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    Terror, Unstable Dream Ends in Kisses

    by , 07-16-2012 at 10:45 AM (1456 Views)
    First REM Terror

    [I went to bed at 11:30PM yesterday and had this dream at 1:15AM, which makes me believe that it was in my first REM cycle ]
    [Sometimes i wonder why i use this AM/PM stuff in my own DJ... but i guess i'll be nice, after all, it's hard to count to 24 ]

    I was sitting in my room on the ground and watching some kind of musical show, where they've played "Songs of the Years" or something... 2009 and 2010 were listed on the side of the screen.
    As i was watching this, i heard the noise of keys and heard that someone has opened the door and walked into the house. I turned off the TV fast, to make it seem like i'm sleeping already.
    Soon after this i heard that the other TV in the living room was turned on and the same show continued.

    I was wondering who this might this late at night, so i walked out to the living room, carefully.
    I noticed that it was my old love and she also carried a bag with herself. She smiled at me and called me to watcht the show with her, so i stood next to her and we both started watching it. It took some time until i suddenly thought "What..? What is she doing here?!" I turned back to look at her and she was still staring at the TV. I became lucid here.

    I backed away from her and suddenly i felt an unimaginable fear. I turned away from her and wanted to jump out of the window, but at that moment i knew that something was watching me and it wanted to attack me. I couldn't think too much, so i started flying around the room, while everything got darker and darker... it was like dark flames were trying to consume me. I kept flying in a circle and shouting in my mind "NO! I CAN FIGHT IT!" and similar things, but i couldn't really believe it at that time. [I was so scared and confused that i didn't really know what to do at that time].

    The walls soon turned into wood with missing planks, like it was an old wooden building about to collapse. I flew out of the wall and continued the "escape" along the street.
    I constantly felt that terror as something was chasing me and like the whole world was against me. Everything got blurrier and i could barely see anymore as it was nighttime and my eyes were teary for some reason. I rubbed my right eye with one hand, then the left one too the same way, which then made me able to see clearly, but it was still dark outside.

    I flew as fast as i could and i got to some kind of mountain and decided to fly upwards. I still didn't feel safe, i could feel that something was really close to me and that i could hardly escape it. When i almost got up to the top of the mountain, suddenly a ceiling appeared above me. That surprised me a bit and i fell back down. The ground was only some meters away now and as soon as my back hit it, i woke up.

    [Ah well... i can't really put that terror into words, i was just overwhelmed by it. It felt like i wasn't allowed to be lucid at that time ]
    [It really rare when i get lucid this early during the night... when i woke up i first imagined the time to be 5AM at least... but it was just 1:15AM]


    They Can't Kiss Right

    [Had this dream at 9:15AM, a bit later than usually, because i woke up for WBTB later than i should've done so]
    [Lol, it took me a while to find a somewhat good title for this dream, but it seemed impossible, so here you go...]
    [Oh and i took 3 Negro candies yet again, for the menthol]

    I was just trying to hide from an insane teacher, who i insulted earlier in the dream and she knocked me unconscious with a Tesla-Coil. I ran through the city and then found myself in another town soon.
    The teacher was really close, so i decided to fly up into the air... Since i was able to do so, i became lucid.

    The dream felt rather unstable and it was kinda blurry... i remembered that i told Dreamprofessor that i'll try to find him on this Monday, but i can't do it in a dream like this.
    I decided to fly high in the sky and think out something else to do.
    Soon i reached a huge bubble near the clouds... it looked rather strong, not like a normal bubble. As soon as i noticed it, for some reason i had a thought that there's a candyland like place in the bubble. [I have no idea where i got that...].

    I got through the side of the bubble, but it turned out to be much smaller than i expected, also it was EMPTY... ah what a disappointment
    I decided to leave this place if i can't even find a single gummycandy or something...
    I flew back down to that town where i came from. I started floating nearby a long street. I just realized at this time, that the town was supposed to be near a lake, but the water was missing from it. This made me remember that i still wanted to explore underwater, as my last attempt turned out differently than i wanted it to. [I imagined the exploration to be fully underwater and not just a small part that leads to ground again].

    Soon i noticed a pool further down the street. I turned around and imagined it to be bigger, then turned back to check it out. It definitely got bigger, but not big enough...
    I turned around to check for other possible underwater sources. The other side of this street ended in a long street that was close to our house. I looked back and forth... it looked weird how the world merged two different towns together

    I started slowly flying above this street towards the part that lead to my town. I was constantly checking around for some water when suddenly i found a nice looking pool.

    There were some kids playing in this pool and it wasn't even too big, but i decided to try my luck at it... I jumped into the water and woke up immediately.
    [Back with DEILD].

    Ok... that was a bad idea... it seemed like this blurry dream didn't really want me to do anything good.
    I moved on from this place, towards the closest market... i thought that maybe i could find something there...
    I almost passed by the market while i was distracted by how the dream was trying to collapse constantly, i had to focus on stuff around me to stop it from doing so. [It tried to collapse multiple times earlier as well].

    I stopped in the air and thought of going in the market building, but then i noticed two rocker girls standing on the grassy part near the market. Ah well... i thought that if this dream is so pathetic, then at least i'll end it in a fun way

    I descended to the ground near them and to my surprise the dream finally got clear. But since i was already committed...
    I checked them out for a while. One of them had black hair and fully black clothes and had a somewhat mean look on her face. She was standing near the wall. The other girl had blonde hair and looked a little more friendlier, with black and white clothes. They both had heavy eyeliner around their eyes. [Well, i like that style, so i didn't want to just leave them there ]

    I walked up to the black haired one and kissed her. I focused on keeping my eyes open to not make the dream collapse on me.
    She just kissed horribly, she didn't even move her mouth or tongue at all, she was like a plastic doll or something. I backed away from her shortly after and was thinking of an insult of how badly she kissed, but then decided against saying it out loud... after all she is a DC, she knew what i thought.
    Instead, i walked up to the blonde now and kissed her too. It was somewhat better and her lips felt somewhat more life-like, but still not quite right. She didn't do anything either just like her friend, she just let me play around in her mouth without any interaction from her part.
    I still got excited while kissing her and felt that tingling in real life again, but i could withstand it for a while... but not for long enough, it distracted me too much and caused me to wake up.

    [Oh well... those girls kissed like dead weasels, not like i know what's that like, lolol... i'm going crazy here... ]
    [Anyway, i'm really disappointed of this lucid. I wanted to meet Dreamprofessor or at least do something interesting, but when the dream is so blurry and unstable, it's not much fun and takes away from the experience.. ]
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    1. Wolfwood's Avatar
      Hehe, and so the theme is here too: dark haired girls seem mean, and the blonde ones seem more friendly.
      littlezoe likes this.
    2. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Nice zoe, keep it up!
      littlezoe likes this.
    3. littlezoe's Avatar
      Hehe, and so the theme is here too: dark haired girls seem mean, and the blonde ones seem more friendly.
      Hah, my subconscious might want to tell me something with that...
      But i find this weird as i find black/brown hair more attractive than blonde...

      Nice zoe, keep it up!
      Thank you, i try

      Ever since i take the menthol candies, it feels like i get lucid much much easier
      Linkzelda likes this.
    4. Wolfwood's Avatar
      Haha, yeah you do, but your subconscious mind loves blondes. Influencing the show!

      I envy you for getting lucid yet again... damn you.
      littlezoe likes this.
    5. littlezoe's Avatar
      Haha, yeah you do, but your subconscious mind loves blondes. Influencing the show!
      Aww why? xD

      Now you made me think of Lucy by this black-blonde talk... i think tomorrow i'll focus on meeting her again... even if she might try to trick me
    6. Wolfwood's Avatar
      I reckon it'd be pretty cool meeting her again -- her mind games seem to make it better. How long do your lucids typically last?
      littlezoe likes this.
    7. littlezoe's Avatar
      Hmmm honestly, i could hardly tell. I rarely focus on the time itself, but when it's longer than usual, i just somehow notice that... but i couldn't tell how long they are usually. I like to enjoy the dream without worrying about the time
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