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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Inspired By My Books

      by , 08-24-2012 at 09:03 AM (Zoe's weird things)

      [This dream happened on August 22nd, at around 10AM]
      [So uh... the last DJ entry i posted was almost a month ago... Well i was feeling really down for a while now and my lucidity was going bad as well, but i hope to change it now ]
      [Both this dream and the upcoming one were inspired by the Dark Elf Trilogy i'm reading currently]

      I was just walking on the street really close to my old school, when for some unknown reason i became lucid. I realized that i didn't have stable and worthy lucid dream since a while, so i become pretty happy.

      I didn't think much about what to do, for some reason i thought of Guenhwyvar almost as soon as i became lucid. [He is a spectral black panther in the books]. I didn't plan anything, but wanted him to appear. As soon as i turned a bit to my right side, there he was, standing in all his glory.

      I didn't really have time to say anything to him or look at him more closely, because he just run off almost instantly, towards the lower end of the street. I immediately started running after him and catched up fast.
      He suddenly stopped at a house, which's car entrance to the garden was open. I looked in there and noticed something between the shrubbery. It looked somewhat like a huge white dog-ish creature, but it was standing on two feet. It looked angry for some reason.

      Before i could do or say anything, Guenhwyvar just jumped in there and attacked the dog like creature. I wanted to help him out, just in case, so i ran up to them and tried to fight the creature, but instead of fighting, i automatically started hugging the black panther.
      I just hugged him near his neck and didn't really know why i did that, but it was an interesting feeling putting my head on his black fur.

      Soon i was just staring at him while still hugging and then i got lost in the black, woke up.

      [Well, haha, i have no idea why that hug was, other than that i got to like him in the books, but still... i didn't even control my actions when i hugged him]
      [The dream was pretty short, but it was somewhat more stable now than the ones i had for weeks before]


      To Be Sacrificed

      [This dream is from August 23rd, around 8:35AM]
      [I find it pretty interesting how the books can influence even my lucid dreams... ]

      I was being harassed by 4 old classmates, while i was sitting in my old school at a lesson. They were standing outside at the big windows and making fun of me. I got tired of this and just thought that maybe i'm dreaming and i can do something about it... so i walked through the wall and grabbed two of them by their necks and put them into the wall halfway. They got stuck in there while the others ran away.
      I got more aware now, but not lucid yet.

      Soon i flew above the street and when i got to the same part where i became lucid yesterday [the dream above this one] i remembered that dream and became lucid again.

      Now i was more aware of myself than yesterday and before doing anything, i instantly stabilized by rubbing my hands together. When rubbing them, i noticed that i have some heavy gloves on, but i didn't care about them too much. I turned around to check my environment.
      There was an old stooped woman walking slowly away from me and when i looked at her back i got all dizzy, so i started stabilizing again.
      When i was done, i decided to move on.
      [I forgot a part here, all i know is that i went back to my school and did something there, so a bit of time skip here]

      I came out of my old school at a backdoor, but the place where i got to was unknown to me. It was a small garden, with those huge white greek columns on all sides. There were creeper plants coming down from the walls on all sides. There was a little sidewalk on the left side of the small garden, it was made of red pavement stones.
      I was standing on this sidewalk.

      I started walking near the garden when i realized that on my left side, there was no wall anymore and it lead to some kind of street, but it didn't look like the streets in my town at all. I got curious so i turned that way and moved on, but then before i could leave the area, i heard voices from my right side and from behind me. [I became a little scared here].

      I turned around and noticed a small altar at the right end of the sidewalk. Two female drow were standing next to it, fully naked and both held a dagger in their hands. The grip on the daggers looked like a spider, so i already knew they must be priestesses of Lolth, with sacrifice daggers.
      Then i noticed another drow woman behind me, she was well dressed and her clothes made me think that she is an important person as they were all gold, black and red. She had a whip in her hand.

      I didn't have too much time to think of the situation, because i soon heard the clothed drow say:
      - Go and get her!
      The naked ones reacted instantly, with respect in their voices:
      - Yes, mistress.

      They started walking towards me, with evil grins on their faces and grabbing the daggers more furiously now. One of them started walking faster, leaving the other one behind, but she didn't mind as i've seen and she just stopped to watch instead.

      Spoiler for +18:

      Once she got close enough, i decided that it was enough of staring, i flew up into the air as i got a little scared now and i wanted to fly away from there... but then i had a thought, that i shouldn't fear them as they are just dream characters.
      I turned back to her while still floating in the air and told her:
      - I don't fear you!
      Her evil grin still didn't disappear from her face when she said:
      - Oh, i don't believe you.

      Without much hestitating, the first thing that i thought of was a fireball, so i created one and immediately thrown it at her. It exploded as soon as it reached her, but she didn't seem too affected by it.
      Her body had some burn marks and there were small embers on her body. Her hair was still on fire, but she just started laughing.

      As i was staring at her, i woke up.

      [Um... yeah, that was interesting I think i already know that i should try and get to know a drow girl from closer soon ]
      [Oh well, anyway, i welcome these FR inspired dreams anytime ]
    2. Lucy, What's Wrong With You?!

      by , 07-17-2012 at 10:18 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Dream happened at around 8:20AM, almost 30 ]
      [Oh well, i took 3 Negro candies yet again... which made me have a painful stomachache, but i could get rid of it after a while and get back to sleep]
      [After waking up from this lucid, i didn't get up immediately and slept back for 2 or so more hours... interestingly, i only forgot one single part from this dream during the extra nap ]
      [The dream also collapsed multiple times, but i can't really recall the places where it happened]

      I was at a place i knew well in my town, near the house of my old school's ex-principal's house. Some guy was just trying to park in that garage with luxury cars. I became semi-lucid here and grabbed one of his cars and smashed it exactly in front of the garage door, so he couldn't move his cars in our out. I laughed and moved on.
      I started with walking towards the middle part of the city, when suddenly i noticed my cat Kormi. Since i was just semi-lucid, i had an idea that i should ride my cat. I became smaller than my cat and jumped on his back. [That was weird ].

      He started jumping insane distances as we were moving towards the inner part of the city. He even jumped above a lake which should've not been there. Soon we reached a random house where he sit down on the window ledge and let me down from his back. At this moment i became fully lucid.

      I just realized what i've done and laughed at that. I looked around for a while from the ledge, then flew up into the air to check around from there instead. We weren't exactly in the middle of the city, but it's okay. I turned back to my original height now.
      [I've done something here which i totally forgot during my nap, so time skip].

      I was flying towards the old train station and admiring how nicely the Sun was shining, while i was wondering what i planned to do today... I just couldn't recall my goals for some reason. It bothered me a bit, but i continued flying around just for fun.
      Soon the world around me shifted and i was in front of our house. Oh well, i decided to check inside, after all it was daytime now, so someone must be in there.

      I flew through the closed door and started floating in the living room. I noticed my mom and dad in the kitchen. They were talking about some carnival or something like that, but i didn't pay much attention.
      I decided to go on, so i flew through the window towards the garden. [Ugh the garden... why do i get back here again o.o?].

      I was just slowly passing by the fig tree, when i suddenly remembered that i wanted to meet up with Lucy again. I got a little nervous, but then i told myself that i can't skip this now. I gotta befriend her finally.
      I started flying towards the end of the garden, when suddenly i noticed a bird flock coming towards me really fast. I wasn't worried at all, so i just let them come close.
      When they got close finally, i realized that these were SHARK BIRDS

      This image makes me sick o.o

      I started flapping my arms around and knocked most of them away, but one of them was just somehow stuck on my face, it wanted to eat my left eye.. ugh.
      I didn't hestitate and just grabbed it and thrown it away as far as i could. [Weird shark birds, you deserve this... ].

      I started flying faster now to avoid stuff like this. Soon i reached the end of the garden and while fighting the almost collapsing dream, i called out for Lucy.
      I shouted "Lucy!" "Lucy!" "LUCYYY!" for a while, but nothing happened. I got somewhat mad at her for hiding again, but then something unexpected happened.
      There was a hole in the wall at the corner of the garden and some power started lighting it up and beams started shooting out of it. [When i was young i always feared that monsters come from that corner part of the garden...]

      Soon a bigger beam appeared and it pointed to the ground. Suddenly, a monster appeared from the beam.
      But i just knew that it was Lucy in a different form, to scare me away. This monster was made up of a bottom half of a human with legs and everything up to the waist, but it had no upper body at all! It had a torn skirt on and it had two hands coming out of the legs. It also had some tentacles on top of it.
      I was staring at this weird thing and all i could think of was "What's wrong with you Lucy?!"

      I didn't have much time to think, because she attacked me almost instantly. This monstrosity ran towards me with those huge legs and wanted to hit me with the tentacles. I jumped out of the way. Suddenly i've seen myself from above and i had a sword and shield in my hands. I couldn't control myself anymore and she was just beating me without any problem. I could only stare and do nothing against it.

      Soon my body dropped to the ground and she let out a monstrous laugh, while a word appeared in front of me: Love.

      I woke up.

      [Ok... what the hell... that was weird when it happened, but it still sounds weird when i think back to it...]
      [That "Love." in the end felt like she meant it in a way like... you know... like she delivered what she wanted and is satisfied... but maybe it has more meaning than that... o.o]

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    3. Girl School, Hug Time

      by , 07-13-2012 at 09:27 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [The dream happened at around 8:30AM yet again.. this is becoming a trend...]
      [I took 3 Negros yet again as well, this is the third time in a row that i took it, was able to fall asleep after WBTB and got a lucid ]
      [Thanks to that regular dream in the end, i forgot huge parts of the dream, but i was able to recall most of them while laying in bed... but smaller parts are still missing ]
      [I have no idea what got me lucid or what was the regular dream before, so i start from my first memory]

      I was near our outbuilding and it was night. There was some weird tower close to the building, which had all sorts of electronic ads on it. They made quite a big light in the dark as they were flashing about.
      I walked around a bit and thought about what i planned to do... i couldn't really recall any plans, so i was almost about to fly away and find a place where i can use my powers on something, but then suddenly i remembered that i wanted to talk with DCs in more detail, because i rarely do that.

      I flew up into the air and noticed another flashing ad on the side of the neighbour's building [which looked different now] and i flew close to that. Without a second thought i just broke that flashing ad "logo" off the wall and thrown it away.
      I just somehow felt that there is a school or something similar in that building.
      I flew back to our garden to the same place where i was standing before, because it was still night and i wanted to change that. So i used the same method that i figured out before. I closed my eyes fully and imagined that it's day, then waited until my vision returned. While it was dark, i heard a voice say "Oh yes, that's a good technique she found out, she just has to wait until her vision returns, but it works..." Indeed it worked you random voice, it was day now

      [Time skip]

      I don't remember how i got here, but i was standing in that school now that i've seen from the outside. The school's inside was wide and there was some big stairs in the middle, which lead down to another level of the school.
      I looked around and it seemed to be a fully girl school, i couldn't see a single guy anywhere. So, since i planned to speak to DCs, i kept looking around to find someone who might seem interesting enough to talk with. I soon noticed a short girl walking towards a door and she held a heavy basket in her hands. [She seemed really young, like 10 years old, but i felt like she had a distinct personality].

      I approached her as she was about to pass through the door and greeted her:
      - Hey!
      She didn't even look at me, just replied in a hurry:
      - I have things to do, can't chat now!

      She entered the door fast and i looked after her. She was apparently bringing that basket to the kitchen part of the school, where a fat guy was cooking things. She had a bunch of meat in that basket.
      I thought about going after her, but then i decided against this... since she would probably stay this negative about talking.

      I turned back to the hallway again and looked around. There was a cheerleader group walking in my direction and they were laughing at something loudly. I looked at them weirdly when i noticed that one of them were a drow... [such influence from my books].
      It seemed like she was pretty much part of the team and they knew her well... i didn't even think about going up to her, even while i planned to do so once i find a drow next time...
      Just as i was thinking of this, the dream started collapsing, but i closed my eyes faster and waited for my vision to return, which happened soon and everything was back to normal.

      There were others walking in all directions as well and while looking at them i noticed the dining area. I walked that way and was gazing around to find another DC that i could talk to. Soon i noticed a girl who seemd to be lost in her thoughts. She was kinda tall, but attractive. I grabbed her hand and said:

      - Come with me, let's talk!
      I lead her after me, while holding her hand and i found a table with two chairs. I lead her to one of the chairs and she sit down, then i sit down on the other chair.
      She didn't seem too happy about it and looked meanly at me. I smiled at her and asked:
      - So... what's your name?
      Just as i asked this, she suddenly turned into a crazy looking bald guy, like the one from the Adam's Family. He bursted out:
      - Why do you want to know my name? Why did your bring me here? Who do you think you are? What do you think you are doing? What is your problem? What is wrong with you? Blah, blah, blah....

      He kept going on throwing these questions towards me in a madman tone... i decided to leave him alone... ugh
      I left the dining area and though about that i wanted to hug a DC since a while now, but for some reason there was nobody in the hallway anymore.
      I walked back towards that kitchen door where the young girl went in the last time and i entered it. There was an additional door in there, that lead to the kitchen and a narrow hallway that lead to another place. I decided to check out the hallway.

      The hallway's wall was covered with bathroom tiles, so i guessed that it must lead to some kind of bathroom. I got to the end of it finally and it was indeed a bathroom, just a much bigger one, with lots of showers, fitting for a school.
      I was slowly walking next to the shower cabins and i could see hands in the air under the showers. [I had a though of going in there, but then i decided against it... i didn't want to do that now].
      I was awaiting that some of them might step out, so i can hug one of them. Just as i though this, 3 shower doors opened.

      The first door revealed a black haired girl, who's hair was all wet and she only had a towel covering her body. The door furthest from me had another girl coming out, who also had a towel covering herself.
      Then the middle door opened, which revealed a girl fully dressed and her hair wasn't wet either... like she wasn't even in the shower. She had dyed red hair and i found an extreme attraction towards her.

      As soon as he turned around, i noticed that she had the look of a girl from my town who i often thought about how we could be friends or something... i always found her to be similar to me somehow.
      This made me happy that it's her and i hugged her without a second thought.

      It felt surprisingly real I felt her body as close to mine as possible, i felt like we were connected, i even felt her clothes touching my skin. Her hair was shiny red and mesmerizing in the light and i even moved my head a bit to feel her hair touch my face. I had no idea what she might've thought at that time, but she didn't want to make me let her go, she just kept her hands around me. She smelled fresh, like she just showered.
      [As much as i was mesmerized, i kept my focus high, to not let the dream end at this point].

      I kept hugging her for a while, then while still holding her close, i took my head from her shoulder and looked at her face. She seemed a bit surprised, but happy. I couldn't keep myself from smiling at this point and i put my head on her other shoulder now, then i felt that she did the same
      Soon i let her out of my hug... her facial expression made her seem really shy now.
      I kissed her on her right cheek and let her go. She still looked shy and surprised at me and was just staring at me as i started walking away slowly. I was happy and thought that i should wake up now, before i forget these feelings

      Before i could woke up for real, i entered a regular dream in which i was writing down this lucid dream entry in an exercise book, while the friend of my sister was trying to peek at what i wrote so far.

      [Oh well... as craving for love and interaction i am, this hug part felt really awesome to me I know some of you might think i'm pathetic, but whatever...]
      [I think this was a good enough dream, even while i didn't even use any powers other than flying for a bit.... it's not always required to have a fun lucid ]
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    4. Long Lucid: Underwater Attempt, Lots of Stuff Done, Failed TotM

      by , 07-09-2012 at 09:55 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [So dream happened at around 8:20AM or so...]
      [Ugh... so how should i get to this... i really have to try hard to keep the pieces of this dream in the correct order... and i'm not even sure it's correct like that... my recall is so bad these days that it takes me lots of effort to remember everything, but some smaller parts are still missing]
      [Also... i think i found out a way to create bigger things that i couldn't before... you'll see ]
      [Oh...and i took 3 Negros (candy) before going to bed after the WBTB, so i feel like it might be relevant now to this lucid...]

      So i was just in a regular dream where an around 30 years old blonde girl was supposed to be my mom. She was also a murderer and i helped Columbo to catch her. I was just hugging her and telling her to stop killing people and not hurt me, when i realized how stupid this is.
      I got lucid and started looking at my hands and waving them around like i always do when i become lucid. [It's a good test to see if you are in control for real].

      I was happy that finally i got a lucid as i was trying for 3 days without success, althrough the dream was a little like it was in sepia... or just the colors were somewhat lifeless.
      I looked around and noticed some asian girls... maybe Chinese, i couldn't tell. There was a nun-like asian girl in front of them, like she was their teacher. That girl was waving her hands and was showing some kind of tai chi to the others.
      I walked up to the teacher and grabbed her hands, then pushed her away from the students. They all looked weirdly at me and i felt bad for doing that, so i started walking away.

      There was people walking in all directions in this hallway i was in... I remembered that in the regular dream i got to this place through a secret "hole" in the wall in the back of our garden. So i flew through the wall and found myself in our garden once i was outside. [Oh the garden again... nooo ].

      I immediately flew up into the air and moved towards the streets. I ended up on the long street that crosses ours. I started flying in the exact direction of the street and all that was in my mind is to find water to get underwater and complete my goal finally.
      As i was passing by other streets, i noticed that they all looked like ours... like they were just looped. Well, that was kinda disappointing, but i didn't mind it too much.
      I flew above one of the houses on the left side and as i was passing by the dream started collapsing.
      [Went back with DEILD].

      When i was back, i found myself in a classroom like place, but it didn't look like classrooms in my country at all. There were 8 old classmates of mine sitting there and watching some kind of movie from a projector.
      I thought about my goal again and as i was wondering, 3 of those classmates laughed at me for some reason. Maybe because i was in the way of the projector...
      I though that i'll try something fun, if they are laughing at me anyway. I recalled how i read a trick about creating an explosive chainlightning in the book, Dissolution that i'm reading currently.

      I started focusing on my hands, until there was a little bit of spark in it... I couldn't see it too clear because the colors were still in that old tone... not too colorful.
      I aimed the spark at those 3 laughing guys and thrown it in the middle of them. A suddenly explosion and they all were laying on the ground helplessly, their bodies were even steamy. I knew they were just unconscious though.
      I started moving towards the door, when another guy, R, started laughing at the others that i hit with the lightning explosion.
      I charged up again a little bit and let out a single lightning towards him and he hit the ground too.
      The 3 others that were left were just sleeping in the back of the room, i didn't want to hurt them.
      [Maybe i'm not so nice towards my DCs, but if they earned it... ].

      [I think the dream collapsed again after this and i got back in, since i don't remember how i got outside].
      So, i was walking on an unknown street outside and i remembered my goal again. I didn't want to give it up, so i thought of a new way to get to water... For some reason i remember the washing powder brand "Whirpool"... or maybe i just made that up, but during that time i thought it's real.
      I've seen a shop close to me that had all sorts of stuff in it's showcase. I walked up close to it and realized that there was actually a Whirlpool branded washing powder in there... I found it funny that i already summoned it unintentionally.

      I didn't even go into the shop, i just put my hand through the glass and took that powder. It was somewhat in liquid form, but in powder too at the same time... it looked weird.
      I was about to go and find a place where i can work out something with this. [I imagined that i could create a real whirlpool out of it and that would take me into a watery place].
      But just as i turned around, some really tall, mean and primitive looking guys stood in front of me.
      One of them said something like this to me:

      - Where do you think you are going?
      I found it funny, that they are trying to stop me:
      - Wherever i just want.

      I grabbed the guy with one hand and thrown him up into the air so high that he disappeared in the clouds. I looked at the others while smiling and went on my way

      I got to a sandy place... like a beach or something. There was a metal tower close by and it was small, but it had enough place to fit inside there. I walked up to there on a small sand hill and sit inside the tower. I reached into my pockets to take the Whirlpool powder out, since i knew i lost it somewhere, but i could recreate it from my pocket. No, it didn't work. I just couldn't see it. I held something in my hands, which was really blurry, but it wasn't the powder... i think i just imagined it to be there and it was some weak illusion.

      Well whatever, i thought i'll be on my way now and try to find another way to get to water. I was just about to climb out of this metal tower, when i noticed that my environment completely changed in the meanwhile.
      I was sitting in a concrete tower or something similar, it was bigger now and i was looking out of a framed window.
      I recognized the place as the city that's closest to my hometown, althrough it was a little different somehow.


      Just as i was thinking about this, something really weird happened. Everyone on the streets, including dogs, birds, humans, every living thing... just looked like they were sliced in two at their waists. There was blood around them and it looked freaky.
      I had no idea why that happened, but i jumped out of the window onto the street. When i landed, everything was back to normal. No blood, nothing... just people walking around happily.
      [Now that was weird i tell you O.o I didn't experience stuff like this before... and my lucids are not bloody usually, but now there was lots of blood around the half corpses].

      I flew up to one of the nearby roofs because i planned to do something there... i think i wanted to conjure something, but i don't remember it anymore.
      [Skipping a little, since i forgot this part].

      I was in our house now, althrough i don't remember what i wanted to do there. I checked into our small corridor and noticed some dark figure in a fully dark room... I got scared and flew through a wall into another room and was just about to run away when i realized: i have no reason to run!
      I turned around and felt so powerful at that moment. I looked into the face of that shadowy thing and it disappeared. I was happy.

      I flew out of the window and it was getting dark already... so i decided to try a new idea.
      [Since i can easily get back to the dream with DEILD, which basically consist of getting dark as the dream collapses and me focusing on the place where i want to find myself... or just the dream itself. Now, i thought, what if i intentionally close my eyes, to let me "wake up" (maybe, not sure if i really wake up) and focus on what i want to change about my environment...].
      So, i closed my eyes and focused on it becoming daylight again. I didn't even need to open my eyes again, soon the darkness disappeared and i was in the exact same place as before, but it was day again.
      [Yay! ].

      So i started flying towards the garden, thinking about trying to create water there with this same method.
      I reached the fig tree and looked at the garden. It was depressing to see it in this sepia-ish color, so i remembered how ASMR helped me stabilize the last time around. I started inducing it again and it felt even better than in real life. The garden soon came to life too... everything became colorful and the earth was even red-ish instead of brown, like i overcharged the colors. I did this for a while, but then remembered what i wanted to do.

      So i flew up a little higher and was looking at the ground. There were some in real non-existant trees blocking my view a bit, but it didn't matter. I focused on the ground and closed my eyes. It was dark again, like when i wake up, but i focused on creating a little lake under me, on the grassy part.
      Soon my vision returned and there was a small lake down there, althrough it was shaped like it was created by human hands. The only problem with this was that the water was totally black... like it was oil or something.
      [I unintentionally thought of Lucy because of the scary dark water... i imagined as she would pull me underwater into that darkness if i get close :/].

      I didn't want to get into that, so i closed my eyes again and imagined a clearer lake. My vision returned yet again and now there was a tiny-tiny "lake" down there. It was as big as a smaller puddle of water, but it looked clean at least. I descended down to check it out... it looked fine, so i didn't hestitate much... i considered it big enough to make me fit into it.
      I jumped into the puddle and at the same time i woke up.
      [Back with DEILD again].

      When i was back in, i was underwater somewhere... the water was clean enough for me to look around. The sides of this "pool" were made of bricks... there was basically nothing underwater, only those ugly bricks.
      I noticed a part on the top of the water where i could get out to somewhere, so i started swimming towards it. As i popped out my head, some kind of priestess [who reminded me of Lolth's priestesses and she was a drow] looked at me with wide open eyes and started yelling "We have an intruder" or something like that. I went back underwater again because of this, but for some reason i held my breath automatically, while before i could breath in the water. So as soon as i realized that i'm holding my breath, i started choking and it felt surprisingly real. I popped out again, while the priestess was running to alarm the others. I jumped back in and didn't hold my breath now, i swam to the other way, where i found another exit out of the water.

      I popped out of the water here again. This exit was looking onto a hallway which looked totally like part of a dungeon. I liked this place, so i jumped out of the water. I imagined that i could complete the basic TotM here... since i could just find a potion somewhere in the dungeon... it seemed like a really good idea and i focused on summoning a potion somewhere deeper in the place, just to not make it too easy

      I was about to start going deeper inside, but some ugly orc-like barbarian looking baddies showed up on both sides. They had axes and swords and looked really angry that i was there.
      I didn't get scared at all though. I let them get closer to me and i let out a force push from my hands, pushing the biggest orc away in front of me.
      Now there were still like 10 of them, 6 of them coming from in front of me and the others from behind. I charged up a bit and let out an even bigger force push towards the ones behind my back, while i jumped out of the way of the attackers from the front. I started smiling at how awesome this was...

      The big orc was pushed into the water further away and the group from my back were also pushed into another part of the water, they didn't seem to return, but there were still 6 enemies coming towards me. I force pushed those away too, but 2 of them didn't fall off the cliff and stood up, then started marching towards me.
      I thought that i can just get past these guys now, so i jumped above their head and jumped through small floating platforms to the other end of the hallway. They didn't seem to be able to jump after me and was just staring at me angrily. [I think i'll need to arrange more fights like this later on, i enjoyed it that more enemies tried to corner me ].

      I was in front of an altar here and there were more altars like that a little further near floating platforms, but those were too far to jump to. The altars were somewhat spider shaped, which isn't surprising as i've seen a Lolth's priestess here already.

      I checked out the altar, which had white gummybears on it... I was surprised, as i expected a potion to be here or something more dungeon-ish... but i took some of it and ate it anyway.. how could've it leave it there? I flew towards the other closest altar and checked out that too.
      It had gummybears as well, but black ones... Now i thought that maybe if i eat them along with the white ones then maybe it creates a potion in my mouth. [Lol what an idea... ].
      I started chewing on these and even while they were black colored, they tasted really good.

      I flew back to the other altar, but the gummybears were black now there too... I took some anyway and started chewing on them while imagining that they turn into a potion and that i'll just pull it out of my mouth... Just as i was doing this and felt something crunchy in my mouth, i woke up.
      I couldn't go back anymore.

      [Oh well, this was a really really long post haha... it took me 1 hour 40 minutes to write this o.o I'm not sure how i managed to spend that much, but it was fun remembering the dream]
      [I had long dreams like this already, but not since i was on DV, so this is for you all of your enjoyment now ^^]
      [I can't tell if the Negro with it's menthol helped me get this long and somewhat weird lucid, but i have a feeling that it did ]
    5. In the Sky

      by , 05-23-2012 at 04:06 PM (Zoe's weird things)
      [I went to sleep yesterday knowing that i can't sleep more than 7 hours and i might not get an LD, but i was still hopeful for an early one, it paid off ^^]
      [The lucid part of this dream happened at around 7:40AM]

      It all originated from a really long dream... it was about me and my teacher driving around the country for "sightseeing". She was driving a small car which had a trailer and i was sitting in that. While going past a grassy field, i got a little skeptic and just for fun i tried to lift another car up in the air with telekinesis as a kind of reality check. It didn't want to work out, so i just accepted it, but i remained a little more aware than usual.
      When we almost got home, i suddenly became lucid just randomly thanks to my higher awareness.

      I flew up from the trailer and hovered in the air for a while. I got my thoughts together and remembered that i had a dream before where i was practicing lucid dreaming on the street with others... i thought of how stupid i was that i didn't get lucid because of that...
      Then i flew all the way to our house, just to look around the neighbourhood for a while. While flying i noticed a small dog sitting at the doorstep of a house, looking all sad... then suddenly i heard a random girl voice from somewhere that said "Poor little doggy..."
      After that voice for some reason i had a thought that the dog is sick...
      [I didn't stop just to pet that dog, i wanted to do something more important instead, but secretly i wanted to stop by... i don't know why i didn't... Next time i'll pay a visit to him ]

      As i was flying around i realized that there were some thin clouds really close the the ground... i got a sudden thought that clouds might taste like candy floss... My goal was clear after this: to eat a cloud!
      I started flying upwards in a straight line, passing the thin clouds and getting more and more covered in the bigger ones.
      As i was advancing i totally forgot to stop and taste a cloud, it just felt too good just going as high as i can...
      After a while the white clouds started getting darker and it started to rain. It felt really real as the raindrops touched my skin. They were as big as apples, not like regular raindrops. I focused on the feeling as the raindrops touch my skin and it was a surprisingly awesome sensation It's just hard to put into words what i felt...

      I kept flying higher and higher and suddenly i popped out of the cover of clouds, there were no more of them anywhere other than at my feet. I stopped advancing as what i found up there just amazed me. Lightnings were arching in every direction in the sky, constantly flashing and lighting the darkness above. It looked really similar to this:

      I was just staring at it and thinking that a lightning might hit me, but i didn't care. I wanted it to happen, i wanted to be hit by the lightning if that's what's gonna happen.... But i didn't focus on it intentionally, so it didn't happen after all.

      I looked down and the clouds at my feet were less orderized, more scattered around than when i passed between them. I could see a huge grassy field down there and a long white building in the middle, with some forests further on the field. I think i've seen some animals walking by on the field, but i was just up too high to really determine what was it. I just felt really happy and satisfied up there... and i decided to stay instead of doing anything else.
      Suddenly i found some tendrils hanging by from a cloud and i grabbed onto them. They formed a swing under me and i was just swinging there not caring about anything. I was shouting things like "WOOOAH!" and "THIS IS THE TOP OF THE WORLD!" .
      I still heard the lightning sky buzzing above at times, but everything was just so calm and peaceful...

      I was swinging there for a while, just enjoying it, but then i suddenly woke up.... or at least i thought so... I got a false awakening.
      I suddenly found myself on the same street where i got lucid, but now i was sitting at a bench-desk (it's that bench-desk which they have in schools). At first i was suspicious, after all how could i get there? But then a girl and a boy came up to me and asked if i succeeded in getting a lucid dream. I told them that i did and they congratulated me. After this i lost my lucidity fully.
      There was a pair of girls at another table close to me, they were trying to get lucid too.
      I attempted to get another lucid dream at that bench-desk, i closed my eyes and focused then i got the same feelings just like when doing WILD, it felt really real, so i didn't suspect anything anymore. I fell "asleep", but then two guys woke me up as they were tourists and wanted to ask for directions.... then i woke up soon for real.

      [I still can't believe how i could lose lucidity like that... it's really unusual for me... :/]
      [Anyway, it was a fun dream, it just felt so good being up there in the sky, it was just so peaceful.... i wish i could really explain it better that how it felt to be there... ]

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    6. Eating a Leaf, Rampage & Angels

      by , 05-17-2012 at 11:15 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      Leaf Tastes Like Chicken

      [This one happened at 3:45AM, which is really unusual for me, my LDs are almost always in late morning]
      [I kept repeating "In the next dream i'll realize that i'm dreaming" while falling asleep... somewhat like MILD, and it worked ]

      I was in school, where i got lucid by an old classmate of mine, who had a country flag and a nickname floating next to his head... kinda unusual i'd say.
      The dream was surprisingly clear, considering that it was during the night, but i felt somewhat dizzy for some reason.
      The first thing i wanted to do is get out of the school. I looked at a tree from the window and immediately found myself in our garden, looking at another tree. I didn't mind because i got outside at least.
      I took a leaf from a bush and flew up in the air immediately. I started chewing the leaf, which tasted bitter like before. Then i decided that it should taste like chicken. It took only a moment until the taste changed, now it tasted exactly like grilled chicken, it was really nommy... too bad it was one single leaf...

      I kept flying above our garden in circles, while admiring how nice everything looks. During one of the circles i made in the air, i noticed our cat, Buci walking down in the garden and looking up at me... [This made me a little sad, because she is actually missing since 5 days in real... she was never away for that long before... ].
      I was going around for a while, enjoying the flight, but then i woke up as i unintentionally thought about the possibility of waking up... of course it happened.

      [I was so hyped because of this dream, even while it was short.. because i thought that i won't get a single LD this week. I couldn't fall asleep literally for 2 whole hours after this...]


      Icy Rampage, Angels

      [I woke up at 9:50AM and my first thought was that i didn't get another LD yet, even while i did a WBTB. This thought was enough to get me an LD soon]
      [This dream happened at around 10:20AM]

      I don't know what exactly got me lucid, i don't remember anything extraordinary.
      I was on a street in our neighbourhood, where a lot of cars were going by. During my sleepless hours i decided to find and talk with a DC in my next LD, and this was in my mind here.
      I noticed a guy standing close to the road, looking all bored. I walked up to him and got a sudden thought that i should posses his body... [I don't know where this came from].
      I didn't possess him after all, but i wanted to talk with him. Althrough when i walked closer to him, i got distracted by the thought that i should do at least one of my personal tasks for the competition thread on DV.

      I decided to wait with the chat a little and try to transform myself partially. [I didn't try full transformation yet]. I was wondering a little about the possibilities, but then i got a good idea.
      I decided to turn my hands into ice... I held them in front of me and focused, but they didn't want to change at all. I thought i'll do it the easy way then, i put my hands out of my vision and thought about them turning to ice. When i looked at my hands again, it definitely worked. They were made out of solid ice, with ice spikes coming out of them all around. It looked nice and flashy in the sun

      Somewhat like this, just more spiky.

      I got a little crazed [which happens sometimes in my LDs] and i went on a little rampage. I started creating some magical ice spikes with both of my hands, then i kept shooting those at the cars that were close to me. I did it for a while, but the cars never turned to ice as i expected at first. The spikes just left some icy scars on them, but that's it.
      I noticed some kind of long racing car passing by... The driver was clearly visible as the car didn't really have a cover... it looked like a desert vehicle or something.
      I got the urge to throw him out of his car, so i went to the car and picked it up with my hands. I turned it around in the air and the driver has fallen out of it to the ground. Then i just thrown the car away.
      He had a helmet, but i still knew that he was surprised by what i've done.
      I walked close to him and decided that i'll talk with him then, since the other guy already disappeared.

      - Hello there. How are you?
      - What? Why did you do that?
      - Well, i just wanted to talk with someone.
      - Oh.. how nice of you.
      - Well, don't be that upset...
      - Of course.. of course..
      - You know.. you seem like a really smart person, who knows a lot, so it would be nice to talk with you.
      I couldn't keep myself from laughing in my mind and think that he is just a dumb racing car driver DC... Of course he heard my thoughts... but it was too late already.
      - Sir, no. I won't talk with you. I'm not that easily fooled! /crazy laugh/

      After that crazy laugh, his face turned into a hyena's face, and he kept laughing like the hyenas from Lion King...
      I wanted to turn him to ice or something for calling me a Sir and refusing to talk with me, but i decided against it... no need to hurt every DC that doesn't agree with me
      I flew up in the air instead and decided to go on. I was looking at how awesome the sky looked, it was filled with tiny clouds all around.
      Then i noticed two clouds moving fast far away in the sky... for some reason i thought that there must be some angels there and it would be nice to borrow some wings from them...

      Just as i thought this, i turned around and noticed some clouds really close to the ground, with angels standing on them. There was also a jungle of some kind next to the clouds and it was really dark in there.
      I flew to the angels and noticed 6 little angel girls, all looking differently, like they represented a different element... fire, water, air, earth, darkness, light.
      There were some grown up angels as well, they gave some kind of instructions to the little ones... i just knew that they will be teached to keep the balance of the world with their powers.

      They actually called each of the angels by their names and introduced them to eachother, but i don't remember all of the names. The earth angel was called Nidalee. [A champion from League of Legends is named like that... yeah i played that game too much these days, it influences my dreams ].
      Then suddenly, once they introduced Nidalee, she flew past me at high speed and disappeared in the jungle. One of the grown up angels yelled something like "We knew it, she broke the balance! Try to find her before it's too late!"
      Everything started getting darker just as she said this.

      I decided to fly after her in the jungle and the other angels joined me as well. As i got to the jungle, suddenly i heard a narrator voice, who kept talking about the battle of the angels... It was just like if the voice would be reading a book. I was distracted by this and just lost my focus on myself.
      The narrator said something like "She was weak and couldn't do much anymore... she was just laying there, helpless..."
      Just as he said this, i've seen everything from the eyes of someone who was laying on a huge tree branch.
      He continued: "She couldn't see anything other than the assassin, Akali, standing in front of her, sweating because of the hard battle.."
      [Akali is also a champion from League of Legends... ugh... i really need to play it less ].
      The narrator continued again, while i heard loud noises of battle coming from the dark jungle: "She didn't see the assassin anymore... she didn't see anything. The poison worked fast and it was too much to bear........."
      My perspective suddenly changed to a "flying camera" like and it slowly moved towards another huge branch, where a shotgun was placed. This was the last thing i've seen before i woke up.

      [I didn't really do what i planned for today (meet Amy Lee), but it was fun anyway. That angel part of the dream was weird, especially the narrator thing, but i kinda liked it... It was like i lived a book or something ^^]

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    7. The World of Monkeys

      by , 04-25-2012 at 08:41 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Tried a WBTB + SSILD again today, falling asleep took longer than yesterday, but after all i was successfull ]

      I slept for like 1 hour when i woke up from a dream and i was still in Sleep Paralysis, which was nothing new to me. So i decided to DEILD my way into LD
      It didn't took long until i opened my eyes and found myself in the dream, fully lucid.
      What was before my eyes was totally AWESOME. I was floating high in the sky and a huge colorful world was opened before me. It looked a little similar to the movie AVATAR, there were colorful plants everywhere, beautiful green grassed tundras and jungles were all around.
      The inhabitants of this world were different kinds of HUGE monkeys, apes... The smaller ones were big as a car and the biggest ones reached the height of whole buildings. There were also colorful birds flying around in the sky and bees and different insects doing their work

      The monkeys looked like they were the owners of these lands, they were walking, running around in smaller groups, or just sitting and sleeping under big trees. It looked like they don't really get competition.
      I had a plan for today that i want to summon an extraordinary creature [i already knew what creature, but that's a secret for now], so i wanted to find a calm place where the monkeys can't find me and interrupt me.
      I started flying around and wanted to pass through a huge rock wall, but by reflex i closed my eyes when entering the rock, so i woke up. [But i was able to come back to the dream the same way as i did in the beginning].
      After i was back in the dream again, i was standing on the ground in the big grass and a group of monkeys and apes were coming slowly towards me in a line, but it was obvious that they didn't care about me, they just wanted to pass by.

      I decided to turn to super speed and run away and find a safe place faster. As i passed near the monkey group, the first 4 of them didn't do anything, they didn't even look at me. But then i've got a feeling that the 5th one, the biggest ape which had reddish fur and looked angry planned to hit me when i pass by him, so i jumped when i reached him. He didn't hit me at all though.
      After this i was going at full speed again and looked behind my back just in case.... Now i suddenly noticed that there was a huge black ape coming after me at full speed and was growling loudly. I got really scared at first at the sudden appereance of him, but then i jumped up in the air just before he reached me.
      I landed on a column, which didn't look like it would fit this world, it was just an usual concrete column.
      The ape smashed it's head against a wall-like thing and i woke up again just at this moment, not sure exactly why.
      [I went back to the dream again, using the same method as twice above].

      When i got back into the dream again, i was up high the sky, standing on a cloud and i even had feathered white wings. All i've seen was white clouds everywhere and some kind of altar a little further on another cloud. I didn't care about the altar, because i still wanted to do my summoning, so i just flew down and wanted to get back to the monkey world. I passed through the clouds easily, but then i noticed a huge glowing purple-black energy field like something floating below the clouds... It looked like something evil took over the world... I tried to fly through it, but the darkness took over me and i woke up again...

      [After this i couldn't go back anymore, because i wasn't in SP and accidently moved my feet...]
      [This was a kinda memorable dream for me, even while i couldn't do much, that world was just so interesting ]

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