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    Mr. Michael

    by , 02-21-2023 at 11:21 PM (146 Views)
    Not much here, but I had a dream that one of my uncles was my teacher. I don't remember what he was teaching us, but at one point, he got mad about someone popping a ...balloon? idk, It's still kinda spotty.

    Gonna start adding my dreams here to prep for the competition. Seems fun. I've recently started a lucid dreaming regimen and today is day 5. Record my dream, 10 minutes of present moment meditation, at least 10 reality checks, and 4 PMT targets. I figured doing that everyday for 30 days should allow me to see the progress I'm prolly supposed to have after 6 years of on and off research. I figured the comp is another great way to continue the motivation train!

    I'll note that this is part of a broader plan to become more consistent with things in my everyday life as i fight adhd. What better skill to try first then Lucid Dreaming? Ok there's probably a few but you get the point.
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