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    Zoe's weird things

    Welcome to LittleZoe's Dream Journal!

    Personally i'm more interested in Lucid Dreams than Regular ones and i'm sure there are others that think the same way. So, here i'll post ONLY my Lucid Dreams, mostly just to provide fun reading to people that might stumble onto my Dream Journal.

    I welcome any comments and questions you might have ^^

    1. Dark Market, Fish People

      by , 05-26-2012 at 02:17 PM (Zoe's weird things)
      Dark Market

      [I had this dream somewhere early during the night, around 3AM i think, possibly in my first REM cycle, so it didn't last long and was kinda dark]

      I was in a supermarket of some kind with my mom, she was checking the shelves for groceries. It was really dark in the market, which is really unusual since they always keep the lights on, even at night. So i decided to check reality by hiding behind a counter, then looking back at my mom and imagining that she will be at a different place. [I hope it makes sense].
      When i looked at her, she was suddenly much further than before, it would've been impossible for her to get there that fast, so i got lucid thanks to this.

      It was so dark in the market that i didn't see much. I wanted to get out of there, so i started hovering in the air and i flew fast towards some tall shelves. I flew through it, but i just got to another row of shelves in the market. I kept on flying through these, but i always got back to these same looking rows. I felt like i was trapped in there... Soon i woke up...

      [I couldn't do much other than this, probably since it was just my first REM cycle my control wasn't that good yet or something like that...]


      Underground Fish People

      [This is a dream from around 6-7AM, but i'm not exactly sure]
      [In this dream i totally forgot that i wanted to meet up with Dreamprofessor, so i was mostly just following the "story" of the dream, so i didn't really change things...]

      I was in a supermarket again in the beginning of this dream, althrough it was well lit and a lot of people were walking around. Someone asked me to give her a box of butter from the shelves and i couldn't see who asked me to do it, like that person was invisible... so it got kinda suspicious and i got lucid.

      Suddenly my environment "shifted" around me and i found myself somewhere underground in a cave like place. I noticed lots of fish people living their life down there and i also got turned into one of them.

      They looked similar to Fizz from LoL.

      It was a kinda weird feeling, since i didn't turn myself into a fish person intentionally.
      For some reason i've got a feeling that if some of them notices me then they'll try to attack me, so i decided to keep low profile and try to sneak around them.
      The cave had a really tall ceiling and there were huge square shaped hills made of clay everywhere... most of these hills had little windows, they probably served as houses.

      I carefully climbed down from the clay house that i was standing on. I hopped into the water and looked around. A lot of fish people were swimming in the water instead of walking on the clay hills, so i decided to try and sneak around them on top of a long clay hill.
      I jumped high in the air and landed on top of it. I've got a feeling that they'll easily notice me up there, so i turned invisible. As i was advancing, sometimes invisibility has just ended, so i had to renew it.
      After a while i noticed that this invisibility is not gonna stay for long, so i decided to turn into a shadow instead. I literally turned into one, i had no body, i was just "sliding" on the ground like a normal shadow.
      [I felt like it was the best camouflage i could think of].

      Or at least i thought so, until i almost got to the end of the clay hill. I heard a loud voice of a fish king, i didn't see him anywhere, but i just knew it that it was their king. I got scared and turned back into my fish body from this shadow form. I started running towards the end of the hill, when i noticed a huge whirlpool at the water. I just knew it that the king must be there, so i wanted to get out of this place as fast i could... well the king thought differently. I got pushed into the water by some huge water hands or something like that. [I don't remember exactly what did it].

      I found myself underwater and noticed a huge fish monster in front of me. It had tentacles coming out of it's body, had a huge shark-like face and it's body was covered in coral all around.
      It let out huge roars like he didn't like that i was an intruder.
      I started swimming in circles around it, thinking about how to defeat him... I suddenly got a harpoon in my hands while thinking this, but i couldn't get close to him as those tentacles were waving in all directions.
      It started blowing bubbles towards me... They seemed harmless, but i dodged them just in case.

      He got even mad because of his missed bubbles and started blowing more and more towards me, but i just kept dodging them, while the water was shaking more and more violently.
      I was just about to dive in and finish him off with my harpoon, but then suddenly everything got black... I don't remember what happened after this, i think i lost lucidity fully.

      [I don't really remember when did i wake up from this dream.. probably it transitioned into another one...]
      [Too bad i couldn't finish off the fish monster, it could've been an interesting fight... :/]
    2. In the Sky

      by , 05-23-2012 at 04:06 PM (Zoe's weird things)
      [I went to sleep yesterday knowing that i can't sleep more than 7 hours and i might not get an LD, but i was still hopeful for an early one, it paid off ^^]
      [The lucid part of this dream happened at around 7:40AM]

      It all originated from a really long dream... it was about me and my teacher driving around the country for "sightseeing". She was driving a small car which had a trailer and i was sitting in that. While going past a grassy field, i got a little skeptic and just for fun i tried to lift another car up in the air with telekinesis as a kind of reality check. It didn't want to work out, so i just accepted it, but i remained a little more aware than usual.
      When we almost got home, i suddenly became lucid just randomly thanks to my higher awareness.

      I flew up from the trailer and hovered in the air for a while. I got my thoughts together and remembered that i had a dream before where i was practicing lucid dreaming on the street with others... i thought of how stupid i was that i didn't get lucid because of that...
      Then i flew all the way to our house, just to look around the neighbourhood for a while. While flying i noticed a small dog sitting at the doorstep of a house, looking all sad... then suddenly i heard a random girl voice from somewhere that said "Poor little doggy..."
      After that voice for some reason i had a thought that the dog is sick...
      [I didn't stop just to pet that dog, i wanted to do something more important instead, but secretly i wanted to stop by... i don't know why i didn't... Next time i'll pay a visit to him ]

      As i was flying around i realized that there were some thin clouds really close the the ground... i got a sudden thought that clouds might taste like candy floss... My goal was clear after this: to eat a cloud!
      I started flying upwards in a straight line, passing the thin clouds and getting more and more covered in the bigger ones.
      As i was advancing i totally forgot to stop and taste a cloud, it just felt too good just going as high as i can...
      After a while the white clouds started getting darker and it started to rain. It felt really real as the raindrops touched my skin. They were as big as apples, not like regular raindrops. I focused on the feeling as the raindrops touch my skin and it was a surprisingly awesome sensation It's just hard to put into words what i felt...

      I kept flying higher and higher and suddenly i popped out of the cover of clouds, there were no more of them anywhere other than at my feet. I stopped advancing as what i found up there just amazed me. Lightnings were arching in every direction in the sky, constantly flashing and lighting the darkness above. It looked really similar to this:

      I was just staring at it and thinking that a lightning might hit me, but i didn't care. I wanted it to happen, i wanted to be hit by the lightning if that's what's gonna happen.... But i didn't focus on it intentionally, so it didn't happen after all.

      I looked down and the clouds at my feet were less orderized, more scattered around than when i passed between them. I could see a huge grassy field down there and a long white building in the middle, with some forests further on the field. I think i've seen some animals walking by on the field, but i was just up too high to really determine what was it. I just felt really happy and satisfied up there... and i decided to stay instead of doing anything else.
      Suddenly i found some tendrils hanging by from a cloud and i grabbed onto them. They formed a swing under me and i was just swinging there not caring about anything. I was shouting things like "WOOOAH!" and "THIS IS THE TOP OF THE WORLD!" .
      I still heard the lightning sky buzzing above at times, but everything was just so calm and peaceful...

      I was swinging there for a while, just enjoying it, but then i suddenly woke up.... or at least i thought so... I got a false awakening.
      I suddenly found myself on the same street where i got lucid, but now i was sitting at a bench-desk (it's that bench-desk which they have in schools). At first i was suspicious, after all how could i get there? But then a girl and a boy came up to me and asked if i succeeded in getting a lucid dream. I told them that i did and they congratulated me. After this i lost my lucidity fully.
      There was a pair of girls at another table close to me, they were trying to get lucid too.
      I attempted to get another lucid dream at that bench-desk, i closed my eyes and focused then i got the same feelings just like when doing WILD, it felt really real, so i didn't suspect anything anymore. I fell "asleep", but then two guys woke me up as they were tourists and wanted to ask for directions.... then i woke up soon for real.

      [I still can't believe how i could lose lucidity like that... it's really unusual for me... :/]
      [Anyway, it was a fun dream, it just felt so good being up there in the sky, it was just so peaceful.... i wish i could really explain it better that how it felt to be there... ]

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      lucid , false awakening , memorable
    3. Block of Flats, Surrounded

      by , 05-21-2012 at 10:47 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [This dream happened at around 5:40AM... seems like i'm getting more of these early LDs now ]
      [Sadly, i forgot some smaller fragments from the semi-lucid part of the dream...]

      I was walking around some blocks of flats in my city, when i got semi-lucid. [I say semi-lucid, because my decisions weren't always clear, but i was still i aware of the fact that i'm dreaming].
      I just knew that according to the dream's story i was living in one of the flats with my mom and grandma. I was walking outside for a while, just admiring everything, when i noticed like 4 dragons flying in all directions...
      I decided to chase them just for fun, when i got turned into a dragon as well unintentionally.
      We were flying through the flats, through walls, it was kinda fun, even while i wasn't fully lucid...
      While doing this, i was thinking that i must've got lucid thanks to Dreamprofessor... not sure how exactly, hah

      After a while it started getting darker as the sun went down, so i flew back into the flat where we lived according to the dream.
      My grandma stepped in front of me once i got inside and started arguing with me:

      - You know that i work hard, do you?
      - You don't even do anything...
      - Don't say that! I do alot more than you think!
      - Of course.. you sleep all day and watch TV /laugh/
      - Ah, like i believe that.

      [She is 92 years old in real and only sleeps and watches TV, but she is really stubborn].
      I decided to leave it on her, i didn't care. Somewhat i forgot that it's getting dark outside and i flew back out and up to the top of the building. [I know i did something here that would be good to mention, but i totally forgot it].
      I got back inside again, since it was fully night already. As i was standing at a counter in the room, i got fully lucid. I looked around and tried to remember what i did before this moment, just to make sure i don't forget.

      Suddenly, i heard my mom as she told us that she goes somewhere and will be back soon... i didn't care much since she was just a DC. I heard it as she closes the door.
      I decided to get out of there, since i'm lucid and all that, i don't need to stay in there... I flew through the wall, while imagining daylight outside.
      When i got outside it wasn't daylight, sadly. I put my hands in front of my eyes, imagined daylight and taken my hands away, but it didn't really want to work... i tried it twice.
      I kept trying not to fixate on the darkness, when i suddenly found myself in our garden. It was somewhat better there, since there were parts in the garden that were lighter for some reason. I also kept looking at the stars, since they were so shiny. [I would've really liked to admire them, but i tend to avoid darkness in my LDs... :/]

      I decided to fly up to the roof of our house, which was a little lighter than everything else. As i was just about to fly there, suddenly it became daylight. It was sunny and warm... i was happy because of this and now my first thought was that i could try to find Lucy since in my latest LDs i didn't try it.
      I decided to fly to the roof of our neighbour instead, since it's bigger and i can see more freely from there.

      I was standing at the very top of the building, when i noticed that the street had deformed somewhat. There was a road in all 4 directions from this neighbour house and our house has disappeared.
      I decided to think of Lucy, to summon her somewhere nearby. I was turning around constantly, looking for her, while being extra cautious.
      I noticed more and more random DCs walking around on the roads and i got a short sudden thought that they'll attack me... Of course this was enough to change things...
      Some of the DCs started walking up the roof while being all chill and calm, just like it would've been still part of the road. I got mad that they'll ruin my attempt to find Lucy...

      When the first one got up to me, that guy tried to grab me and maybe push me off the building or something. I was trying to push him away, but then 3 other people grabbed on me from behind... I started charging up some magical power inside me and wanted to force push all of them away from me, but the dream started fading as i forgot to move my eyes... Just before it totally faded, i've seen a "popup" of a character selection screen, with this text: "Next Lucid Dream character selection". The deafult one was a skinny guy who was called "Rori" and it said that he was in the movie Sparta... didn't make much sense to me.

      [6:30AM Edit: I plan to get back to bed now, i'm pumped and just know it that i'll have another LD^^]
      [11:37AM Edit: I didn't get another LD, even while i was so pumped about it Ah well...]

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    4. Eating a Leaf, Rampage & Angels

      by , 05-17-2012 at 11:15 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      Leaf Tastes Like Chicken

      [This one happened at 3:45AM, which is really unusual for me, my LDs are almost always in late morning]
      [I kept repeating "In the next dream i'll realize that i'm dreaming" while falling asleep... somewhat like MILD, and it worked ]

      I was in school, where i got lucid by an old classmate of mine, who had a country flag and a nickname floating next to his head... kinda unusual i'd say.
      The dream was surprisingly clear, considering that it was during the night, but i felt somewhat dizzy for some reason.
      The first thing i wanted to do is get out of the school. I looked at a tree from the window and immediately found myself in our garden, looking at another tree. I didn't mind because i got outside at least.
      I took a leaf from a bush and flew up in the air immediately. I started chewing the leaf, which tasted bitter like before. Then i decided that it should taste like chicken. It took only a moment until the taste changed, now it tasted exactly like grilled chicken, it was really nommy... too bad it was one single leaf...

      I kept flying above our garden in circles, while admiring how nice everything looks. During one of the circles i made in the air, i noticed our cat, Buci walking down in the garden and looking up at me... [This made me a little sad, because she is actually missing since 5 days in real... she was never away for that long before... ].
      I was going around for a while, enjoying the flight, but then i woke up as i unintentionally thought about the possibility of waking up... of course it happened.

      [I was so hyped because of this dream, even while it was short.. because i thought that i won't get a single LD this week. I couldn't fall asleep literally for 2 whole hours after this...]


      Icy Rampage, Angels

      [I woke up at 9:50AM and my first thought was that i didn't get another LD yet, even while i did a WBTB. This thought was enough to get me an LD soon]
      [This dream happened at around 10:20AM]

      I don't know what exactly got me lucid, i don't remember anything extraordinary.
      I was on a street in our neighbourhood, where a lot of cars were going by. During my sleepless hours i decided to find and talk with a DC in my next LD, and this was in my mind here.
      I noticed a guy standing close to the road, looking all bored. I walked up to him and got a sudden thought that i should posses his body... [I don't know where this came from].
      I didn't possess him after all, but i wanted to talk with him. Althrough when i walked closer to him, i got distracted by the thought that i should do at least one of my personal tasks for the competition thread on DV.

      I decided to wait with the chat a little and try to transform myself partially. [I didn't try full transformation yet]. I was wondering a little about the possibilities, but then i got a good idea.
      I decided to turn my hands into ice... I held them in front of me and focused, but they didn't want to change at all. I thought i'll do it the easy way then, i put my hands out of my vision and thought about them turning to ice. When i looked at my hands again, it definitely worked. They were made out of solid ice, with ice spikes coming out of them all around. It looked nice and flashy in the sun

      Somewhat like this, just more spiky.

      I got a little crazed [which happens sometimes in my LDs] and i went on a little rampage. I started creating some magical ice spikes with both of my hands, then i kept shooting those at the cars that were close to me. I did it for a while, but the cars never turned to ice as i expected at first. The spikes just left some icy scars on them, but that's it.
      I noticed some kind of long racing car passing by... The driver was clearly visible as the car didn't really have a cover... it looked like a desert vehicle or something.
      I got the urge to throw him out of his car, so i went to the car and picked it up with my hands. I turned it around in the air and the driver has fallen out of it to the ground. Then i just thrown the car away.
      He had a helmet, but i still knew that he was surprised by what i've done.
      I walked close to him and decided that i'll talk with him then, since the other guy already disappeared.

      - Hello there. How are you?
      - What? Why did you do that?
      - Well, i just wanted to talk with someone.
      - Oh.. how nice of you.
      - Well, don't be that upset...
      - Of course.. of course..
      - You know.. you seem like a really smart person, who knows a lot, so it would be nice to talk with you.
      I couldn't keep myself from laughing in my mind and think that he is just a dumb racing car driver DC... Of course he heard my thoughts... but it was too late already.
      - Sir, no. I won't talk with you. I'm not that easily fooled! /crazy laugh/

      After that crazy laugh, his face turned into a hyena's face, and he kept laughing like the hyenas from Lion King...
      I wanted to turn him to ice or something for calling me a Sir and refusing to talk with me, but i decided against it... no need to hurt every DC that doesn't agree with me
      I flew up in the air instead and decided to go on. I was looking at how awesome the sky looked, it was filled with tiny clouds all around.
      Then i noticed two clouds moving fast far away in the sky... for some reason i thought that there must be some angels there and it would be nice to borrow some wings from them...

      Just as i thought this, i turned around and noticed some clouds really close to the ground, with angels standing on them. There was also a jungle of some kind next to the clouds and it was really dark in there.
      I flew to the angels and noticed 6 little angel girls, all looking differently, like they represented a different element... fire, water, air, earth, darkness, light.
      There were some grown up angels as well, they gave some kind of instructions to the little ones... i just knew that they will be teached to keep the balance of the world with their powers.

      They actually called each of the angels by their names and introduced them to eachother, but i don't remember all of the names. The earth angel was called Nidalee. [A champion from League of Legends is named like that... yeah i played that game too much these days, it influences my dreams ].
      Then suddenly, once they introduced Nidalee, she flew past me at high speed and disappeared in the jungle. One of the grown up angels yelled something like "We knew it, she broke the balance! Try to find her before it's too late!"
      Everything started getting darker just as she said this.

      I decided to fly after her in the jungle and the other angels joined me as well. As i got to the jungle, suddenly i heard a narrator voice, who kept talking about the battle of the angels... It was just like if the voice would be reading a book. I was distracted by this and just lost my focus on myself.
      The narrator said something like "She was weak and couldn't do much anymore... she was just laying there, helpless..."
      Just as he said this, i've seen everything from the eyes of someone who was laying on a huge tree branch.
      He continued: "She couldn't see anything other than the assassin, Akali, standing in front of her, sweating because of the hard battle.."
      [Akali is also a champion from League of Legends... ugh... i really need to play it less ].
      The narrator continued again, while i heard loud noises of battle coming from the dark jungle: "She didn't see the assassin anymore... she didn't see anything. The poison worked fast and it was too much to bear........."
      My perspective suddenly changed to a "flying camera" like and it slowly moved towards another huge branch, where a shotgun was placed. This was the last thing i've seen before i woke up.

      [I didn't really do what i planned for today (meet Amy Lee), but it was fun anyway. That angel part of the dream was weird, especially the narrator thing, but i kinda liked it... It was like i lived a book or something ^^]

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    5. Nightmare Child

      by , 05-09-2012 at 09:50 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Today i succeeded with a WILD, but sadly couldn't keep up the dream for some reason, it fell apart 3 times, then i couldn't go back anymore]
      [This dream occured later at around 9:30AM with DILD]

      In the beginning, i got lucid on a street in my city, but i immediately found myself in my room for some reason. Just like often in my dreams, my room was really dark again, so my first thought was that i need to get outside. Before i could get out though, i woke up 2 times in a row, thanks to the darkness.
      [I could go back both times with DEILD].

      When i was sure the dream is more stable and the room was less dark, i decided to fly through the window, just as usual, but then something stopped me in this. I noticed a little girl standing near my bed, staring at me. [There is nothing that freaks me out more than children that act weird/scary].
      I couldn't see anything unusual on her, she wasn't deformed or anything, but for some reason i felt like she is evil. I suddenly turned around and flew through the blinds and glass, got outside.

      I was still floating in the air and looked around a little. I noticed that there is a teenager girl outside, playing with a horse, they were chasing eachother and the girl kept laughing.
      I decided not to care much about her, but as i flew by she looked at me confusedly.
      I thought i'll just fly away from there, since i don't want to be close to that freaky child.
      At first i decided to fly with swimming moves, but then i changed over to a mental controlled flying, just like superman

      I went up as high in the air as i could, but for some reason the sky looked like it's made of paper or something... I looked around and noticed huge forests on both sides, the trees touched the sky. There was a grassy field in the middle, with a fruit tree plantation in the very middle of the whole place.
      I enjoyed the scenery, even while it was a little weird. I wanted to shout a "Wooohooo!" out loudly as i was flying around, but my voice turned out to be throaty and deep for some reason... It sounded weird, so i tried again. This time it was better, but still not that good, so i stopped.

      I got to the end of the grassy field, where some kind of station were built, but it was covered with forest trees on both sides, like there is no other escape from this place. [Now that i think about it, the whole place looked like a dollhouse or something, because it was closed on all sides and even the sky looked like it was made of paper].
      For some reason i didn't feel like that station is a good way to go, so i turned around and flew back to the fruit trees. I decided to stop and get back to the ground here.
      Just as i reached the ground, i looked back to the house where i came from, it wasn't our house, it looked like a toy and it was pink. Just as i was looking at the house, i noticed that little child coming out of the house.
      She passed by the teenager girl with the horse, who then asked the little child:
      - Can you come and play?
      - Not now, i have to finish something first.

      Okay, that was enough for me to know that "something" is me, as she slowly walked in my direction.
      I got even more scared now.. i couldn't even think straight.... [Don't blame me, i really can't stand scary childen ].
      I was thinking of a way to escape this place, but i forgot that station... I decided to wake up in this hurry...

      It seems like i succeeded. I was in my bed. I got up and wanted to go out of my room immediately as it was dark in there. I thought about turning on the lights first though.
      I pushed the switch and nothing happened. Now i knew it already... must be a false awakening.
      I tried to turn the switch on more, but it didn't work. Then suddenly i heard that child again, she said "Me so so?"
      That voice was just too much for me... it sounded like a normal little girl voice, but there was something behind it, i could just feel it.. something evil.
      I woke up myself again intentionally.

      I was in sleep paralysis, which is nothing new to me. I wanted to get out of it fast, but i forgot the slow breathing, because that child was still in my mind. Of course i unintentionally brought her into my hallucination as well.
      I couldn't see much other than my small wardrobe's door and my bed. The wardrobe door turned purple-white and started moving slowly, when i noticed a bill of some sort in front of me on the bed, i couldn't read the text on it. I also heard the child singing or something from further away, as her voice was quiet. It took around 1 minute to get out of paralysis finally.

      [Thanks to that child my plans for today's LD were ruined... i couldn't focus because when i'm terrified i just lose some of my control... ]
      [I wonder what that "Me so so?" question must've meant... maybe it was in another language, but it sounded exactly like "Me so so?"]

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    6. Important Side Note: Lucy

      by , 05-07-2012 at 05:36 PM (Zoe's weird things)
      So, i thought that this is the time to give a little insight on Lucy I know that not many people read my DJ, but i guess it'll be much nicer for that few if they'll understand the thing behind Lucy.

      My plan is to make her be friends with me and maybe even become my Dream Guide. I can't imagine any other DC as a DG, she just seems more important and is actually more powerful than the usual DCs.

      I'll tell her story, list parts of dream stories where i've met her before the start of this DJ.


      Basically Lucy is a recurring DC, who first appeared in my very first Sleep Paralysis experience:

      "... it was getting darker and darker, when i lost the sight of the guy i was with, i was left alone in the dark. I kept shouting for him to help me and don't leave me, but he didn't listen. After this a small white dot started coming towards me from the darkness and everything started shaking, fear took over me as the white face reached me.
      I woke up just to see a tall black haired girl jump on me from the end of my bed and start shaking me violently. I couldn't see her face because her hair was in the way. I didn't know what was happening, i thought that i was having a False Awakening and kept thinking that she wants to kill me.
      It ended and i was so terrified that i questioned reality for the first time ever. I didn't want to believe that i'm not dreaming... I kept saying things out loudly, telling that scary girl to don't hurt me and never come back..."

      After this i read after Sleep Paralysis and understood it more, but the thought of this experience still scared me.
      It took around 4-5 days, when in an LD i met her again:

      "...I was in my room, when i turned around and noticed a black haired girl sitting on the end of my bed, her head looking the other way. I immediately realized who it was, the exact same girl that attacked me in SP. I got lucid by this thought, but i was too terrified of the memories of that experience and woke myself up..."

      She didn't do anything, but just her appearance was enough to freak me out.
      This time it was suspicious for me what she'd want, that she appeared twice already...
      After some time (i think it was weeks), she had an appearance again, in a non-lucid:

      "...I was laying on my bed in my old room, which is now my grandma's and looks totally different. At first i thought that i woke up in real, because it was pitch dark, but then i heard a noise. Someone laid down on the bed next to me, i could just feel it. Then i heard a voice of a girl, she was talking to me... My first thought was that it must be her, i just knew it for some reason. I don't remember what she said, and i was acting like i was sleeping, maybe she'll just go away.
      But she didn't. She started gently caressing my face, then lightly grabbed my hand and started caressing my belly as well. I was still scared of her and opened my eyes, grabbed her hand and tried to push it away from me. She became quiet and tried to hold my hands together, to don't let me push her away. She climbed on me and tried to hold me from moving. She laughed playfully like we were just playing.
      After all i succeeded and pushed her away, we both fell down to the ground from the bed. The lamp suddenly became lit and i could see everything perfectly, it was my old room, it was sure now.
      She kept trying to get hold of me and keep me close to herself, but i was trying to get away. We got into the corner of the room and we both stopped and just stared.
      Finally i was able to see her face for the first time, it was beautiful. She looked like a model of some kind and was around 20 years old. I took the opportunity to talk with her:

      - Who are you?
      /playful laugh/
      - What do you want from me?
      /playful laughter again/
      It was obvious that she didn't want to answer, as i wasn't lucid anyway. I got a little angry over this and pushed her away from me with my feet.
      She stopped laughing and looked a little sad and disappointed. She stood up and turned towards the window and just disappeared in front of my eyes...

      Later during that night:

      "...I was thinking about that last dream for a while in the bed, then decided to get back to sleep again.
      In this dream i was in the same old bed, which was in my old room. It was pitch dark again, but there was a little light at the end of the corridor that opens to the room. I heard a constant female-ish demonic voice from the corner of the room, that kept saying thing like this to me: "Come here now!" "You'll come here IMMEDIATELY!" "You'll listen to me and obey!"
      I felt a powerful energy, that kept pulling me towards the corner of the room where the voice came from. I tried to fight it and could keep it up, but it was pulling me constantly.
      There were some kind of flying messages in front of me, while i was staring at the corridor and trying to get away. These messages said things like "The solution to the problem is in the living room" "Get to the living room to escape" "You can get to the living room, don't give up"..."

      This nightmare kept repeating 5-6 times during that night and caused me to wake up early, i couldn't take it anymore. I knew that it was her in a demonic form and that she got angry because i pushed her away from me when she tried to be nice. This was the dream which after i decided to try and reason with her, try to make her forgive me and help.
      I decided to name her Lucy, because of the word "Lucid"

      For a long while i didn't hear from her and we didn't meet again, until i decided to try and find her in an LD, in which someone else acted like her, trying to fool me. It's not really worthy to write down, so let's skip a little.

      After some weeks i met her again in an LD:

      "...I just entered our house, the corridor was dark, only one room was lit, so i decided to go in there. I wanted to check the paper i placed on my desk in reality, so i started searching for it in the room, but i didn't realize that i'm not even in the same room. When i actually found this out, the first thought that striked me was that the last time i've met Lucy in this exact same room.
      I was a little worried that i just unintentionally summoned her somewhere, so i kept searching for that paper faster, even while i knew that i wasn't at the right place.
      Suddenly i heard a noise from the corridor and turned around. No surprise, Lucy was standing there, but she wasn't alone, she held a baby in her hands. She started coming towards me and when she got closer i realized that she looked dead, just like the baby in her hands. It really freaked me out, so i kicked her away from me and closed the door in front of her. I turned around to keep searching, but she appeared before me in the same form as before. She smiled weirdly and said "I'm back..." and everything started shaking heavily, which made me wake up."

      After this dream i was sure, that this won't be as easy as i expected at first.

      So these were the stories to be told, hopefully it gives a little more insight on why i want to find her and make her forgive me. She seems like a powerful DC, not like the usual ones, and i feel some kind of connection to her. Currently i'm working towards making her be nice to me and help me out and i don't plan to give up, no matter how hard it might be.
      She is kind of stubborn and seems to be evil in some part, but it would be nice to have a powerful companion like her

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    7. Clone of Lucy, Basic TotM

      by , 05-07-2012 at 10:51 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Basically i woke up myself with an alarm at 3AM for a WILD attempt, which failed. After this i was just sleeping, didn't even do a WBTB today]
      [This dream happened at around 10:20AM]

      I was just watching my family at a restaurant, as they were eating icecream and they acted like they didn't know me, it got me lucid.
      At first the dream was kinda instabile, i could feel it, so i decided to do some RCs. This was the first time i tried the nose pinch RC in a dream, it worked interestingly well and it also stabilized the dream for a while.
      I was at some kind of crossroads, which had a little grassy park in the middle, it looked like an interesting place, definitely not something that i've seen before.

      My first thought was that i have no time to waste now [like i did in the last LD], so i decided to try and summon Lucy around me, to make it easier and faster to find her, just in case the dream would get instabile again.
      I kept thinking that she is near me, to summon her and i was turning all around slowly. I could only see random people walk be in every direction in the park. At first i noticed a smaller girl coming towards me, but i knew that it's not her.
      Then i thought that it won't work and shouted "Lucy!".
      Just when i did this, i felt that someone gently grabbed my arm. I looked around and noticed a nice looking girl with blonde hair and some freckles on her face.
      [I was confused, as her hair is supposed to be black and not blonde... but this wasn't the first time she changed her look. I was a little suspicious, whether it's really her or not, but i've got the feeling that it is].

      She started talking:
      - I'm here
      I was looking at her in awe for some seconds, because i thought that she'll just attack me, but she smiled and was nice to me. Then i asked:
      - Why is your hair blonde?
      - Don't worry! /playful laugh/

      I got a little calm and was happy that maybe she finally decided to be friendly to me and help. Just as i was wondering, we kept going as she holded my hand.
      Suddenly i noticed that someone grabbed my other hand and forced it behind my back. I couldn't look around fully, but i noticed a girl looking exactly like Lucy, but with black hair. I heard some quiet laughter or something and started seeing dark flames everywhere as it tries to consume me.

      [I didn't worry that much, i kept in mind that if she acts scary, i can fight her off, this is my dream].
      I shouted to them "This is my dream, you won't do this to me!"
      But just as i did, i woke up as i couldn't see anything from the dark flames.

      [I went back to the dream with DEILD].

      When i was back in again, i couldn't see Lucy or her clone either. I still felt like they are close, so i flew up in the air to check, but couldn't see them from there either.
      It got a little dark in the meanwhile, i did some more stabilization as well. The first thing that popped in my mind now was that i could try doing the TotM challenges, as Lucy was gone already and it seems that she doesn't want to cooperate today. Then decided to try to find a well lit place, just to be sure.
      Suddenly i found myself in our house, but i just flew through the window [through the glass, like usual] and landed in our garden. I wanted to try teleporting to the sports centre that is always fully lit, even at night. I did some attempts, but my eyes always unintentionally closed a little, so i decided that this is not good, i should think out a better teleporting style later.
      [Just then i woke up again, but went back with DEILD again].

      When i was back in again, i was now standing close to that sports centre that i wanted to teleport to, but it was daytime already. I kept the TotM challenge in mind. I noticed a bus coming by that had a lot of teenagers on it, i just knew that they were going on a tour or something. I flew through the back of the bus, and sit down inside.
      Nobody seemed to notice me at first, so i just kept wondering which challenge to try first... I decided with the advanced one. I started walking slowly and focusing that my plushie shark would appear on the seat near a girl that i was focusing on. I checked, but it was nowhere.
      Then i decided with doing the basic task, it will be much easier, there were a lot of people on the bus.

      At first i wanted to make sure my body is safe, before i take over someone else's, so i asked a girl to take care of my body in the meanwhile and don't let it fall down or something. So i sit down on her lap and asked her to hold me. I got out of my body fast and easily, i was floating as some kind of invisible gas or something, it was really easy to move around. I looked around a little and found a girl who's body will be okay. [It was mostly girls on the bus, but i didn't want to take over a boy's body anyway].
      I just flew into her mouth and the next thing i noticed that i was in control of her. The others were watching with surprise what i did. I smiled at them, making sure for them that their friend is gone, it's me now. They looked a little scared, but i didn't care.
      I didn't really know what to do now, as i already took over a DCs body, but it would've been too boring to leave it at it.
      So.. i thought about a little fun. I walked back to my real body, which the other girl was holding, and i climbed on top of it. It was an interesting and weird feeling that i'm laying on my own body... I smiled a little at this, then kissed my real body. I was laughing in my mind, but it felt good anyway

      After this i descended back into my own body and jumped through the right side of the bus.
      Interestingly, i was still in the same place where i entered the bus, like it didn't move at all. I was walking on the street a little, while some weird dog vaccination ads were popping in from nowhere, for some seconds i could only see these. When it was over, i took a huge car from the street and thrown it on another and i decided to stop the dream now, because if i keep going i might forget some parts.

      [I woke up by myself, which might sound stupid, but i wanted to make sure i remember everything ]
      [I had some more unintentional awakenings, but i could always go back with DEILD. I didn't mention each of them, because i just can't remember where exactly did they happen]

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    8. Faceplanting, Bus

      by , 04-29-2012 at 11:30 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [So at around 10:20AM i had an almost successful DEILD attempt, but it failed for some reason when i was almost already in the dream... I gave up somewhat after this, as i got really excited and thought that i won't be able to fall asleep anymore today... seems like i was wrong...]

      When i found myself in the dream, i was walking in my current school's darker half, where i rarely go. A lot of people were going out of classrooms and walking around in the corridor and i got lucid because there were too many people there who shouldn't.
      My first thought was "Oh yes! I thought that i won't get an LD today anymore, but it succeeded! ".
      The first thing i wanted to do was get out of this school, since i wanted to find Lucy [I will make an entry soon giving more insight on who and what Lucy is].
      Because Lucy is tricky, i wanted to get out of the school into a more open place, where she can't really hide or scare me. So i thought i'll just go through the wall.. why not? Well as soon as i faceplanted the wall, it answered my question.
      I tried it again, another faceplant... i just couldn't get through it.
      I rubbed my hands together multiple times as the dream was really instabil [It was 11AM in reality] and it fixed it a little.

      I decided to move on and search another exit. I went through a swing door, which led me into a place that looked a lot like a factory of some kind... a lot of machines all around and the big room had yellow windows everywhere, to decrease the sun's light. I decided to fly up into the air and tried to fly through the ceiling, but i faceplanted it again... in the air... ugh.
      Then i noticed 2 girls down on the ground talking something like "Look! Look what is she doing!"
      I didn't really care about them and didn't look at them at all first, but i knew they were my classmates from my old school. When i realized that i can no way go through the roof i decided to get down to the ground and think, but just as i turned around i woke up.

      [I waited a little in my bed, didn't open my eyes, but got the feeling that i can't go back anymore...]
      After this, for my surprise i found myself in the dream again... even while it wasn't intentional as i thought i can't come back... I was still lucid.
      I was standing in the middle of a high traffic road in the closest big city, where i usually go by with the bus. I was glad that at least i was outside now and it was sunny as well. I still didn't forget my goal, i wanted to talk to Lucy.
      I decided that talking on top of a bus would be a good place, as i could keep my eyes on her easily and she couldn't really hide anywhere.

      I looked around a little and noticed that multiple buses are coming my way, i grabbed one's mirror and tried to stop the bus from moving, but it was too strong and got away. Then i noticed how scary it seems when a huge bus comes towards me, so i decided to put one of my legs in front of a bus as that would surely make me lose my leg in real. It hit my leg and it just bounced a little and the bus just went on... I thought to myself that invulneralibity is fun ;D
      Then i decided to not let go the next bus, i grabbed it's back and i was right, it couldn't move on anymore. I picked it up with one hand and kept it in my hand while i turned around to find a place where i could trap the bus to stop it from trying to get away.

      As i turned around i found myself in my small town, near the supermarket, where currently a lot of people were doing picknicks. The river that was there in real was missing and they were sitting on the grass around there.
      I still had the huge bus in my hand and kept on going towards some bushes where i thought i could trap the bus in... but just as i went past one picknicking family, one of the kids has thrown a rock at me, which i felt was stuck in my shirt at my back... I thought to myself that a dream figure won't make a joke of me and turned around and wanted to bash him with my bus, but then i woke up again, the dream fell apart

      [I didn't realize in time that dream figure was an interruption... meh]
      [I couldn't go back anymore, but i was still happy that i got this LD, this is my third one this week ]

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    9. The World of Monkeys

      by , 04-25-2012 at 08:41 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Tried a WBTB + SSILD again today, falling asleep took longer than yesterday, but after all i was successfull ]

      I slept for like 1 hour when i woke up from a dream and i was still in Sleep Paralysis, which was nothing new to me. So i decided to DEILD my way into LD
      It didn't took long until i opened my eyes and found myself in the dream, fully lucid.
      What was before my eyes was totally AWESOME. I was floating high in the sky and a huge colorful world was opened before me. It looked a little similar to the movie AVATAR, there were colorful plants everywhere, beautiful green grassed tundras and jungles were all around.
      The inhabitants of this world were different kinds of HUGE monkeys, apes... The smaller ones were big as a car and the biggest ones reached the height of whole buildings. There were also colorful birds flying around in the sky and bees and different insects doing their work

      The monkeys looked like they were the owners of these lands, they were walking, running around in smaller groups, or just sitting and sleeping under big trees. It looked like they don't really get competition.
      I had a plan for today that i want to summon an extraordinary creature [i already knew what creature, but that's a secret for now], so i wanted to find a calm place where the monkeys can't find me and interrupt me.
      I started flying around and wanted to pass through a huge rock wall, but by reflex i closed my eyes when entering the rock, so i woke up. [But i was able to come back to the dream the same way as i did in the beginning].
      After i was back in the dream again, i was standing on the ground in the big grass and a group of monkeys and apes were coming slowly towards me in a line, but it was obvious that they didn't care about me, they just wanted to pass by.

      I decided to turn to super speed and run away and find a safe place faster. As i passed near the monkey group, the first 4 of them didn't do anything, they didn't even look at me. But then i've got a feeling that the 5th one, the biggest ape which had reddish fur and looked angry planned to hit me when i pass by him, so i jumped when i reached him. He didn't hit me at all though.
      After this i was going at full speed again and looked behind my back just in case.... Now i suddenly noticed that there was a huge black ape coming after me at full speed and was growling loudly. I got really scared at first at the sudden appereance of him, but then i jumped up in the air just before he reached me.
      I landed on a column, which didn't look like it would fit this world, it was just an usual concrete column.
      The ape smashed it's head against a wall-like thing and i woke up again just at this moment, not sure exactly why.
      [I went back to the dream again, using the same method as twice above].

      When i got back into the dream again, i was up high the sky, standing on a cloud and i even had feathered white wings. All i've seen was white clouds everywhere and some kind of altar a little further on another cloud. I didn't care about the altar, because i still wanted to do my summoning, so i just flew down and wanted to get back to the monkey world. I passed through the clouds easily, but then i noticed a huge glowing purple-black energy field like something floating below the clouds... It looked like something evil took over the world... I tried to fly through it, but the darkness took over me and i woke up again...

      [After this i couldn't go back anymore, because i wasn't in SP and accidently moved my feet...]
      [This was a kinda memorable dream for me, even while i couldn't do much, that world was just so interesting ]

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    10. Smashing Trucks

      by , 04-24-2012 at 07:37 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [This is my first dream journal entry here, hopefully i'll post it the right way ]
      [Things in brackets like this will just be my thoughts on the dream, ect.]
      [I'll also ONLY post LUCID DREAMS]

      So today i tried a WBTB along with SSILD [which i tried for first time] and it was successful. After around 1 hours of sleep i got lucid randomly [DILD].
      I was in our kitchen and i remember someone being close to me, but i couldn't see anyone. Since it was kind of dark in there, i thought it's time to get outside. Before going outside i noticed a bun on the desk and decided to try a little telekinesis on it, just to be sure i can Mass TK something later on [the whole challenge thing was in my head all along]. It was really easy to telekineses the bun and i smashed it into the window.

      Then after that i walked up to the window and just passed through the glass, but for some reason when i noticed our neighbour taking care of her garden, i just fallen back inside our house. I went through the glass once again, thinking that it won't stop me. For sure it didn't, i got outside.
      It was kinda sunny, but i felt like a storm is coming or something like that. I started with flying up in the air, then i sit down on our fence and looked around. [At this moment i forgot a small part of the dream sadly].
      Then i noticed a random ugly old guy sitting in a small car near out fence and he was nude and was smiling weirdly at me... I was just about to go and throw his car away or something, but then suddenly it became night.

      Since night is not so good and makes it easier to wake up, i decided to find a light source. I noticed a street lamp nearby, which was almost at the right place where it is in reality. I went under it and i was concentrating to create huge a vivid light and make day from night. During this attempt i accidenlty closed me eyes for a little longer, which caused me to wake up. But i got back to the dream easily and fast [my eyes didn't open completely and i just had to wait some seconds to open my dream eyes again].
      I was at the same place again and now tried to control the light of the street lamp. It went where i wanted and lighted everything, then i tried to create daylight again, which halfway succeeded as it started to be sunrise slowly.

      I decided to fly on, but just to the closest crossroads which is close to our house. While flying i wanted to practise more on my telekinesis, so i picked a tree out of the ground and thrown it away, althrough it wasn't the biggest tree, just a smaller one.
      When i got to the crossroads i just standed in the middle of the road waiting for cars. I noticed some big pile of snow on the road and decided to create a firestorm on it to melt it... i heard the sound of the firestorm, but it didn't appear for some reason...
      After this the dream started to fall apart harder, so i rubbed my hands together to stabilize it, it worked well. [it was my first hand rubbing stabilization, i used a different method before].
      It didn't take long for some cars to come to me. I wanted to use my super strenght now, so i took one of the cars and smashed it onto another with one hand, they got crumbled up well. I thought to myself that this goes easily so i want more challenge. I thought about a truck, which then appeared behind me. I took the truck with two hands and smashed it as well, which caused a kinda big mess on the street. Then i wasn't really okay with it and wanted a truck that has oil or fuel in it. TWO of them appeared immediately, one of them was already threatening me because it was sliding towards me with full speed... It's not a problem, i thought... nothing can hurt me, so come on big guy
      Just as the truck hit me, it fallen into 2 parts and the oil/fuel all spread on the street. Now was the time to get the other one. I picked it up and smashed it on the oil/fuel [really don't know which one was it] and it caused a HUGE explosion, which i was standing in the middle of. I thought to myself that i caused kind of a big trouble for the neighbourhood now, haha.

      Then while the flames were still going on, i decided to fly on and for some reason i had a thought that "I was just about to check the time" and got a feeling that i need to fly down one of the roads because of it... While thinking this a clock suddenly flashed in front of me like a vision, which said 10:58 as the current time.

      [After this i woke up, but i couldn't get back to the dream again... When i woke up the time was 8:05 in reality].
      [I went back around 3-4 times to the dream the same way as i written once up above, the dream wasn't that stabil now for some reason].
      [I also used the hand rubbing stabilization one more time, but it didn't work this time].

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