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    1. (22/11/11) - Too many weird things to name...

      by , 11-22-2011 at 03:48 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      This is what I get for staying up too late...that always gives me weird dreams from a lack of clarity

      1) The dream began fairly normally. I was Skype chatting with a friend whom I hadn't heard from in a while and she was just telling me about how they had a chemical leak and had to evacuate the house when suddenly people started peering over my shoulder and refused to go away. Well that was awkward, so I moved to a different computer and tried to keep talking. Before long I was interrupted by another person (who just randomly was there all of a sudden) who told me that the guy that wrote "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" wrote a new song back in 2008 and it was a big hit that I should look up. He wouldn't stop pestering me about it so I gave in and interrupted the chat to look the thing up on YouTube. Couldn't find it anywhere, and the guy had left after a while, so I went back to Skype...only to be interrupted by someone telling me I had to come with them to some gathering at a farmhouse. I didn't want to go, but before I knew it I was right there at the party...and not happy with this DC at all for bringing me there. So then my captors tried to make me feel better by attempting to set me up with one of the girls there. They were nice but I wasn't interested...I just wanted to catch up with my friend on Skype! I ran away to some little office room that had WiFi and opened up Skype on my iPod...and my friend was gone. Frustrated, I went back outside and just hung around until the party was over.

      Dream Signs: unusual events, being pulled away from a task, frustration with something, being at a new place

      Big goes here.
    2. (21/11/11) - Back from Break with a Bang

      by , 11-21-2011 at 04:08 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      So last week I took off from the DJ because my sleep schedule was kinda brutal, making lucid dreaming more or less impossible. I got caught back up over the weekend though and this week shouldn't be as hard on me. Last night, at least, I was caught up on sleep enough to a) stay awake long enough to MILD, and b) have clear enough dreams to go lucid!

      I became aware that I was dreaming right as the previous dream was beginning to fade away. I began to rub my hands together, but the dream continued to fade into darkness. I started spinning too, not so quickly as to wake me up, but just enough to generate sensations that would pull me back into the dreamworld. It worked, and suddenly everything shot into crystal clarity...and I found myself as a girl (kinda weird sensation, that ) in a circular fantasy-style arena with a monolythic cylinder at the center. The whole dream then went into Final Fantasy mode and I had the get up and an oversized sword, and a giant beast on the cylinder to fight. I had fun running around and pulling off crazy moves to fight it, but the beast only lasted a few seconds against my attacks before it was destroyed and burst into oblivion. No other creatures came, so I jumped up to the top of the arena (a good 20 or 30 foot jump) and walked out into a hallway to explore the dream world more. Unfortunately I have only fragments of what happened later, even though I maintained lucidity for a decent length of time.
    3. (14/11/11) - Lucid Nightmare

      by , 11-14-2011 at 04:47 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      Not such great recall last night, not much time to write about it, either

      1) I was in a dystopia where the people weren't zombies, but pretty quickly became the living equivalent. I was lost and unable to make it to work or anything that I'd normally do in a day. At last I reality checked and became lucid, but I had so many false memories and such a bad environment that I didn't even attempt to simply recover the dream and turn it into something good. Instead I went inside a house, climbed up to the highest window, stepped out on the ledge, and then used my mind to shut the window on my heels, thus knocking me off to my death below, and effectively waking me up.

      At least I can mark another LD on my sig from that!
      Tags: dystopia
      lucid , nightmare
    4. (12/11/11) LD Explosion, Adam Jensen (Deus Ex), and Epic Paradoxes

      by , 11-12-2011 at 05:38 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      Well, due to life getting extremely busy I had to take off a week of keeping up with my DJ, and last night being the first night of the weekend, I got to try again to lucid dream...and boy did I!

      1) & 2) Just fragments of the first couple dreams of the night. Can't remember a lot of what I did, but I do recall quite clearly finding a mirror, looking at myself in it, and telling myself that I was dreaming until it sank in that I really was. I went lucid this way in both dreams and then went to do stuff, but sadly lost lucidity again fairly quickly.

      3) I was keeping a DJ (yes, in the dream) of the previous two dreams in the night. Suddenly I realized I was still dreaming though, and so I happily marked a third lucid dream for one night...just before waking up.

      4) By this point I'd finally gotten enough sleep for dreams to be fairly clear, and so I was wandering through some futuristic facility, unaware that I was asleep, when out of the corner of my eye I caught my reflection in a broken sheet of metal that was dangling from the wall. As I approached it, I began to marvel at how realistic the reflection was...which clued me in that I was dreaming and subconsciously knew it. I repeated the process of looking at myself in the mirror and telling myself quite firmly that I was dreaming until I really did gain lucidity...and this time held onto it! When I looked away from the mirror I was suddenly Adam Jensen, which I found cool and decided to stick with. I was on the basement level of the facility, and I decided there would be a villain at the top level, and I had to get there to stop him from some evil plot. And of course in Deus Ex style, that also meant I had to do a lot of sneaking around to get there. Well, I didn't do the best job at being subtle so security guards caught onto my presence very quickly, but a single punch to the face took each and every one of them out so easily it was almost disappointing. So I let two guys wake back up from the knockout punch and start chasing me, this time with the fun being in finding a way to hide from them. I began to half-fly-half-freerun all over the place until I rounded a corner, expecting to find a door to a crazy room on the other side. I did. Once inside, I was in a room that had its geometry duplicated on the ceiling, making it vertically symmetrical. I flew upside down and stood on the ceiling as the two guys ran inside on the floor, which was upside down to me, now. They couldn't figure out how the heck I was doing what I was, and it confused them enough for me to fly up some upside-down flights of stairs until I reached a pillar jutting sideways out of the wall. I stood by the pillar now, at yet another orientation different from the floor. The DC's were totally confused by this point, and so when they came after me, I simply kept myself on the opposite side of the pillar from them, and eventually they gave up looking for me. Just when they were about to leave though, one of them saw me, so I took them both out and kept going towards the top. Sadly I lost lucidity and woke up before I could get there, but it was still a pretty epic dream.

      Here's a basic illustration of the crazy geometry I built into that room on the fly. Just goes to show the creativity the sleeping mind can have! I'd never think of this while awake

      Updated 11-12-2011 at 09:21 PM by 29433

      lucid , memorable
    5. (04/11/11) - Hovering desk chairs and...Windows Vista?

      by , 11-04-2011 at 03:12 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      I had to be at a work meeting rather late last night, so my sleep schedule was thrown off and not surprisingly, I didn't go lucid in spite of my MILD. When I slept, I just slept hard

      1) I was looking to get a new desk chair (which I did IRL recently--probably had something to do with this dream) and I found one that struck me as odd: it was advertised as 'the leg-less desk chair'. Basically, it was said to contain some kind of highly magnetic device that would consistently keep the chair hovering a few feet off the floor. Sounded interesting, so I got two of them, and immediately discovered that by tilting one of the chairs while sitting in it, I could cause it to move around at pretty good speeds. Suddenly I was on a trip to Israel and still in my hovering desk chair. I propelled all over the place at something like 45 mph, all the time having more and more false memories explaining the backstory of the dream that I hadn't seen...making it harder and harder to become lucid all the time. I was just about to have to leave Israel when one of my friends who was there with me turned evil and started some scheme I was going to have to stop...

      Dream Signs: Being somewhere without remembering getting there, dream-like environments, highly unusual events

      2) I was surprised to find that someone had stuck my old PC's hard drive in my new PC, but since it was there I decided to have fun with it. I booted up into Windows Vista and as expected, it ran poorly for an OS but much faster on the newer computer. I intended to upgrade it to Windows 8 (yes, 8) but just as I popped the disk in someone started Skype chatting with me and I never got around to it

      Dream Signs: highly unusual events
    6. (03/11/11) - "Precious Memories, How They Linger..."

      by , 11-03-2011 at 03:04 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      ...even though the memories weren't 'precious' in this case. That song just seemed like a creative title for this one

      1) (and 2?) Last night my dreams were made up of scattered memories, with only a very few fictional, but lifelike, locales in between. The dream's plot was likewise fictional, but not unusual. Basically, everything I saw was either from straight from real life or mimicked real life pretty well, and so I never caught on that I was dreaming.

      Dream Signs: being around groups of people, switching between places without actually traveling there
    7. (02/11/11) success!

      by , 11-02-2011 at 03:06 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      After several weeks of trying, my MILD finally took effect last night!

      1) I was among a large crowd of people in some building with rather unusual architecture; very complicated pathways and such. Suddenly, a huge creature somewhat like a dragon swooped down from the sky and began attacking. And this thing was huge--it dwarfed the building which held around 300 people. At first I was just plain running away from it, but suddenly something clicked in my brain. "You know this is a dream." I thought, as if my waking self was speaking to my dream self. "This is a dream?" I looked around me at all the chaos. "Ohhhh, right! This is a dream! This. Is. A. Dream. THIS IS A DREAM!" I repeated that phrase until it sank in fully and I was happily able to say "I am lucid!" Then, rather than run away, I marched around a corner and up a few steps so I was standing on the roof of the building, practically staring the behemoth in the face. It roared like thunder at me and looked like it was going to charge or something, but I flew up into the air, used telekinesis to grab hold of the creature before it could do any damage, then I crumpled it up, breaking every bone I could in the process, before completely obliterating it into nothingness. Unfortunately though, with the really strange part of the dream gone, as soon as I landed I lost lucidity due to my surroundings being pretty normal again.

      Dream Signs:
      being somewhere without remembering getting there, dream-like environments, highly unusual events

      Glad to see I still have a grip on dream control...to be honest I was somewhat afraid I would have lost that after so long with not lucid dreaming, but it's still there!
    8. (31/10/11) - Zombie Workocalypse!

      by , 10-31-2011 at 03:22 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      Sooo...I know I kinda got behind on the dream journaling and MILDing over the weekend, but hopefully I can get things back on track here...

      1) I went into work, fairly normal day, but far busier than usual. Eventually amid all the craziness, one guy came in and started to mildly cause trouble. He wasn't doing anything so obnoxious we could put him out of the store, but he was bothersome. I went into the back room to do my job in there, and came back out a bit later to see that guy still there, and talking to people in a very strange way...he was brainwashing them. I spoke to some other people he had already brainwashed--people I knew before--and they were completely different. In a daze, unable to hear me, repeating bizarre phrases, and quickly turning to displaying aberrant moods and behavior. Before long, these people had turned into zombies, and all my coworkers with them. Since I had been in the back, only I didn't get the brainwash treatment. I ran back to the stock room and locked the door. My boss was in there, too. "What are we going to do? Have you seen what's going on out there!?" I asked in a panic. "Yes...I...I don't know." I'd never heard him sound so discouraged before. We looked all over for a place to hide before the zombies broke through the door, but there was nowhere safe enough for us to plan on surviving for more than 30 seconds. Eventually my boss gave up. "I'm sorry." He said, just before a bullet went into my head. It didn't kill me, but after I turned and saw my boss holding the gun, I fell to the floor like I was dead anyway, to keep him from shooting again. As I lay there, I heard another gunshot go off, and this time my boss fell to the floor. I guess he would have rather died by his own hand than by the zombies. After a minute, I recovered from the wound and picked up my boss's gun (which strangely turned from a pistol to a shotgun when I picked it up). The zombies were close to breaking through. I quickly went out the back door and locked it, but it did little good. All around me outside things had turned into a wasteland covered with zombies. I had little hope of survival, but I didn't give up so easily. I went everywhere looking for a safe place, taking out zombies with my shotgun all the way. I woke up before finding anywhere.

      Dream Signs: highly unusual events, being at work, zombies
      Tags: horror, zombies
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. (27/10/11) Finally! A bit of recall!

      by , 10-27-2011 at 02:56 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      My sleep schedule the past few nights has been weird and so my recall hasn't been all that great as a result. Last night I finally remembered a dream again in spite of a lack of a normal amount of sleep.

      1) The dream began fairly realistically with life as normal. But then suddenly I watched as my brain generated pages and pages of text spontaneously. I wasn't fully lucid, but I understood that I was asleep well enough to be impressed. I didn't take the time to read through everything, but what I did read made sense. A DC told me that I was reading my next dream at its base level, but that I had two other choices besides this first, basic option. It and one other DC created a variation on the first dream, leaving me with three slightly different dreams to choose from. I tried out both of the DC's variations, but found them to be very dark and creepy; as soon as things proved they weren't turning for the better, I left those dreams and went to the normal one. It was the best of the three.

      Dream Signs: highly unusual events, being around people

      Kinda weird if you ask me. It's like my brain was telling me the best dream is the unaltered dream...almost as if it was kicking against full lucidity. Hmm....
    10. (25/10/11) - Getting there...

      by , 10-25-2011 at 03:25 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      While I still may not have had any lucids from MILD yet, my brain is definitely starting to incorporate the visualization part directly into my dreams. The other night I visualized beginning the dream on an airplane because I could either skydive and land wherever I wanted to, or just make the plane land wherever I wanted it to. Easy transition either way. I didn't go lucid, but the dream did begin on an airplane. Last night, I visualized being back in Israel because that's where my previous dream was. And again, while I didn't go lucid, the dream did begin there. I think I'm getting on to something here...

      1) As I just said, the dream began in Israel, although it quickly left that behind and turned into something big. Huge. So much detail I can't even begin to recall it all; there was an entirely unique world all around me with a deep story of its own to tell. Keeping things simple, there was a giant corporation that was getting too much power; it acted as the government, but due to its business nature, it was more corrupt than even the average government. I, along with a small team of others, sat down and planned how we could get inside and blow up the entire facility that was at the heart of the whole problem...realizing we would likely die in the process. (Yes I know, IRL that would be an act of terrorism, but this was a dream, ok? ) Our plan was highly detailed, but proved effective. We had unexpected complications along the way of course, but we improvised and still barely made it to our objective after hours of constant work. We had silently (for the most part) taken out all the guards going about the place, and all that was left was the CEO himself. We set up the bombs and then dove out the windows as our only shot at survival. Surprisingly the fall didn't hurt at all. However, once outside, a giant tree burst up out of the ground and revealed itself to be a tree-machine AI who was very angry at our work. We started to fight, but soon the machine recognized us as friends and stopped before he did any real damage.

      Dream Signs: being somewhere without remembering getting there, highly unusual events,
      Tags: epic
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. (24/10/11) - Israel and a FA

      by , 10-24-2011 at 03:15 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      Wow, I really need to go to bed less distracted if this MILD thing is ever going to work for me. My mind was working on too many things to stay concentrated on the visualization or mantra, so my dreams ended up being a direct manifestation of what I had been thinking over...and not about the mantra

      1) I was in Israel for a friend's wedding. Never actually saw the ceremony; I was dropped into the dream right after it ended. As I was walking away, somehow I ended up talking to a Jewish girl and we hit it off pretty well. After we'd talked a little while I told her I had to go, and then turned and woke up...

      Dream Signs: being somewhere without remembering getting there, being around people (particularly groups of people)

      2) ...into a false awakening. I got up and was just about to walk out the door when I saw a big spider laying curled up on the ground. "Oh, I didn't think I'd actually killed that one last night. Guess it didn't get away after all." I was just walking past it when suddenly the spider sprung back into life and shot up into the air, simultaneously growing several times its original size. I tried to escape it, but it came down on my head and startled me awake, for real this time.

      Dream Signs: FA (should have made me RC...but I didn't ), highly unusual events

      3) When I fell back asleep, I was back in Israel picking up roughly where the last dream had left off. I had only one more day before leaving from my visit to see the wedding, so I was going around with a couple members of my family who were there with me and we just enjoyed ourselves (and I kept looking for a restroom in the dream because IRL I had to pee ). Somehow I ran across that same girl and her family, and we got to talking again briefly. Before I knew it, we were talking on the phone as I was heading to the airport to leave. It seemed like things might actually work out with this girl, so of course I didn't want to leave, but I was literally getting dragged away by my family, so I just had to say goodbye and wake up.

      Dream Signs: being somewhere without remembering getting there, romance
    12. (23/10/11) - Rushed...

      by , 10-23-2011 at 06:31 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      Slept through the alarm this morning and had to rush when I finally did wake up, so my dream recall is nada.

      Just didn't want to forget to write in my DJ for the sake of keeping it a habit. Better luck next time
    13. (21/10/11) - SO close!

      by , 10-21-2011 at 03:00 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      Last night I came close to a lucid dream multiple times. I didn't get to MILD quite as heavily as I would have liked, but last night I caught myself as I began to fall unconscious and bring myself back long enough to use a mantra for a few minutes before falling completely asleep. All night long it was like my mind wanted to be lucid, but it just never actively grasped that it was in a dream even though it passively acknowledged that fact multiple times.

      1) Fragment of walking somewhere in third person. People were talking about dreams as I passed by them.

      Dream Signs: being in third person, being somewhere without remembering getting there, people talking about dreams, being around people

      2) Short dream where I suddenly appeared in my class room, and this time I knew I had suddenly appeared there, because I was standing up front by the teacher instead of sitting at a desk. I half-panicked as I hurried to take my seat, as if my only explanation was that I had gone insane for a moment and walked up to the front without realizing it. But somewhere deep down something was trying to tell me it was a dream. The dream ended before that could sink in.

      Dream Signs: being somewhere without remembering getting there, being around people

      3) I was looking to buy a car, and I found that one guy had a special deal going on for light cycles (like the ones in Tron: Legacy). Of course I took the opportunity right away, and as soon as I got on the light cycle, the entire world turned Tron-esque with dark structures set off by glowing outlines and everyone wearing those slick suits. It was great fun to ride around the city, but unfortunately I got a little too adventurous and pulled off a rather dangerous move to take a shortcut down the wrong side of the road, and as luck would have it, the cops saw me do it. However, without ever really being lucid, I thought to myself, "I can just go back in time because this is a dream...right?" And sure enough, I was able to pull back to right before I made the illegal action and take the safe path this time.

      Dream Signs: being somewhere without remembering getting there, highly unusual events
    14. (20/10/11) - In Israel

      by , 10-20-2011 at 02:58 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      Grrr...I really need to get to bed on time. I made it farther into the MILD process last night, reaching a very decent point of visualization, but I only went over the mantra two or three times before I fell asleep

      1) The dream began with a title: "Dream 06 - Israel". If that title is to be trusted, that means there's five other dreams I had last night but cannot remember After that, I found myself in the middle of a hotel shower. I got out and made my way into the world outside, and found myself in Israel. I spoke to some locals in Hebrew and they all told me about a horrible person that was coming into town that would do me great harm if he found I was there. They advised I remain hidden in my hotel room until he came and went. Well I thought that was unnecessary, so I didn't listen. Eventually I wound up in the same building as this horrible person when he arrived, and to save my neck I sneaked around, avoiding detection. I stealthily took out a couple guards, but I still got noticed by the man himself before I could escape. Turned out he was actually a pretty nice guy, though...

      Dream Signs: being somewhere with no memory of getting there, being around people, highly unusual circumstances
      Tags: hotel, israel
    15. (19/10/11) - Again...

      by , 10-19-2011 at 10:01 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      Much the same as last night, I stayed up too late, and so I fell asleep too quickly to effectively MILD. I was just starting on the re-envision step when I fell asleep...never getting to the reinforce step. As such I didn't lucid dream or have great recall.

      1) I was in Israel, with some random people. That's all I can remember for sure.

      Dream Signs: being around people, being somewhere without remembering how I got there
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