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    1. Progress

      by , 02-24-2023 at 04:04 PM
      I did WILD and the first thing I did was take a deep breath and stabilize. To stabilize, I rubbed my hands together while narrating it out loud. I remember noting that my hands were very humid. After that, I tried spinning around, which seemed to work. Finally, I think I did a pushup or something.
      After my dream was somewhat stable, I tried summoning a dream character using the revelation technique, and it didn't work. I don't think I put enough effort in it though. I might have been rushing because I didn't trust my dream. I notice that my WILDs tend to be shorter than my DILDs. Much shorter. My DILDs can go like 15 minutes without me stabilizing, but my WILDs last less than 5 with stabilization.

      I wanna try licking things. There's untapped potential in my sense of taste.
    2. Too Fast

      by , 02-24-2023 at 04:03 PM
      I did WILD but woke up very quickly.
    3. Blood Moon

      by , 02-24-2023 at 12:07 AM
      I looked outside my window and it was a blood moon. Thatís already weird, but then the clouds and sky started moving in an impossible way. Almost like they were connected to a background that someone was swimming side to side. This tipped me off and I became lucid but immediately woke up, not due to any excitement. I simply woke up because of how shocked I was, I guess.
    4. Well that was easy

      by , 11-01-2022 at 04:26 PM
      I just started my LD training again after a long break and literally got a Lucid on Night 1. Not only that, but I made decent progress.

      "Day in the Park"

      I was having some internal dialogue with myself and then I was thing about my homie the other day had something in his smoothie that did not make sense like a rock or something. I became lucid in the most chill way, like, "Heh, yeah, sure dream, sure."

      I stayed calm and put my training to use. I walked through a park that children were playing through. I touched this blue plastic surface that had spider webs on it. In order to help with stability, I was narrating my every action and it was working! Unfortunately, I got distracted.

      I was thinking about how I was in a dream and how dream spiders could be super scary which kinda stopped me from touching the object. The dream ended shortly after because my monologuing stop too.

      I also started with touch. Ideally I'd like to start with sight, then sound, then touch, lol.

      Overall, I'm really happy with that dream. That was such good progress, and if I can continue the grind, it will only get easier from here. I stayed calm and began stabilizing the dream. Perhaps it would have ended soon regardless of if I got distracted, but I like to think that if i maintained my focus through the whole cycle, I could have successfully stabilized. I remember when I couldn't stabilize a dream.

      Gotta remember to take a deep breath, start with sight, and definitely do more focus meditation.

      Additionally, I've been thinking about just how many of the 928 days since starting my most recent DJ I've been really giving LD practice my all, and at most, about 33% of it.
      about 8% of THAT was actually lucid; 31 Lucids / 347 dreams recorded. 31/928 total days. Lucid dreaming, like any skill, requires consistency. My adhd makes this difficult. I will really try this time, however. I've been diagnosed and prescribed, though my Adderall is still on delay so no medication yet. Hopefully I can hold out until it arrives though. I can't use it before sleep since it makes you too awake, so unfortunately i'll be on my own in a dream either way. That's why the meditation will still be useful.

      Lucid dreaming was one of my hyper fixations, and that allowed me to focus a little bit more on it than other skills. However, as my ADHD gets more severe and depression takes a bigger toll on my life, I've found it hard to continue, much less be consistent. However, even the uneventful Lucid dreams I have bring me great joy, so that also helps fuel me to seeing this to mastery.

      So, this is why, despite "5 years of trying", despite knowing so much about how to induce lucid dreams and what lucid dreaming practice entails, I have little to no actual experience in the dream world; A lack of consistent, high effort LD training and day time practice.
      lucid , side notes
    5. Trouble with Dream Control

      by , 05-11-2022 at 01:12 AM
      Another lucid, another entry.

      I awoke in the middle of the night. Usually, I go about it by getting out of my bed, maybe drinking some water, and going back to bed to do the attempt. This time though, I didn't really feel like doing all of that. I decided to try something new. I'm sure you've felt very drowsy after waking up; so drowsy that you can barely open your eyes and have to try really hard to do so. I was in this state. I resolved to at least fully open my eyes, since I wasn't going to get up. Turns out, that was the perfect amount of awareness I needed. The moment my eyes were fully open, I laid down and closed them again. I did my relaxation breaths, and began saying my mantra. Almost immediately, I was going into a dream. If you guys have ever seen the new Moon Knight show, then the transition from wakefulness to dreaming was like when the main character blacks out.

      The dream, like the last 7, was less than ideal. After I got up, it was so real that I had to check to see if I was dreaming. I kicked a nearby radiator, and I didn't feel any pain. Right now I'm unable to describe it well. It was vivid, but also not vivid. I still did not feel like I was fully in the dream world, but the dream world itself was clear.

      So, I recalled back to when I kept reading these stories where people just shout "Stabilize" or something like that and it works. I thought stabilization was based on sensory input so I wasn't really sure it would work, but I was open to the possibility since anything is possible within a dream. So, last night, I tried something similar. I said, "Ok, Dream. When I snap my fingers, I want you to stabilize. I want this dream to be as clear and as Vivid as possible, OK? 3,2,1..." I snapped, and nothing changed. I snapped again, and still nothing. The dream ended shorty thereafter.

      For reasons I don't think I've made clear here, I think i'm rushing. It used to be because I was racing to try and stabilize the dream before it ended, of course to no avail. I'm rushing now because I just want to get it over with so I can do cool things in my dream. I've got to take it much slower than I am, I think.

      Still, it is kind of frustrating. I have problems with dream control despite believing in myself. I thought that was all you needed. Even once I got past the stabilization hurdle, I want to summon something, but I've never been able to do it. I've controlled the dream before. In a lucid a while back, I was flying. After I landed, I couldn't summon anything. In my first lucid ever, I tried to summon something but again, nothing worked. It seems like that action in particular is where I'm having problems, but to be fair, I haven't tried much else. The only other thing is stabilization, but is that dream control or just stimulating my senses? I guess now that I think of it, I don't really know what it means to stabilize. I guess it means to stimulate as many senses as possible to boost your presence in the dream.

      Well in any case, commanding the dream to stabilize didn't work last night, so I guess I'll try touching stuff and rubbing my hands together. Maybe I'll stretch or spin around. I wonder if exercise works. Anyway, after that, I'll try and find a dream character so I can talk to my subconscious about where my mental block is. Maybe then I can finally get some dream control. I should probably take my time too; maybe then I'll actually get a dream that lasts longer than 2 minutes.

      I think I have to treat this as the beginning of my journey. I'm getting frustrated because I've been at this for years now, but It's only the last 3 months where I've actually learned anything. It was then that WILD finally clicked for me, and I was able to use it to get consistent Lucid dreams. Maybe acting as if I only started learning how to lucid dream 3 months ago will help reduce frustration.

      **As for the blue guy that showed up to make me lucid a couple weeks ago, (I named him Azure) He has yet to appear since then. Sad

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    6. Omnilucidity Progress Update

      by , 04-29-2022 at 10:05 PM
      I define Omnilucidity as the ability to achieve a lucid dream either every night, or whenever desired. While there are people born with this ability, I once theorized a way it could be obtained rather simply, so long as the person could get into a dream at least once. It went something like this:

      1. Create a dream character, preferably while awake.
      The dream character can be anyone or anything you want them to be. The point is that when they appear in your dream, lucidity will soon follow. You do it while awake so you don't have to come up with it on the spot while dreaming. Also, you can draw them or give them some backstory or whatever.

      2. Get into a Lucid Dream.
      The hard part. All you need is one success, however, if done properly.

      3.Summon and activate the Dream Character
      This one's a bit hard to explain so I'll give an example. My character is a talking red nine tailed fox named "Francesca". (Didn't think about the Kurama similarity until now) I summon her and after greetings, I tell her this: "Every night from now on, find me in my dreams. Explain to me that I am in a dream until I become lucid. In other words, guide me to lucidity." As long as I believe in her, she will not fail me.

      And that's the plan. Why do I bring this up today? You can probably guess where this is going.

      Last night, I had two lucid dreams, the first of which was uneventful. I went back into another one, failing my WILD by losing consciousness. This plot had me in chains, about to get executed by an Egyptian king. I'm sitting here, crying and trying to explain to him that he's got the wrong guy. Just then, out of no where, some blue entity walks up to me. Imagine the generic astral projection blue guy because that's basically what he looked like. He grabbed both of my hands, and then yanked me out of my physical dream body, instantly turning me lucid. I couldn't believe what was happening! I was in shock, but he knew I was questioning whether or not I was in a dream and pointed to my hand. I looked at it and half of it was just... not there. That confirmed it for me, and I began to pop off. I looked back up to celebrate, but he was gone. I didn't get to make the most of it because of just how shocked I was.

      So, it didn't happen the way I planned, but it worked nonetheless. You see, I've had this theory in my head and have been working towards it for a long time now, about 2 years or more. Perhaps thinking about it so much got it to my subconscious and just triggered some form of it automatically. A dream character showed up in my dream for the sole purpose of making me lucid. Now the only thing to see is whether he comes back tonight. I hope. I believe. If he does, that means I never have to do a technique again! Good riddance.

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    7. Room Destruction

      by , 04-20-2022 at 12:21 AM
      For some reason I got the idea to moving slow rhythmic patterns to coax hypnagogia. For some reason, it worked, although I think I might have already been in hypnagogia, so maybe this was part of the dream or something? Anyway once I got inside the dream I took a deep breath, and asked the dream to give me clarity, vividity, and stability.

      I figured I'd try to expedite the process and try a less conventional method of stabilization: smashing everything in your immediate vicinity. The logic behind this is that you're engaging your whole body to do it. I grabbed my walking stick and swung at my tv, but it didn't break. I swung at it several more times and still nothing. So I then swung at my beloved PC and still, nothing. It was a tower dangling precariously off the desk, yet when I swung at it with full force, it didn't even move! Perhaps the dream has to be stable enough to simulate destruction.

      So did it work to stabilize a dream? No, not well. The dream was pretty good for a bit, but I lost the plot and started smashing stuff over and over. I focused more on actually trying to break the stuff then what I was doing it for. I then lost lucidity in the dream ended. The reason why I think the dream was as stable as it was is because I asked it to become that at the beginning. So next time, I'll try more simple methods of stabilization like rubbing my hands together, licking things, touching the environment, and perhaps stretching.

      Rubbing my hands together and stimulating my sense of touch in general has not been successful for me historically, but then again, it could be my fault. I notice that all the times I tried to do it, I never had my heart in it. So, I'll try the stuff that i've heard people say works before I start trying to reinvent the wheel.

      Still, I'm just glad to have a consistent technique after 2 years of trying. Hell, at this rate, I might not even need the omnilucidity tech.

      Of course, I'm still gonna test it.
    8. Bruh momentum

      by , 04-15-2022 at 11:27 PM
      Got another lucid last night. It's been a minute but it was because I had a hard time getting back to sleep after a while. Not sure what caused it but I guess it's over now.

      Anyway, it was uneventful. I have a new mindset when I go into my dreams now; y'know the standard "I have all the time I need" stuff. The dream ended immediately though.

      I used the same tech from the last two entries. I added a goalpost to make it easier for me to do.

      1st, as I fall asleep, focus on what I can physically see. I've noticed that when I enter hypnagogia, the imagery is very clear if I pay enough attention; as in, it's quite easy to tell the exact moment. So, if I see the swirlies and whatnot, it's a great sign.

      2nd, I now try to imagine a red flame. Usually it turns into something else, but the goal is to focus on visualizations period. Once I can see them in front of me rather than my minds eye, then I know it's time. It kinda feels like VR now that I think of it.

      It started in my room. I got up and snapped my fingers. I was expecting to turn the light on, but it didn't. My snaps were also really weak. I was like, "Fine i'll just use the light switch." It didn't work either. So I sat back down on the bed and took two deep breaths. I then said something like "I'm in control." Then, it was real hard to focus out of no where like my memory got thanos snapped or something. Not long after, I awoke.

      I'm not jumping to any conclusions about what happened last night. In my experience, it's a one stop shop to mental blocks. Instead, I just need to find out how I can increase dream duration.

      Now that I'm thinking about it, stabilizing the dream probably wouldn't have hurt.

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    9. Yeah I might actually be onto something (3/21/2022)

      by , 04-02-2022 at 10:49 PM
      I got another lucid. This time I entered, I went into the same place I fell asleep in.

      The first thing I did was shout "Stability and Clarity" and the effect actually work for a little. It was a contrazoom effect.

      I went outside and it had just heavily snowed but I wasn't cold. For a brief moment, I was fully in the dream. I then tried summoning but it didn't work. I then woke up.

      What I learned is that I have to take it slow. I have to do more work stabilizing and clarifying at first. This is exciting.

      If I find that after stabilizing I still can't summon anything then I'll just ask a nearby dream character. They're all just your subconscious, so I figure if I have any mental blocks then that'll be the easiest way to find out what they are.

      Now I just need stabilization techniques.
      Shouting Clarity and Stability worked for a little bit, but it wasn't enough. I also tried rubbing my hands together, but in truth, I didn't focus on it.

      I could try shouting repeatedly because I did only do it once.
      I also want to stimulate my sense of taste. Maybe I should lick the first thing I see when I get into the dream.
      Rubbing my hands together could work, but I'd have to focus more and do it with more intent.
      I could also try breathing deeply. I wonder what that does to the dream.

      So about that contrazoom effect-

      I wasn't expecting my "Dream stabilization animation" to look like that. I'd always thought it was a shockwave of color and vibrancy entering the environment around you. I wonder if it's the same for other people or if everyone has their own unique animation.

      I'm confident I can get into another Lucid. Every time before this, when I got success, I'd try to replicate exactly what I did but it would never work. This is the same technique from the last entry and it worked just as smoothly as the first time; it was free. Now that I actually have a technique that I can replicate for success, my next stop is stabilizing the dream. Once I do that, it'll be time for my plan to really get in motion...
    10. Figured out WILDs I think (03/20/2022)

      by , 04-02-2022 at 10:35 PM
      After taking Wellbutrin for about a week, I woke up in the middle of the night because my hair was itchy. Because of the Wellbutrin, My dreams had already been vivid up to that point. I had speculated that if I were to wake up in the middle of the night while on Wellbutrin, it would basically guarantee a lucid dream, and this was the time to test that out.

      I'm not sure why but I just knew what to do. I was always confused as to what people meant when they talked about the wild transition but I did it. Here's what happened.

      I was in hypnagogia, but I didn't really pay attention specifically to what I was seeing. Every now and then, I would try visualizing something, and if I saw it in my mind's eye then I knew I wasn't where I needed to be yet. If I visualize something and saw it with my own eyes, then I knew that's where I needed to be. To enter the dream, I visualized myself moving forward into it. Now, I'm not trying to visualize anything specific, just kind of paying attention to what my brain is visualizing at the time, but I'm pretty sure that I can just visualize myself either moving into the dream or touching something in the visualization and that'll work. In this case, It was kind of like a picture frame. It was a picture of a back seat of a car. I just visualized myself moving into the dream, and I was there.

      It was kind of a Grand theft Auto transition where it showed a couple of cinematic shots of a car, specifically the back seat, and then boom, I was in the back seat. Now, I noticed that it was night time, and that we were heading to a house surrounded by cornfields and immediately, I was flailing in the back seat trying to get out of the dream. But then I remembered that I was lucid, and that nothing bad would happen to me. So I let the dream play out.

      When we get there, I get out of the car and I guess this white lady that was driving it was my mom. She was very tall and wore a really long red coat. I asked her what we were there for and she was like "We live here, and we fight dragons." I was like "Dragons?"

      As we went into the house, a Bluetooth speaker was playing and it was incredibly loud, like, ear rape loud. As I go to turn it off, I just want to go to my room. I go in there, and it's just a bed and two mirrors. In my head I was like, "Oh well people say to look at a mirror in your dreams." So I did, and it was just a little distorted, like a funhouse mirror. As I looked at my hands to stabilize a dream, I looked one last time back at the mirror, and when I blinked I woke up.

      Second best lucid I've ever had.

      To sum up, the most important thing I learned from this is:

      While in hypnagogia, visualize.
      Mind's eye = not yet
      Actual eyes = go time
    11. LD Training Day 2 (Night of Day 1)

      by , 12-12-2021 at 04:22 PM
      Dunkin' trip in my pajamas 5:08am

      My teacher was so cool that he let me go to the store next to the school after he was done with the main lesson. I got some donuts, but apparently I needed batteries. I did not get them.

      In the following class, the teacher was not so kind. He got on me for not remembering certain aspects of the class, and I told him I wasn't mentally there. He then said that he knows people like me could use some coffee; I guess "people like me" was supposed to mean ADHD or something.

      Anyway he gave me $10 and told me to just go to Dunkin' donuts. So I went to the same store that I went to in the first part of the dream. Interestingly, after exiting the building and walking to the store, I looked at my reflection in the side of a glass building. I was in my pajamas, or rather what I was wearing when I went to sleep. I thought, "yeah this is what I'm going to the store in" sarcastically. I was still going to the store because I didn't feel like changing, but that was a point that I could have realized.

      Anyways I got there and I thought that I was going to get a coffee, two donuts, and maybe a hash brown if I had left over. The interesting thing is when I got to the counter, there was a battery pack with my name on them. Now normally that doesn't mean an item is reserved for you. Like it doesn't print with your name on it. I thought this is weird, but chalked it up to the last teacher remembering that I needed batteries and he decided to buy them for me. Anyway I must have succeeded in getting the coffee and donuts. And now I really want some tomorrow morning.

      Dream casino

      There was one dream a long time ago I had where I pulled a slot machine and whatever I would get would determine how I woke up. Apparently this casino has evolved and now there's an actual currency to win. I don't remember what that currency is used for, but it is used and shared across different dreams.

      Tranzit first stop

      I was in Black ops 2 and I was playing zombies by myself. I was playing Tranzit and I was on that first lava part of the map. I got a turbine and then I thought that I was going to farm until I got the galvaknuckles. Then I realized I didn't know how to set up on that map so I got scared because I thought the zombies were real and I woke up.

      FA Caught!!! - 8:27am

      An attractive woman approached me. Before she could say anything to me her image fizzled out but then I went back to another dream. I said, "Wait a minute that was a false awakening. This is going to keep happening until I catch it." So I kept hopping around from dream to dream and eventually I got to the point where I was in my bed. I decided to do the nose reality check, and wouldn't you know it, I could breathe through my nose.

      At this point I was just trying to stabilize my dream. All of my limbs were kind of weird. My hands and feet had this blurry liquid around them. And the rest of my surroundings were also quite blurry. I was in my room. To stabilize, I explained my situation out loud. I said stuff like, my light is on, so is the fan, the carpet feels how I'd expect the carpet to feel, and I even rubbed my hands together.

      I did all these things but they didn't really help to stabilize the dream. I mean they did help, but not very much. I've still yet to try stimulating other senses like taste. If I were in that situation again I'm going to really try to remember to lick the first thing I see, because maybe that'll be better than rubbing my hands together. I should know this by now, but rubbing my hands together does not really help the dream stabilize in my experience, unless I'm doing it wrong. Also, I need to stop and take a deep breath too.

      I'm happy with that for only 1 day of training. Anyway, the first lucid(in a very long time) of many!