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    Competition Night 2 lucid

    by , 08-19-2015 at 10:22 PM (368 Views)
    I'm walking into a bar to see Donald Trump making misogynsitic comments behind Ellen DeGeneres's ear, who herself is in front of a mirror and getting her hair done. I'm in Montreal where I go to college and am wearing a shirt for the company I worked for in Connecticut, a dream character sees my shirt and asks me to go to the package store ( a place in my hometown where my friends and I purchased alcohol). I realize they can't know about about package - we're in Canada! Im dreaming. I immediately the two figures in front of me that I am dreaming. At first they don't believe me, they say "how do you know that this is not a nightmare?" To show him that I'm serious, I make his head change shape (DC manipulation) and with that I attempt to walk outisde, these two characters now my "allies." I am beginning to make my way out of the door when a swarm of characters confront me - literally by the hundred it seemed. I make a motion with my hands as if I am parting the seas and "push" everyone away from me. ( mass telekeneis) I then black out and wake up.

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