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    Fire & Ice

    by , 12-11-2021 at 11:10 PM (362 Views)
    I was snowboarding down a mountain while eating hot Cheetos with melted cheese on them. Interesting. Gonna try to upload more DJs.

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    1. aussiemusician's Avatar
      Is snowboarding something you actually do?
    2. Lokoloi's Avatar
      Haha, nah. I think it came from me watching some videos on snowboarding the day before! I've always wanted to, though. In my dream, I was about as good as you'd expect someone who's never done it to be lol.
    3. aussiemusician's Avatar
      and do the cheetos mean anything to you?

      is there anything stopping you from going snowboarding?
    4. Lokoloi's Avatar
      It's unlikely that anything in the dream meant anything. In terms of snowboarding, there isn't any particular barrier. It's probably expensive though. I've never done it.
    5. aussiemusician's Avatar
      Taken from another dream website, where the forum doesn't work.

      To dream that you or someone is snowboarding indicates that you are overcoming your fears.
      You are utilizing your skills.