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    Lucy, What's Wrong With You?!

    by , 07-17-2012 at 10:18 AM (1848 Views)
    [Dream happened at around 8:20AM, almost 30 ]
    [Oh well, i took 3 Negro candies yet again... which made me have a painful stomachache, but i could get rid of it after a while and get back to sleep]
    [After waking up from this lucid, i didn't get up immediately and slept back for 2 or so more hours... interestingly, i only forgot one single part from this dream during the extra nap ]
    [The dream also collapsed multiple times, but i can't really recall the places where it happened]

    I was at a place i knew well in my town, near the house of my old school's ex-principal's house. Some guy was just trying to park in that garage with luxury cars. I became semi-lucid here and grabbed one of his cars and smashed it exactly in front of the garage door, so he couldn't move his cars in our out. I laughed and moved on.
    I started with walking towards the middle part of the city, when suddenly i noticed my cat Kormi. Since i was just semi-lucid, i had an idea that i should ride my cat. I became smaller than my cat and jumped on his back. [That was weird ].

    He started jumping insane distances as we were moving towards the inner part of the city. He even jumped above a lake which should've not been there. Soon we reached a random house where he sit down on the window ledge and let me down from his back. At this moment i became fully lucid.

    I just realized what i've done and laughed at that. I looked around for a while from the ledge, then flew up into the air to check around from there instead. We weren't exactly in the middle of the city, but it's okay. I turned back to my original height now.
    [I've done something here which i totally forgot during my nap, so time skip].

    I was flying towards the old train station and admiring how nicely the Sun was shining, while i was wondering what i planned to do today... I just couldn't recall my goals for some reason. It bothered me a bit, but i continued flying around just for fun.
    Soon the world around me shifted and i was in front of our house. Oh well, i decided to check inside, after all it was daytime now, so someone must be in there.

    I flew through the closed door and started floating in the living room. I noticed my mom and dad in the kitchen. They were talking about some carnival or something like that, but i didn't pay much attention.
    I decided to go on, so i flew through the window towards the garden. [Ugh the garden... why do i get back here again o.o?].

    I was just slowly passing by the fig tree, when i suddenly remembered that i wanted to meet up with Lucy again. I got a little nervous, but then i told myself that i can't skip this now. I gotta befriend her finally.
    I started flying towards the end of the garden, when suddenly i noticed a bird flock coming towards me really fast. I wasn't worried at all, so i just let them come close.
    When they got close finally, i realized that these were SHARK BIRDS

    This image makes me sick o.o

    I started flapping my arms around and knocked most of them away, but one of them was just somehow stuck on my face, it wanted to eat my left eye.. ugh.
    I didn't hestitate and just grabbed it and thrown it away as far as i could. [Weird shark birds, you deserve this... ].

    I started flying faster now to avoid stuff like this. Soon i reached the end of the garden and while fighting the almost collapsing dream, i called out for Lucy.
    I shouted "Lucy!" "Lucy!" "LUCYYY!" for a while, but nothing happened. I got somewhat mad at her for hiding again, but then something unexpected happened.
    There was a hole in the wall at the corner of the garden and some power started lighting it up and beams started shooting out of it. [When i was young i always feared that monsters come from that corner part of the garden...]

    Soon a bigger beam appeared and it pointed to the ground. Suddenly, a monster appeared from the beam.
    But i just knew that it was Lucy in a different form, to scare me away. This monster was made up of a bottom half of a human with legs and everything up to the waist, but it had no upper body at all! It had a torn skirt on and it had two hands coming out of the legs. It also had some tentacles on top of it.
    I was staring at this weird thing and all i could think of was "What's wrong with you Lucy?!"

    I didn't have much time to think, because she attacked me almost instantly. This monstrosity ran towards me with those huge legs and wanted to hit me with the tentacles. I jumped out of the way. Suddenly i've seen myself from above and i had a sword and shield in my hands. I couldn't control myself anymore and she was just beating me without any problem. I could only stare and do nothing against it.

    Soon my body dropped to the ground and she let out a monstrous laugh, while a word appeared in front of me: Love.

    I woke up.

    [Ok... what the hell... that was weird when it happened, but it still sounds weird when i think back to it...]
    [That "Love." in the end felt like she meant it in a way like... you know... like she delivered what she wanted and is satisfied... but maybe it has more meaning than that... o.o]
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    1. Wolfwood's Avatar
      lol @ shark birds.

      It seems winning Lucy over, after it went pear-shaped from those dreams in the past, ain't gonna be a walk in the park. If you beat her... I reckon she'll change. Win, win, win! (at least that's how things tend to pan out in my dreams in similar scenarios).
      littlezoe likes this.
    2. Wolfwood's Avatar

      Was she anything like that?
    3. littlezoe's Avatar
      Yeah, i knew she will do something against me, but i didn't expect this... and why the hell wasn't i able to control myself after that? That's so annoying....
      I wanted to avoid fighting her, because i thought that she might be even more mad at me because of that, but she doesn't seem to care about my friendly approaches... eh

      I edited the text a bit, because i see i wasn't clear enough. She had no upper body, just the bottom half and the tentacles were coming out of the waist area o.o
      But i like that picture
    4. Wolfwood's Avatar
      Hehe, some people like to know you can hold your own (be independent) or even protect them.... and you can demonstrate that by beating them in a battle. She could feel safe in your company then. lol, I know this is a DC... but the concept is similar.

      I see... sounds even more bodged and surreal now. A strange DC. ^_^
      littlezoe likes this.
    5. littlezoe's Avatar
      Well, that's a good point. I'll try to fight her the next time then if she'll try to attack or trick me... I hope that'll work, because i would be glad to have her on my side finally...

      It was definitely surreal... it made me think of a painting i've seen years ago, but i can't recall the name. It had body parts like that. I'm glad that this isn't her original form though, lol.
    6. Wolfwood's Avatar
      Yep - just make sure you beat her! If you lose.... she'll dislike you even more. You know the classic: you're weak and worthless. You better own the shit out of her. ^_^ In a similar vein, it's also like confronting your demon.

      I take it you don't find her attractive in that form?

      Good luck. :]
      littlezoe likes this.
    7. littlezoe's Avatar
      Thanks ^^ I'll give it a go tomorrow, if i can get lucid again

      Well... i don't know what are your ideals, but i'm not exactly attracted to bottom half body parts with tentacles... xD
      Wolfwood likes this.
    8. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Yep - just make sure you beat her! If you lose.... she'll dislike you even more. You know the classic: you're weak and worthless. You better own the shit out of her. ^_^ In a similar vein, it's also like confronting your demon.
      Ehhhh Wolfwood, some people just enjoy a good spar. Maybe Lucy was just playing? Although, if LittleZoe did 'own the shit out of her', that would be quite impressive I'd imagine.

      OH! And LittleZoe, I love your Lucy entries. They're such a richly dark atmosphere whenever she's around. I hope you don't mind but I decided to read the Lucy portion of this entry out loud. If you mind, I'll remove it... but I really enjoy reading entries like this outloud xD

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    9. littlezoe's Avatar
      Wow, Kaomea, that was awesome
      That just made it sound even better and you shown the emotions well, i really liked it ^^ I don't mind that you did so

      I'm glad you liked these entries, thanks
      Kaomea likes this.
    10. Wolfwood's Avatar
      @ Kaomea -- Hah, fair enough... I did approach it from an admittedly masculine perspective. And nice voice.
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    11. littlezoe's Avatar
      Masculine or not, i'd say it's worth a try. I was trying to be nice to her all this time, but she doesn't seem to care about that. So now i'll change things

      I already figured out a fun way to fight her off, i hope i can play that out tomorrow ^^
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