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    Inspired By My Books

    by , 08-24-2012 at 09:03 AM (1818 Views)

    [This dream happened on August 22nd, at around 10AM]
    [So uh... the last DJ entry i posted was almost a month ago... Well i was feeling really down for a while now and my lucidity was going bad as well, but i hope to change it now ]
    [Both this dream and the upcoming one were inspired by the Dark Elf Trilogy i'm reading currently]

    I was just walking on the street really close to my old school, when for some unknown reason i became lucid. I realized that i didn't have stable and worthy lucid dream since a while, so i become pretty happy.

    I didn't think much about what to do, for some reason i thought of Guenhwyvar almost as soon as i became lucid. [He is a spectral black panther in the books]. I didn't plan anything, but wanted him to appear. As soon as i turned a bit to my right side, there he was, standing in all his glory.

    I didn't really have time to say anything to him or look at him more closely, because he just run off almost instantly, towards the lower end of the street. I immediately started running after him and catched up fast.
    He suddenly stopped at a house, which's car entrance to the garden was open. I looked in there and noticed something between the shrubbery. It looked somewhat like a huge white dog-ish creature, but it was standing on two feet. It looked angry for some reason.

    Before i could do or say anything, Guenhwyvar just jumped in there and attacked the dog like creature. I wanted to help him out, just in case, so i ran up to them and tried to fight the creature, but instead of fighting, i automatically started hugging the black panther.
    I just hugged him near his neck and didn't really know why i did that, but it was an interesting feeling putting my head on his black fur.

    Soon i was just staring at him while still hugging and then i got lost in the black, woke up.

    [Well, haha, i have no idea why that hug was, other than that i got to like him in the books, but still... i didn't even control my actions when i hugged him]
    [The dream was pretty short, but it was somewhat more stable now than the ones i had for weeks before]


    To Be Sacrificed

    [This dream is from August 23rd, around 8:35AM]
    [I find it pretty interesting how the books can influence even my lucid dreams... ]

    I was being harassed by 4 old classmates, while i was sitting in my old school at a lesson. They were standing outside at the big windows and making fun of me. I got tired of this and just thought that maybe i'm dreaming and i can do something about it... so i walked through the wall and grabbed two of them by their necks and put them into the wall halfway. They got stuck in there while the others ran away.
    I got more aware now, but not lucid yet.

    Soon i flew above the street and when i got to the same part where i became lucid yesterday [the dream above this one] i remembered that dream and became lucid again.

    Now i was more aware of myself than yesterday and before doing anything, i instantly stabilized by rubbing my hands together. When rubbing them, i noticed that i have some heavy gloves on, but i didn't care about them too much. I turned around to check my environment.
    There was an old stooped woman walking slowly away from me and when i looked at her back i got all dizzy, so i started stabilizing again.
    When i was done, i decided to move on.
    [I forgot a part here, all i know is that i went back to my school and did something there, so a bit of time skip here]

    I came out of my old school at a backdoor, but the place where i got to was unknown to me. It was a small garden, with those huge white greek columns on all sides. There were creeper plants coming down from the walls on all sides. There was a little sidewalk on the left side of the small garden, it was made of red pavement stones.
    I was standing on this sidewalk.

    I started walking near the garden when i realized that on my left side, there was no wall anymore and it lead to some kind of street, but it didn't look like the streets in my town at all. I got curious so i turned that way and moved on, but then before i could leave the area, i heard voices from my right side and from behind me. [I became a little scared here].

    I turned around and noticed a small altar at the right end of the sidewalk. Two female drow were standing next to it, fully naked and both held a dagger in their hands. The grip on the daggers looked like a spider, so i already knew they must be priestesses of Lolth, with sacrifice daggers.
    Then i noticed another drow woman behind me, she was well dressed and her clothes made me think that she is an important person as they were all gold, black and red. She had a whip in her hand.

    I didn't have too much time to think of the situation, because i soon heard the clothed drow say:
    - Go and get her!
    The naked ones reacted instantly, with respect in their voices:
    - Yes, mistress.

    They started walking towards me, with evil grins on their faces and grabbing the daggers more furiously now. One of them started walking faster, leaving the other one behind, but she didn't mind as i've seen and she just stopped to watch instead.

    Spoiler for +18:

    Once she got close enough, i decided that it was enough of staring, i flew up into the air as i got a little scared now and i wanted to fly away from there... but then i had a thought, that i shouldn't fear them as they are just dream characters.
    I turned back to her while still floating in the air and told her:
    - I don't fear you!
    Her evil grin still didn't disappear from her face when she said:
    - Oh, i don't believe you.

    Without much hestitating, the first thing that i thought of was a fireball, so i created one and immediately thrown it at her. It exploded as soon as it reached her, but she didn't seem too affected by it.
    Her body had some burn marks and there were small embers on her body. Her hair was still on fire, but she just started laughing.

    As i was staring at her, i woke up.

    [Um... yeah, that was interesting I think i already know that i should try and get to know a drow girl from closer soon ]
    [Oh well, anyway, i welcome these FR inspired dreams anytime ]

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