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    Important Side Note: Lucy

    by , 05-07-2012 at 05:36 PM (1082 Views)
    So, i thought that this is the time to give a little insight on Lucy I know that not many people read my DJ, but i guess it'll be much nicer for that few if they'll understand the thing behind Lucy.

    My plan is to make her be friends with me and maybe even become my Dream Guide. I can't imagine any other DC as a DG, she just seems more important and is actually more powerful than the usual DCs.

    I'll tell her story, list parts of dream stories where i've met her before the start of this DJ.


    Basically Lucy is a recurring DC, who first appeared in my very first Sleep Paralysis experience:

    "... it was getting darker and darker, when i lost the sight of the guy i was with, i was left alone in the dark. I kept shouting for him to help me and don't leave me, but he didn't listen. After this a small white dot started coming towards me from the darkness and everything started shaking, fear took over me as the white face reached me.
    I woke up just to see a tall black haired girl jump on me from the end of my bed and start shaking me violently. I couldn't see her face because her hair was in the way. I didn't know what was happening, i thought that i was having a False Awakening and kept thinking that she wants to kill me.
    It ended and i was so terrified that i questioned reality for the first time ever. I didn't want to believe that i'm not dreaming... I kept saying things out loudly, telling that scary girl to don't hurt me and never come back..."

    After this i read after Sleep Paralysis and understood it more, but the thought of this experience still scared me.
    It took around 4-5 days, when in an LD i met her again:

    "...I was in my room, when i turned around and noticed a black haired girl sitting on the end of my bed, her head looking the other way. I immediately realized who it was, the exact same girl that attacked me in SP. I got lucid by this thought, but i was too terrified of the memories of that experience and woke myself up..."

    She didn't do anything, but just her appearance was enough to freak me out.
    This time it was suspicious for me what she'd want, that she appeared twice already...
    After some time (i think it was weeks), she had an appearance again, in a non-lucid:

    "...I was laying on my bed in my old room, which is now my grandma's and looks totally different. At first i thought that i woke up in real, because it was pitch dark, but then i heard a noise. Someone laid down on the bed next to me, i could just feel it. Then i heard a voice of a girl, she was talking to me... My first thought was that it must be her, i just knew it for some reason. I don't remember what she said, and i was acting like i was sleeping, maybe she'll just go away.
    But she didn't. She started gently caressing my face, then lightly grabbed my hand and started caressing my belly as well. I was still scared of her and opened my eyes, grabbed her hand and tried to push it away from me. She became quiet and tried to hold my hands together, to don't let me push her away. She climbed on me and tried to hold me from moving. She laughed playfully like we were just playing.
    After all i succeeded and pushed her away, we both fell down to the ground from the bed. The lamp suddenly became lit and i could see everything perfectly, it was my old room, it was sure now.
    She kept trying to get hold of me and keep me close to herself, but i was trying to get away. We got into the corner of the room and we both stopped and just stared.
    Finally i was able to see her face for the first time, it was beautiful. She looked like a model of some kind and was around 20 years old. I took the opportunity to talk with her:

    - Who are you?
    /playful laugh/
    - What do you want from me?
    /playful laughter again/
    It was obvious that she didn't want to answer, as i wasn't lucid anyway. I got a little angry over this and pushed her away from me with my feet.
    She stopped laughing and looked a little sad and disappointed. She stood up and turned towards the window and just disappeared in front of my eyes...

    Later during that night:

    "...I was thinking about that last dream for a while in the bed, then decided to get back to sleep again.
    In this dream i was in the same old bed, which was in my old room. It was pitch dark again, but there was a little light at the end of the corridor that opens to the room. I heard a constant female-ish demonic voice from the corner of the room, that kept saying thing like this to me: "Come here now!" "You'll come here IMMEDIATELY!" "You'll listen to me and obey!"
    I felt a powerful energy, that kept pulling me towards the corner of the room where the voice came from. I tried to fight it and could keep it up, but it was pulling me constantly.
    There were some kind of flying messages in front of me, while i was staring at the corridor and trying to get away. These messages said things like "The solution to the problem is in the living room" "Get to the living room to escape" "You can get to the living room, don't give up"..."

    This nightmare kept repeating 5-6 times during that night and caused me to wake up early, i couldn't take it anymore. I knew that it was her in a demonic form and that she got angry because i pushed her away from me when she tried to be nice. This was the dream which after i decided to try and reason with her, try to make her forgive me and help.
    I decided to name her Lucy, because of the word "Lucid"

    For a long while i didn't hear from her and we didn't meet again, until i decided to try and find her in an LD, in which someone else acted like her, trying to fool me. It's not really worthy to write down, so let's skip a little.

    After some weeks i met her again in an LD:

    "...I just entered our house, the corridor was dark, only one room was lit, so i decided to go in there. I wanted to check the paper i placed on my desk in reality, so i started searching for it in the room, but i didn't realize that i'm not even in the same room. When i actually found this out, the first thought that striked me was that the last time i've met Lucy in this exact same room.
    I was a little worried that i just unintentionally summoned her somewhere, so i kept searching for that paper faster, even while i knew that i wasn't at the right place.
    Suddenly i heard a noise from the corridor and turned around. No surprise, Lucy was standing there, but she wasn't alone, she held a baby in her hands. She started coming towards me and when she got closer i realized that she looked dead, just like the baby in her hands. It really freaked me out, so i kicked her away from me and closed the door in front of her. I turned around to keep searching, but she appeared before me in the same form as before. She smiled weirdly and said "I'm back..." and everything started shaking heavily, which made me wake up."

    After this dream i was sure, that this won't be as easy as i expected at first.

    So these were the stories to be told, hopefully it gives a little more insight on why i want to find her and make her forgive me. She seems like a powerful DC, not like the usual ones, and i feel some kind of connection to her. Currently i'm working towards making her be nice to me and help me out and i don't plan to give up, no matter how hard it might be.
    She is kind of stubborn and seems to be evil in some part, but it would be nice to have a powerful companion like her

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    1. Linkzelda's Avatar
      I don't blame you for trying to make Lucy your dream guide, that's why I'm looking for Eva for as well. Good luck!

      I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing dream guides as something you can create or ask to be one because you prefer them to be one.
      littlezoe and Dreamprofesser like this.
    2. littlezoe's Avatar
      Indeed, i don't believe that only that DC can be a dream guide who appears and tells you so... and in my opinion a DC that you need to "prove" yourself for might even be a better DG in the end
      I've got a feeling that she'll agree with it later on... she is just really stubborn and acts all this bad towards me right now... but i'm sure she'll forgive me

      Althrough it might take a while... she just tricked me again in today's LD ^^
      Linkzelda and Dreamprofesser like this.
    3. Wolfwood's Avatar
      She sounds nice in her evilness. I like. ^_^ Good luck! Have you come across her again?
      littlezoe likes this.
    4. littlezoe's Avatar
      Here are all my other dreams in which i met her ever since these: Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views - Zoe's weird things - Dream Journals

      I plan to search for her often in my lucids, so there will be more
      Linkzelda likes this.