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    LMR's Mental Adventures

    This is the place where I will post my most awesome and interesting adventures, both lucid and non-lucid. If I can maintain a constant updating I'm sure I'll be delivering at least 4-6 dreams a night. I'll only commit to entries on the weekends until I get everything right.

    Most of my dreams during times of times of high recall are really adventurous, so I'm eager to see what adventures my brain will come up, hey I might even get some serial dreams!


    -Super Powers-

    Superspeed! (With both running and flying)


    Elemental Manipulation (Like Waterbending/Earthbending from Avatar the Last Airbender)


    Build a castle!

    Teleport to Cardia!

    -Hanging out-

    Adventure with Aang and the group, basically living by their side, during the "boring" moments and during the action parts! (This will be a set of serial dreams that'll probably take a while to fully complete.

    Hang out with Finn and Jake over the course of three dreams. The first dream getting to know them, the second dream full of action, and the third finishing up the ending and telling them I'll see them later (because it won't be the end).

    Hang out with some of my fellow IOSDP members.

    Have some serial dreams with Naruto, Bleach, and various other anime.

    (Once my lucidity range and dream control skills are high enough I can begin these, and once they're started I'll commit to them so I won't halfway complete a goal.)

    Lucidity Frequency -

    1st year: One or two a month.
    2nd year: The year of the dryspell, though basically the same.
    3rd Year: Current year, the year of WILD, hopefully more.

    1. That witch!/ Fighting some thugs

      by , 01-20-2014 at 11:43 PM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      Tips: Today I don't have a video. But I have an amazing article I'm quite sure a bunch of people (including myself) could use! It's about setting dream intentions and unless you get everything you want to get done in your lucid dreams completed. Here's the link:5 Ways To Strengthen A Basic Lucid Dream Intention


      1) I'm a reindeer. (this is my first reindeer dream lol) I'm in a field type place with my reindeer brother and he's talking about flying and travelling. "We need to fly around! I wanna see the world!" I'm the grumpy reindeer. "No we don't, we just need to survive." Then a crazy witch comes in trying to catch us and kill us. We run away and get away from her. (Now my perspective has changed to that of a man in a car driving, I'm wearing a black suit and black glasses.) The grumpy reindeer is riding in my passengers side. I'm trying to take him to a safe place. The other reindeer is flying over a traffic light in plain view. He tells his brother "I'm going off to be with Santa." Then the witch sees him flying and she's in her car. The traffic isn't moving so he gets away. Then there is another reindeer in a car, she sees him and pursues him without him knowing. The driver speeds off towards the safe place.
      We're at a swampy place, it's foggy and dark but I can see that the "water" is a deep green and mucky. I think I (the person) has to walk/swim through it while the grumpy reindeer flies over it. We're now in a white room and I'm the reindeer again. The man in the now clean again black suit is sitting in a black leather couch. I have a phone now and the man has changed into my mom, while I'm now myself. There is a small tv on a cart in front of us now. There is some explicit content playing on the tv. I feel awkward because my mom is just like sitting there ignoring it. Then it freezes on the most awkward picture. I walk around and look at my cheap phone. The same thing just popped up on my phone and I hit the exit button really fast. I look out of a window and the sun is rising and I think "Oh my gosh, it's sunrise and I still haven't WILDed! So I wake myself up.

      2) I'm with a large group of people (around 20-30 people) and we're in a forest type place with a road, we're near a stop sign. I'm Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy ...lectedIndex=17 - Bing Images (The little boy with the hat on.) Some extra characters are here (Erwin and someone else). They tell me to take something from the thugs. They have something that looks like a ball of burgundy hair lying on the ground in front of them, it looks kinda personal though. I walk up to them and look at them and say "I'm not gonna steal your thing I just wanna see if I can take it." Then I do some crazy quick move, like swing my leg out and spin on the balanced one to kick the item into my hand. I smirk at them, and kind of taunt them. I guess they're angry now. So one of them tries to punch me but I block it and punch him at least five times before he can back away and he's kind of confused. His friend just looks at me. The other guy tries to punch me but I grab his arm, and throw him on the ground, grabbing his leg and stepping on his balls, not hard enough to hurt just a warning that if he moves then it's gonna end bad. His friend walks up to me and I see a card floating beside his head that's twice the size of his head. It says "Leaf Storm" a pokemon move, in my mind. I say "If you use that on me his balls are gone." I guess he thought I was bluffing and I saw him move to use it and I crush his friends testicles. The attack hits me but it doesn't hurt at all, it just stirs up a lot of leaves, and now I'm ready to kill him (this is happening more now) I walk out of it and look at him and his friend and say "Oh. Now you will feel my rage." This is where awesome murder scenes usually happen but this time it gets blurry and I remember walking over their limp bodies, I don't think I killed them I just beat them senseless and they've passed out, I mean they didn't even hurt me, they just pissed me off a little. I walk back to my personal group of Grim, Erwin, and some girl. Someone yells out that I should fight "Charla" and she looks like a black version of Mandy, the blonde in the picture, Charla has black hair and she's tan. But the girl in my group says "No, don't! I want you to exist!" then they pull out Mandy and she's heated! Like yelling and flailing, and I know how strong Mandy is so I decide to back down...


      - Remember something from IRL in a dream
      - Succeed with WILD and learn more about the relaxation stage
      - Meet Juroara and practice dream control

      (I completed my second goal from yesterday!)
    2. College Registration/With Aang and the gorup/Weirdo Hotel People

      by , 01-20-2014 at 05:19 AM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      Tips: I have two things to share! One is a concept that I like from the last video I posted, the other is another video that helps with everything. The first one is that your thoughts are like a waterfall. You can either stand under the waterfall or observe the waterfall. Standing under the waterfall is symbolic for being bombarded constantly with thoughts, standing away from the waterfall and observing is symbolic for watching the flow of your thoughts but not getting interactive with them, and having complete awareness of where you are (both mentally and physically, which in a dream would bring awareness). I'm aiming for being able to take myself from under the waterfall for WILD, because once I can do that I'll be able to sit back and watch my thoughts flow into dream without being interactive and getting lost in the flow of the thoughts. Here is a great video! 99% is a bitch. 100% is a breeze. - YouTube


      1) I'm in a college dorm but it's a lot larger than in movies and reminds me of my houses kitchen, actually we're in the kitchen of the dorm. It's me and my brother with two college guys and a girl. They're trying to find my name for registration, and they start pulling beer out of the freezer and the girl gets really drunk and the guys are trying to take advantage of her but she's not that drunk.

      2) I'm with the Avatar and the group (in the same environment I was in in my last Avatar dream) we're in the desert and Aang is trying to find one of the Air Nomads rare temples, we fly up to a desert butte, it looks a lot like this one ( butte landscape - Bing Images ) except that it has entrance holes in it. We enter through one and it's large and empty except two or three Earthbenders sitting on the floor, father and son and someone's who's a family friend. (The scene switches) I see some fire nation soldiers (who look like they're not "current" at all, so this kinda feels like it's in the past) and their general is an older guy I can't recognize. They jump onto the mountain/butte/huge desert hill and as they near openings an Earthbender flies out and stirs up dust and runs around. They attempt to catch him but just as they realize he's a distraction Aang and the group fly out and of an opposite entrance. I'm hanging onto either Aang or riding a flying carpet with Katara. Aang is in front of Katara and the general jumps off of the wall and tries to catch us (I guess we were supposed to not go far because we're on a flying carpet) but Aang speeds up the carpet with Airbending. The fire nation general says "I've gotten no closer to them even though they shouldn't be moving, it would be foolish to continue." And he gives up.

      3) I'm in a hotel with my female cousin and both of my siblings. I walk out of the hotel room and just as I get out to the entrance I see a blonde girl staring at me intently. Then my cousin walks up behind me. I tell her (without looking away from the blonde girl) "Go back to the room. Now." but she doesn't listen to me and stands there like a total idiot, I run to the door and lock the door of the hotel. I see the girl going to the second door. "I'm such an idiot." Is what comes across my mind. Just as I turn on my toes to run back to my room the girl opens the door and I sprint. My cousin enters right before me backing into a corner, I lock the door and back away slowly. I notice both of my brothers sleeping. The girl opens the door and I say "How did you do that?" (I should have realized it was a dream.) She continues walking while staring at me. Then her brother and father walk in behind her and I get an adrenaline rush, I attack the girl. As I push her on the bed choking her I see a metal chair in the corner and I reach over and pick it up, then I force one of the legs through her eye but as it kills her she turns into my little brother and he's this horrible shade of death blue. I get furious. I see the three of them trying to escape my rage. Not gonna happen. Her brother has a gun so I run for him. I slam him onto a car, conveniently the cops are there and he tries to shoot me but I point the gun away from me and he shoots his father, then I aim towards his sister and shoot her, with his hands. The cops run over and either shoot or arrest him. Either way I've murdered his family and now I've shown them part of the extent of my rage.

      - Meeting with Juroara
      - Learn more about my personal WILD
      - Practice dream control
    3. Death Game, No Ragrets

      by , 01-19-2014 at 03:40 AM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      If I have something that I think will help others with lucidity I'll post a link here, and I do a lot of lucidity research so I think I'l be posting link at least once week, hopefully. Here's a link that could help you with life overall and who couldn't use that? Meditation: 10 Tips on How to Do It and 5 Reasons Why You Should! - YouTube

      Dream 1: It's night time. I'm walking around with some friends I think it's one girl and two guys and my little brother. Me and the girl are partners, and the other two guys are partners. We've entered a game where you can die. (When I wake up I know that this dream is inspired from Hunter X Hunter) The game is continually at night, at some point I feel like we're at a house around a swamp, it's really smoky and you can't see far at all. We get out somehow and now it's daytime and I'm with my partner. The group got split up from some enemies and now I get the intense feeling that they'll pick us off 1 by 1. Then I look at my digital map, and one of the group member's light is flashing, it's orange or yellow and I immediately know that it's one of the two guys. I start to mentally freak out but maintain my outside composure so I won't worry my teammate. Just as I freak out his light returns to usual. I look over the field I'm in and use like telescopic vision to focus in on something horrible.
      My little brother is climbing a huge tree (which isn't odd IRL we used to do it a lot) and he's nearing the top (that would be odd we never get that high) as he balances himself on the point of the tree I perceive what he's attempting to do. I see a white bird flying around in front of him. He jumps towards the bird and it flies out of the way and now I'm watching with my mouth gaping as he's free falling towards death. I panic and out of fear I reach to try to catch him but instead I send a ball of water for him to safely land in, simultaneously I teleport to where he's falling. He lands in the ball of water safely. Whew..

      Dream 2: I'm at my grandma's house and I walk across the street into my old house. Their are a bunch of people with me, I think they might be my team from the last dream. I walk in and see a girl. I think we have something romantic beginning. Then I lie on the floor to put noodles in the microwave (?). While doing that a guy yells at me "You have to take action! You can't just wait for the nudes! YOU GOTTA GET THEM!" And I yell back "NO RAGRETS!!" And he yells with me "NO RAGRETTTSSSS!"

      Dream 1: I think that was inspired by a game in Hunter X Hunter and the brother thing was symbolizing how I don't have a close relationship with him but I'd still do anything for him, and that I find him really stupid.

      Dream 2: That I should stop waiting for romantic things to happen, not necessarily nudes but that was symbolizing trust I guess. No ragrets was my new year's resolution. It's a meme, I purposely spelled it "ragrets" instead of "regrets" just to add to the motivation.

      I'll be attempting to conquer WILD tonight using the "100%" tip, from that video. My usual problem is that I'm too lazy to get up and do anything to help with my WILD attempt, but tonight I'll get up and I'll write a DJ entry in my physical (and personal) DJ.

      Tonight's goal(s)!

      1) Succeed WILD, including writing in my dream journal and getting up to do something to help lucidity (maybe meditation or something).

      2) In the lucid dream, attempt to find Juroara, and fully stabilize the dream.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Day One (30-day Challenge) FAIL & Game show

      by , 06-26-2013 at 04:52 PM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      I was on a game show but it wasn't like in a typical game show setting, it was more like a limited open field. I remember there may have been a pregnant lady, no, there was definitely a pregnant lady. And about eight or ten other people, I only even talked to one guy and that wasn't even in my body. Other than that I only remember the pregnant lady winning some money and she get really excited and starts shaking. Then I make some chocolate milk, and while I'm stirring the syrup in the milk I wake up.

      The reason I count it as a fail is because I went to sleep at 2am and only got 7 hours of sleep and for the challenge I have to get at least eight hours of sleep, SO this is not one of the days in the 30 day challenge and I guess it can technically start tonight.

      I did some meditation and self-hypnosis before bed but it wasn't enough to make a significance difference in my consciousness.
    5. Taken Away

      by , 06-25-2013 at 05:45 PM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      Slept on the couch last night, with no self-hypnosis/meditation or really anything.

      I'm on a bus for middle school but people from high school are there too. There is a girl on the bus talking about lucid dreaming, so I go on Facebook and see that she's a moderate beginner, meaning she isn't a complete natural but she's getting there, I see that she's asked her mom for a guide for lucid dreaming. I get really excited and all I can remember is trying to tell her that I'm a lucid dream too. But she won't talk to me because for some reason she thinks I would be a bad influence.

      It's dark and raining, and I'm running through the grass. But I get this bad vibe and look down and see that a snake is moving around on the ground. (I have a deathly fear of snakes) I'm running to get a weapon to kill it and I see my grandma running over towards it. It's going towards my neighbor's house but I guess someone kills it because when I look back it's dead and lots of others are dead with it. I'm running to stand on the porch. I look around and see a huge machine used for construction, I realize that it's a way to get back home, if I can only get on top of it. I can't get to the top of it because of all of the snakes on the ground, some are dead some are alive. I'm contemplating jumping in the spaces between the snakes but that's too much of a risk, so I don't. Then the rest is forgotten.

      I get transported by some aliens (that look like humans) to their planet. But it's more like a "you'll have to fight for your survival" type thing. I'm in a room with another person I don't know, he's blonde and fit. The aliens say we'll have to fight to leave but I don't want to fight him and he doesn't want to fight me, eventually I realize that I'm going to have to fight him eventually, we both agree to fight but with no bad intentions, just because someone has to get out. So I pick up my weapon (like a boss) which I think is either a toy truck, a big toy truck, or a 2 by 4 board. He isn't as good with his that I am with mine so I easily knock it out of his hands, then I hit him again and his shirt is ripped off. I tell him I have no bad feeling and let him pick up his weapon but he's still not good with it and he's standing right on the edge of the room (because one side doesn't have a wall and just drops off. So I knock him off, and scream "Now let me out!" They refuse.
      [Forgotten material]
      Now I'm in a big grocery store. But I'm trying to hide because I ran away and they're looking for me. (And it now it's forgotten, I can kinda remember some stuff but not enough to write anything.)
      Tags: fight, snakes
    6. 30-Day Challenge "A Quest for Lucidity"

      by , 06-24-2013 at 07:13 PM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      Fellow lucid dreamers, I'm on a quest for lucidity. This quest will last for 30 days and here's what I plan on doing, or at least how I'll begin.

      It'll begin with me forgetting all of my knowledge (or at least ignoring it) and reading Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge through that I'll gain some knowledge and insight on how to go about lucid dreaming the correct way, not influenced by all of the "knowledge" of Dreamviews. Don't get me wrong, I do love Dreamviews but there are many rumors on things and so many opinions that it didn't give me the correct foundation to build off of and that resulted with inconsistent lucid dreams and ultimately failure...and now I am here. I also won't be using any techniques just sleep, RC's, and intent.

      Basic Requirements for the Quest/Challenge

      - No techniques for WBTB

      - No skipping chapters in the book

      - Get at least 8 hours of sleep (for those day I don't get eight hours I won't count them)

      - Update Dreamviews and my personal dream journal with the dreams for each day, if I forget to do this or wake up with full dreams but lose them throughout and only update a fragment, that day doesn't count.

      - I will use nothing to aid in my lucidity, just my own mind.

      Goals for The Challenge (Not In-Dream)

      - To become a natural lucid dreamer by the end of the challenge, meaning that I won't need to "work" for LD'ing.

      - To rebuild the foundation my lucid dreaming knowledge was built upon.

      - To have consistent lucid dreams by the end of the 30 days (at least four to five a week).

      - To see the world in a new light, becoming more aware of my surroundings and where I am.

      Goals for The Challenge (In-Dream)

      - Meet and begin to develop a relationship with my dream guide.

      - Go on an adventure with the character in the series Supernatural.

      - Fight Titans with Windy and Higat, then inviting another person who hasn't watched the anime to see their reaction.

      - Have 10 shared dreams, in one of them sharing a password.

      - Have somewhat excellent dream control.

      - Have a battle with many, many different character from Naruto Shippuden.

      - Have my dream guide teach me hand-to-hand combat, and how to use magic effectively.

      For this Challenge my ultimate goal is to finish it with success. It's really just a personal quest that I need to take so it's kinda important. After thinking about it, these are all the goals I truly have, I'm not gonna make anymore right now because I'll probably spend a lot of time with my dream guide, and doing lots of other things in-dream. Well this is all I really have to type right now, and I have to start reading that book! I found this PDF that I'll be using to read it.
    7. IOSDP Official Experiment - 5/25/2013

      by , 05-26-2013 at 12:59 AM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      I was sitting in Biology class stressing over this test we're having. I'm sorry that's all I remember, tonight will be better! I honestly woke up with two full dreams though.
      Tags: iospd, test
    8. Lmrhone's Dream- 'Focus on a Member'- IOSDP Experiment #2

      by , 09-24-2012 at 12:56 AM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      So let's begin this:

      Well last night in my dream it began with me coming out of portal and seeing a kid and his family in a spaceship car. I walked up to the kid and say "you're my grandson and also you're the last "who" (like an entire different race, Dr.Seuss created) their is". That's all I remember of the beginning, but I do have some more fragments.

      I think I was running out of the drivers ed class because I was running out of time to save my grandson (who was considerably more attractive than me, and many people told him that throughout the dream). My other grandson, his little brother, ran into the class and told me "we have to do this, NOW!". So that's why I was running out of the class. We ended up at a balcony and just as we were going to use the time machine (the really spaceship car thing) broke. The other grandson pulled out a handheld time machine and said "just for backup" we jumped over the ledge and just as we were going to hit the ground he clicked the button and we were on top of a falling rock, the rock hit the ground and softened the blow. The view switched and I saw what happened when the rock hit the ground, well when the rock hit the ground it hit in a way that the cracks created a date or an address I think it was something like 7/12/1... or an address. After that I remember thinking "I am a genius" and after that it gets blurry.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    9. Ultimate Power of The Ice

      by , 06-04-2012 at 12:32 AM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      Ok so the title sounds cool and the dream is pretty cool but not as cool as...ICE!!! (I know it was corny but needed a friendly opening)

      So i'm outside around a campfire, in the middle of the woods. Their are about 10 people with me, not including our master...the ice dragon. So the ice dragon is telling us about how we either need to practice or about how we're gonna have a competition (I can't remember right now). All I know is that I have a partner and we have to find shelter away from the ice dragon. I forgot who my partner is but I think it's my little brother. So while my little brother (12) and I (14) are running away from the ice dragon, I see him rip off someones head. (So it's kind of like The Hunger Games, except we're all against the ice dragon, did I mention he was MADE of ice) We find shelter (a small building with only 2 doors), by now I've realized that our master has succumbed into his true instincts (to kill) and I have to survive. So my little brother is looking out the window and says "he's coming". Somehow the point-of-view changes and i'm watching him kill another person. So I begin to use MY ice powers to create and pile snow against the door, and I don't mean a little bit at a time, I mean about 3 or 4 tons in 30 seconds type of creating. In the flurry of the ice I see him hitting the door and making the mountain of ice move, but i'm still creating the ice. (Somehow he's just a blue dragon now) He bursts through the door, roaring and shaking his head back and forth, so I throw ice in his face to distract him while my brother and I race out of the back door (there is like a wall sticking out from another wall that we run behind and go into the next building. We do the same thing over again BUT this time i'm creating hard ice and snow (the snow to keep the hard ice from rolling everywhere) and he continues to bang at the door, but eventually he goes away realizing he can't get in and the dream fades away.
    10. The Dang Soap Can't be Earthbended

      by , 06-04-2012 at 12:10 AM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      So i'm at my grandma's house, and it's in the country (green grass, bugs, trees and dirt everywhere) and i'm trying to earthbend a bar of soap (???) and a big cube of earth (rocks, dirt, grass, roots), and the earth is being bended perfectly....but the soap has to be complicated and keeps falling to the ground. I'm trying to earthbend it to Aang. So eventually I get aggravated with the soap and just pick it up with my hand (I can feel the dirt all over it, and it's rather squishy). After this I don't remember really anything...at all.
      Tags: earthbending
    11. College Interview

      by , 04-08-2012 at 06:12 PM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      So I am in front of the college i want to go to and my little brother is beside me (he's 12). I say "this is the college I want to go to". Then we go up something that resembles a fancy slide, but we slide UP the slide to enter the college. We begin to look around immediatley, while walking around we see a room with only 2 beds in it, nothing else in the room just 2 twin sized beds. We continue looking around and see 2 dead bodies in room, they look freaky. Then we find someone who's interviewing the people who want to attend the college. Then one of my friends who also wants to attend the college shows up and I get happy to see her there. Then I see a computer that has a bunch of mis-spelled words on it (this could've been a reality check) but it had little red zig-zags so I didn't pay attention that it was really misspelled, I just thought someone couldn't type correctly.
      Tags: college
    12. Beach "Fun"

      by , 04-08-2012 at 05:52 PM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      Somehow it begins with me and my little brother in the water. He's like 2 so I was struggling to keep him above water. He keeps trying to go underwater or just away from me because, his dad and my other little brother are wayy far out into the ocean. Eventually we leave the water and go to sit on this wooden house on stilts. I hear a little boy talking to me behind us. His mom apologizes for his disturbance and my mom says "it's okay I know how you feel". They start having a conversation and they both begin to chuckle.
      Tags: beach, water
    13. Plane Crash

      by , 04-08-2012 at 05:43 PM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      There is a man in a plane, he is talking through a speaker. He says something about it being time to go to sleep and then says goodbye. I begin to freak out and I see him crash the plane.
    14. Battle with Sophie

      by , 04-08-2012 at 05:40 PM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      Soo i'm outside of Wal-Mart and I see Ginjo from the Bleach anime. I realize he's up to no good and we begin to fight. Somehow Ginjo turns into a girl from my school (Sophie) and I continue with the battle. I grab a huge stick and try to drop it down on her, somehow she evades it by doing a split and a backflip. Now we are in need of new weapons and we both walk to a huge pile of weapons casually. While over there, she says " I don't know why i'm fighting you, you're really nice" and I say " I know right". Then we pick up our weapons and run back into the battlefield.

      After that I remember nothing else
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