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    Petting a Squirrel, Car Driving

    by , 06-27-2012 at 06:50 AM (1649 Views)
    [Had this dream at around 6:30AM yet again, just like yesterday's lucid Seems like i follow some kind of pattern here ^^]
    [For some reason the dream collapsed on me around 15 times, so i won't mention it every single time, since i can't tell all the exact places where it collapsed]

    I was at the end of our garden, near the raspberry bushes, with lots of random people i don't know and some scorpions and lethal critters were attacking those people. It got me lucid, since that was just stupid
    The first thing i did was fly up into the air, just to get away from the scorpions, just in case.
    Then as i was about to go and explore, i woke up.
    [I went back with DEILD].

    As i was back in, i realized how fast the dream collapsed... i hoped it won't happen anymore, but even unwantedly i kept thinking about it's possibility.
    Then i wanted to stabilize a little, since the dream was almost black and white, which is actually not that usual for me. So i thought that i'll try out something new. I remembered the talk about ASMR on DV from some days ago.

    Basically as i was floating in the air, i induced the ASMR feeling. The waves went all over my body and it felt good, but a little weak. As i did this, i kept thinking about how awesome it's to be in a lucid dream.
    These two things combined caused the world around me to gain lots of color. It was amazing to watch how the colors suddenly returned to the environment

    I didn't really have much idea what to do, so i kept stumbling around our outbuilding and the garden, when i noticed a squirrel eating from our cats' bowl. I went up to it and started petting it. It seemed peaceful enough, but i felt like it didn't like being petted. [Too bad, since it was really cute ^^]

    As i was petting the squirrel, i woke up again.
    [Back with DEILD of course].

    Up to this point the dream collapsed multiple times, but i didn't worry. I just stabilized by ASMR everytime when i got back in. The colors coming back into the world was just too good to see to pass this kind of stabilization
    Then i realized that the squirrel ran away, it wasn't at the bowl already. Well, i guessed it didn't like being petted for sure now. I flew up into the air and while doing so, i had some black backgrounded forum's picture popping in before me. All i could see was that people on that forum were talking about Dream Guides.

    As this was over, i got an idea. I'll get on the roof and shout out for a Dream Guide, since Lucy doesn't seem to be happy to help me out. [Of course with it in mind that i wouldn't accept the approaching DG if it would look/act stupid, i still plan about Lucy].
    So i kept flying towards the roof, but i got trapped in a loop. As i was flying upwards, through the plastic roof we have over the ledge, anytime i passed the roof, there was another same looking plastic roof above me.

    I gave up on it because i woke up multiple times during trying this. Instead i flew towards the street. At this moment something passed my mind: Someone on DV was complaining about how i always just fly everywhere in my dreams. I thought that i'll change that now just for the sake of it
    I got to the closest crossroads and thought about a place in the city where i could easily call out for a DG. [Sadly i don't remember what place i planned to go to].

    So to get there, i didn't want to fly, so i descended to the ground.
    I thought i'll go by car, since i don't remember driving a car at all in lucids before... and since i go by car like 1-2 times a year max [we don't have a car] it might be even fun to drive it. So i walked up to the closest market's "parking lot" and checked out the available cars.
    There was a huge black jeep there and it seemed like an obvious choice

    I walked up to the car and as i passed it i grabbed the left side's mirror and broke it off just for fun. Then i looked inside the car. There was a random guy sitting on the backseat, holding some bag of clothes in his hands and staring at me with half-open eyes. He seemed to be injured or just basically sick.
    I grabbed the guy and just teared him out of the car along with the door, then thrown him away. [I know i was mean, but he is just a DC].
    It felt kinda good that i just teared that door out with the guy so easily...

    This is a sight i rarely see.

    So i hopped onto the front seat, not caring about the missing door. I didn't even use the keys, the car just started as soon as i wanted it to. At first i even forgot to use the gas pedal [haha].
    The car went surprisingly fast and took the corners so easily... totally not like how i remembered it... probably the dream altered it a little. Even the feeling of sitting in the car felt differently.

    I passed some pedestrians, carefully to not hit them, then i started using the gas pedal to speed up. I drove in the direction of the city, taking corners at extra speed. I was wondering that maybe i should use the brake, so i stepped on it at the next corner... But it seemed useless, after all i was just dreaming... why would i use the brake?
    So as i was on my way, i woke up yet again, but accidently moved a little bit and couldn't get back anymore.

    [Well, i guess it wasn't that bad of a dream, even while i didn't do much... driving a car was interesting, yet it didn't feel so realistic... Maybe another time ]
    [Is that right that the brake is on the left side and the gas pedal is on the right? Because it was like that in the dream.. i'm not sure if it's like that in real too ]
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    1. CaptainCrounche's Avatar
      Hi Zoe
      Can you please tell me more about the ASMR technique that you used, or point me to the thread where you discussed it? It seems like it could help me focus and hopefully start having lucid dreams!
      Also, you're right, the gas pedal is on the right!
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    2. littlezoe's Avatar
      Hmm, well here is a site that explains ASMR somewhat: ASMR Research & Support

      Basically it's not related to dreaming, but i'm able to induce this myself in real life and i thought that i would try it in the dream too. Since it's a good and sedative feeling, i got calmed down in the dream and it caused my dream to stabilize, since i wasn't worrying about it collapsing anymore
      You could probably just earn the same stabilization with other methods too, if you don't know what ASMR is like...
    3. CaptainCrounche's Avatar
      Thanks! It seems to me that it's mostly induced by external factors, so I guess you have to be really good at controlling your dream to be able to invoke a person to do that to you!
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    4. littlezoe's Avatar
      Hmm well no, i induced it all by myself in the dream. I'm able to do it in real too, but when i induce it myself it's somewhat weaker than when it's induced by an external factor

      Personally i think that anyone could induce it by themselves in the dreams, since it's all in your head. It's worth a try, i guess ^^
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    5. CaptainCrounche's Avatar
      So many things our bodies can do I didn't even suspect before!! Thanks for the insight
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