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    1. Clone of Lucy, Basic TotM

      by , 05-07-2012 at 10:51 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Basically i woke up myself with an alarm at 3AM for a WILD attempt, which failed. After this i was just sleeping, didn't even do a WBTB today]
      [This dream happened at around 10:20AM]

      I was just watching my family at a restaurant, as they were eating icecream and they acted like they didn't know me, it got me lucid.
      At first the dream was kinda instabile, i could feel it, so i decided to do some RCs. This was the first time i tried the nose pinch RC in a dream, it worked interestingly well and it also stabilized the dream for a while.
      I was at some kind of crossroads, which had a little grassy park in the middle, it looked like an interesting place, definitely not something that i've seen before.

      My first thought was that i have no time to waste now [like i did in the last LD], so i decided to try and summon Lucy around me, to make it easier and faster to find her, just in case the dream would get instabile again.
      I kept thinking that she is near me, to summon her and i was turning all around slowly. I could only see random people walk be in every direction in the park. At first i noticed a smaller girl coming towards me, but i knew that it's not her.
      Then i thought that it won't work and shouted "Lucy!".
      Just when i did this, i felt that someone gently grabbed my arm. I looked around and noticed a nice looking girl with blonde hair and some freckles on her face.
      [I was confused, as her hair is supposed to be black and not blonde... but this wasn't the first time she changed her look. I was a little suspicious, whether it's really her or not, but i've got the feeling that it is].

      She started talking:
      - I'm here
      I was looking at her in awe for some seconds, because i thought that she'll just attack me, but she smiled and was nice to me. Then i asked:
      - Why is your hair blonde?
      - Don't worry! /playful laugh/

      I got a little calm and was happy that maybe she finally decided to be friendly to me and help. Just as i was wondering, we kept going as she holded my hand.
      Suddenly i noticed that someone grabbed my other hand and forced it behind my back. I couldn't look around fully, but i noticed a girl looking exactly like Lucy, but with black hair. I heard some quiet laughter or something and started seeing dark flames everywhere as it tries to consume me.

      [I didn't worry that much, i kept in mind that if she acts scary, i can fight her off, this is my dream].
      I shouted to them "This is my dream, you won't do this to me!"
      But just as i did, i woke up as i couldn't see anything from the dark flames.

      [I went back to the dream with DEILD].

      When i was back in again, i couldn't see Lucy or her clone either. I still felt like they are close, so i flew up in the air to check, but couldn't see them from there either.
      It got a little dark in the meanwhile, i did some more stabilization as well. The first thing that popped in my mind now was that i could try doing the TotM challenges, as Lucy was gone already and it seems that she doesn't want to cooperate today. Then decided to try to find a well lit place, just to be sure.
      Suddenly i found myself in our house, but i just flew through the window [through the glass, like usual] and landed in our garden. I wanted to try teleporting to the sports centre that is always fully lit, even at night. I did some attempts, but my eyes always unintentionally closed a little, so i decided that this is not good, i should think out a better teleporting style later.
      [Just then i woke up again, but went back with DEILD again].

      When i was back in again, i was now standing close to that sports centre that i wanted to teleport to, but it was daytime already. I kept the TotM challenge in mind. I noticed a bus coming by that had a lot of teenagers on it, i just knew that they were going on a tour or something. I flew through the back of the bus, and sit down inside.
      Nobody seemed to notice me at first, so i just kept wondering which challenge to try first... I decided with the advanced one. I started walking slowly and focusing that my plushie shark would appear on the seat near a girl that i was focusing on. I checked, but it was nowhere.
      Then i decided with doing the basic task, it will be much easier, there were a lot of people on the bus.

      At first i wanted to make sure my body is safe, before i take over someone else's, so i asked a girl to take care of my body in the meanwhile and don't let it fall down or something. So i sit down on her lap and asked her to hold me. I got out of my body fast and easily, i was floating as some kind of invisible gas or something, it was really easy to move around. I looked around a little and found a girl who's body will be okay. [It was mostly girls on the bus, but i didn't want to take over a boy's body anyway].
      I just flew into her mouth and the next thing i noticed that i was in control of her. The others were watching with surprise what i did. I smiled at them, making sure for them that their friend is gone, it's me now. They looked a little scared, but i didn't care.
      I didn't really know what to do now, as i already took over a DCs body, but it would've been too boring to leave it at it.
      So.. i thought about a little fun. I walked back to my real body, which the other girl was holding, and i climbed on top of it. It was an interesting and weird feeling that i'm laying on my own body... I smiled a little at this, then kissed my real body. I was laughing in my mind, but it felt good anyway

      After this i descended back into my own body and jumped through the right side of the bus.
      Interestingly, i was still in the same place where i entered the bus, like it didn't move at all. I was walking on the street a little, while some weird dog vaccination ads were popping in from nowhere, for some seconds i could only see these. When it was over, i took a huge car from the street and thrown it on another and i decided to stop the dream now, because if i keep going i might forget some parts.

      [I woke up by myself, which might sound stupid, but i wanted to make sure i remember everything ]
      [I had some more unintentional awakenings, but i could always go back with DEILD. I didn't mention each of them, because i just can't remember where exactly did they happen]

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