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    The Appartment (Comp Day 8)

    by , 03-11-2023 at 04:38 AM (136 Views)
    One of my friends turned into Kevin heart, then got into gambling. He made so much money that he gave me 30 k! I think all I was concerned with though was air frying some chicken. The air fryer was black, but it didn't look like the one that I have. It had two knobs on the side of it for heat and duration.
    I remember not recognizing it and asking my mom if she bought a new air fryer. We were in a new apartment. It had an elevator that took you up to the fourth floor, but for some reason you had to walk the rest of the way. One time, one of my friends was chasing me upstairs for fun, then he turned into a titan from destiny and started shouting my Miranda rights. Exotic engrams were coming up through the floor as I ran.

    +.5 Non Lucid Fragment

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