real, i entered a regular dream in which i was writing down this lucid dream entry in an exercise book, while the friend of my sister was trying to peek at what i wrote so far.

    [Oh well... as craving for love and interaction i am, this hug part felt really awesome to me I know some of you might think i'm pathetic, but whatever...]
    [I think this was a good enough dream, even while i didn't even use any powers other than flying for a bit.... it's not always required to have a fun lucid ]

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    1. Wolfwood's Avatar
      lol @ getting trolled by a crazy bald guy transformation.

      Interesting dream -- were you on menthol?
      littlezoe and Alyzarin like this.
    2. littlezoe's Avatar
      Hah, yeah that guy pretty much ruined what i planned to be a nice conversation >.>

      Yup, i did take 3 Negros for the menthol just like at my last 2 lucids. It seems to work pretty good so far in getting me lucids
      Wolfwood and Alyzarin like this.
    3. Wolfwood's Avatar
      It's certainly working for you. I only thought so because the content of the dream had a sexual/sensual theme to it -- it seems pure in its expression (kind/innocent). That's exactly how it was when I first consumed menthol.
      littlezoe and Alyzarin like this.
    4. Alyzarin's Avatar
      i heard a voice say "Oh yes, that's a good technique she found out, she just has to wait until her vision returns, but it works..." Indeed it worked you random voice, it was day now
      I love that part.

      Sounds like a pretty fun dream to me! I'm so glad it's working for you now. I got a good couple of hugs last night, too... they're pretty great.
      littlezoe likes this.
    5. littlezoe's Avatar
      Thanks, seems like the menthol does wonders for me so far

      I felt like my feelings were more powerful in the dream than usually (maybe because of the menthol?), which just made that hug much more awesome
      Alyzarin likes this.
    6. Chrisito's Avatar
      what are 3 x negros?
      cool dream though hahaha.
      littlezoe likes this.
    7. littlezoe's Avatar
      Thanks ^^

      Negro is a menthol candy Some of us are doing tests and research on the effects of menthol on dreams on the forum, here is a link: http://www.dreamviews.com/f32/mentho...hancer-133582/
      Alyzarin likes this.