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    Short WILD

    by , 08-31-2015 at 07:00 PM (368 Views)
    I wake up in my bed, and immediately realize I am dreaming. I first notice that I have no arms and try to remember what my arms feel like, and they gradually appear. I walk out of my room with the expectation of opening the door and being in atlantis, the underground city but it leads to the next room in my house...my body is feeling extremely heavy and its very difficult to move. I walk down the stairs thinking if I could just get outside of my house I will be free from this heavy body. I look at my hands to just make sure that I am dreaming and sure enough only 3 fingers on my right hand. I make it down the stairs and open the door to the outside world and am shocked at what I see - my moms car, the honda pilot, is crashed into the side of our house! I wake up soon after and try to chain this lucid but it doesn't work.

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