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    Painful Flying Kitten, Trying to Talk to Amy Lee

    by , 06-26-2012 at 06:35 AM (1721 Views)
    [The dream was at around 6:30AM]
    [So finally had a lucid that i was able to recall well enough after laying in bed for a while after waking up.. it was in time, since my last lucid recorded here was 13 days ago]
    [My recall is really bad these days and it even affected the dream, it was blurry most of the time]

    I was running on a street in a regular dream, where something exploded and i knew that my mom was there at the explosion... I thought that it must be a dream, because something like this wouldn't happen. So i started running and just flew up into the air simply. I got lucid thanks to this.

    As flying above the streets, i noticed that everything was dark again, like in my lucids these weeks... Like i don't have enough control. I wanted to change this, but also got scared for some reason...
    I flew back to our house and i noticed that the lights are on in our outbuilding, so i flew in there, hoping to bring the light out with myself.
    As i got in there, i found one of my cats doing something in a corner... I wasn't sure what he did, but he looked embarassed and started walking away.

    I flew out through the closed windows and kept thinking about how i'll bring out the light with myself from inside the building. As soon as i found myself outside, turns out it didn't succeed.
    Everything was still dark, so i flew up again and held my hands in front of my eyes to try and use my really light white hands and create daylight from them. I held them in front of me and then moved them away, focusing on them blurring my vision, so maybe the lighter colors will remain... but it didn't work much.. it only got lighter a little bit. [I was kinda bored of this darkness already, it just happens too much since a while].

    Oh, i was part of your dream? Cool!

    Some kind of fear feeling got over me yet again as i was in the air and suddenly a black kitten [who i recognized immediately, it was my cat, Kormi] started flying at me really fast. He got to me and "climbed" on my hand and i felt a huge pain. For some reason this cute little kitten was scary. I wanted to get rid of him, but he kept holding on my hand and anytime i moved it, i felt that unbelievable pain.
    I flew into our house, hoping to lose him while passing through the glass window, but he was still there, hurting even more...

    Then i realized that all i have to do is think positively. So i started thinking about how this is just a dream and nothing should hurt me, everything shouldn't be dark outside.
    This seemed to work, because my kitten disappeared finally. I flew out of the window yet again and now it was around 7:30PM in the dream, judging by the amount of light the environment gained. [So it wasn't that dark anymore, i could see well now, but it was getting dark soon].

    I was happy that it worked and in my happiness, i flew up to some electrical wires above me and started chewing on one of them. I thought that it's funny that these would be deadly in real.
    They tasted horribly though, just like rubber... I thought about that they should taste like gummycandy, but it didn't seem to work, so i left them.
    I noticed some electrical storm really far away in the horizont, i wanted to go and check it out.
    I had a thought that the cables empowered me, so i changed to super speed flying and headed that way. While flying at extreme speed, i let out some kind of electrical pulses out of my body and they zapped the air around me

    When i got to the storm, it was kinda disappointing.... it got really tiny and not that huge as it seemed from further away, so i left and went back to my starting position.
    While flying back that way, i remembered my goal, i wanted to find Amy Lee, to ask her some things. [Along with questions about how to befriend Lucy... after all they are both DCs, so she might know].
    I flew out to our street and made a remark on how there were no people anywhere. Then i landed on top of a big transformer that is standing at the end of our street.

    Amy Lee

    I kept thinking about Amy standing on the other side of the transformer and i was turning around to summon her. As i was turning, the transformer was tottering as the air moved it, but i didn't feel unsafe.
    Soon after this suddenly the environment shifted around me, now i was still standing on the transformer, but was in our ourbuilding. [Which's ceiling got much much taller].

    I noticed a macho looking guy on the ground below. He shouted something at me, but i don't remember it. He seemed to trying to tell me something important, but i didn't care much about it.
    For some reason i was able to look through the wall without any effort at this moment... I noticed a DC walking away from the building outside, and she had a black hair and i thought that it must be Amy Lee.
    I put my head through the wall and looked down at her, she didn't look up at me, but her eyes were on me and she was smiling at me like she was planning something bad. [I knew it for sure now, she looked perfectly like Amy and i was happy that my mind was able to recreate her so beautifully ]

    I flew outside and landed behind her as she was trying to leave the garden.
    I wanted to say something to her, but suddenly hear someone behind me, shouting "CAREFULLY!".
    I looked behind me, and it was a naked girl, who's body was made of plastic, only her head was human. I just knew it that this was the same guy who were standing near the transformator before... he just changed.
    I turned back to Amy, not caring about this random person, even while i had a thought that maybe he/she was the one who brought Amy here.

    Just as i looked at her, i heard a howling sound and she started transforming into some kind of monster... It was like a werewolf, but bigger and had some unrecognizable parts on itself.
    That weird person behind me said nothing, but i heard in my mind as he/she was thinking "I told you".
    Ah well... how could i know that this was just a trick and not the real Amy? I flew up in the air away from this monster, then woke up.

    [I guess this dream wasn't so bad, despite the fact that it wasn't that clear as they are usually, but that's thanks to my recall... gotta work on it more now ]
    [I'm going back to sleep, since it's just 7:30 when writing this entry, so i hopefully be able to post another LD today ^^]
    [11:40AM Edit: Well, couldn't get another LD, sadly, just some regular dreams and a sleep paralysis ]

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