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    In the Sky

    by , 05-23-2012 at 04:06 PM (826 Views)
    [I went to sleep yesterday knowing that i can't sleep more than 7 hours and i might not get an LD, but i was still hopeful for an early one, it paid off ^^]
    [The lucid part of this dream happened at around 7:40AM]

    It all originated from a really long dream... it was about me and my teacher driving around the country for "sightseeing". She was driving a small car which had a trailer and i was sitting in that. While going past a grassy field, i got a little skeptic and just for fun i tried to lift another car up in the air with telekinesis as a kind of reality check. It didn't want to work out, so i just accepted it, but i remained a little more aware than usual.
    When we almost got home, i suddenly became lucid just randomly thanks to my higher awareness.

    I flew up from the trailer and hovered in the air for a while. I got my thoughts together and remembered that i had a dream before where i was practicing lucid dreaming on the street with others... i thought of how stupid i was that i didn't get lucid because of that...
    Then i flew all the way to our house, just to look around the neighbourhood for a while. While flying i noticed a small dog sitting at the doorstep of a house, looking all sad... then suddenly i heard a random girl voice from somewhere that said "Poor little doggy..."
    After that voice for some reason i had a thought that the dog is sick...
    [I didn't stop just to pet that dog, i wanted to do something more important instead, but secretly i wanted to stop by... i don't know why i didn't... Next time i'll pay a visit to him ]

    As i was flying around i realized that there were some thin clouds really close the the ground... i got a sudden thought that clouds might taste like candy floss... My goal was clear after this: to eat a cloud!
    I started flying upwards in a straight line, passing the thin clouds and getting more and more covered in the bigger ones.
    As i was advancing i totally forgot to stop and taste a cloud, it just felt too good just going as high as i can...
    After a while the white clouds started getting darker and it started to rain. It felt really real as the raindrops touched my skin. They were as big as apples, not like regular raindrops. I focused on the feeling as the raindrops touch my skin and it was a surprisingly awesome sensation It's just hard to put into words what i felt...

    I kept flying higher and higher and suddenly i popped out of the cover of clouds, there were no more of them anywhere other than at my feet. I stopped advancing as what i found up there just amazed me. Lightnings were arching in every direction in the sky, constantly flashing and lighting the darkness above. It looked really similar to this:

    I was just staring at it and thinking that a lightning might hit me, but i didn't care. I wanted it to happen, i wanted to be hit by the lightning if that's what's gonna happen.... But i didn't focus on it intentionally, so it didn't happen after all.

    I looked down and the clouds at my feet were less orderized, more scattered around than when i passed between them. I could see a huge grassy field down there and a long white building in the middle, with some forests further on the field. I think i've seen some animals walking by on the field, but i was just up too high to really determine what was it. I just felt really happy and satisfied up there... and i decided to stay instead of doing anything else.
    Suddenly i found some tendrils hanging by from a cloud and i grabbed onto them. They formed a swing under me and i was just swinging there not caring about anything. I was shouting things like "WOOOAH!" and "THIS IS THE TOP OF THE WORLD!" .
    I still heard the lightning sky buzzing above at times, but everything was just so calm and peaceful...

    I was swinging there for a while, just enjoying it, but then i suddenly woke up.... or at least i thought so... I got a false awakening.
    I suddenly found myself on the same street where i got lucid, but now i was sitting at a bench-desk (it's that bench-desk which they have in schools). At first i was suspicious, after all how could i get there? But then a girl and a boy came up to me and asked if i succeeded in getting a lucid dream. I told them that i did and they congratulated me. After this i lost my lucidity fully.
    There was a pair of girls at another table close to me, they were trying to get lucid too.
    I attempted to get another lucid dream at that bench-desk, i closed my eyes and focused then i got the same feelings just like when doing WILD, it felt really real, so i didn't suspect anything anymore. I fell "asleep", but then two guys woke me up as they were tourists and wanted to ask for directions.... then i woke up soon for real.

    [I still can't believe how i could lose lucidity like that... it's really unusual for me... :/]
    [Anyway, it was a fun dream, it just felt so good being up there in the sky, it was just so peaceful.... i wish i could really explain it better that how it felt to be there... ]

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    1. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      That sounded like a very exhilarating lucid dream Littlezoe. Congrats on getting another lucid.
      littlezoe likes this.
    2. littlezoe's Avatar

      Yeah, it was a nice experience Since this dream when i look at clouds i get remembered of that careless happiness i felt in that dream, i want to fly up to the clouds right now!
      Dreamprofesser likes this.