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    Omnilucidity Progress Update

    by , 04-29-2022 at 10:05 PM (402 Views)
    I define Omnilucidity as the ability to achieve a lucid dream either every night, or whenever desired. While there are people born with this ability, I once theorized a way it could be obtained rather simply, so long as the person could get into a dream at least once. It went something like this:

    1. Create a dream character, preferably while awake.
    The dream character can be anyone or anything you want them to be. The point is that when they appear in your dream, lucidity will soon follow. You do it while awake so you don't have to come up with it on the spot while dreaming. Also, you can draw them or give them some backstory or whatever.

    2. Get into a Lucid Dream.
    The hard part. All you need is one success, however, if done properly.

    3.Summon and activate the Dream Character
    This one's a bit hard to explain so I'll give an example. My character is a talking red nine tailed fox named "Francesca". (Didn't think about the Kurama similarity until now) I summon her and after greetings, I tell her this: "Every night from now on, find me in my dreams. Explain to me that I am in a dream until I become lucid. In other words, guide me to lucidity." As long as I believe in her, she will not fail me.

    And that's the plan. Why do I bring this up today? You can probably guess where this is going.

    Last night, I had two lucid dreams, the first of which was uneventful. I went back into another one, failing my WILD by losing consciousness. This plot had me in chains, about to get executed by an Egyptian king. I'm sitting here, crying and trying to explain to him that he's got the wrong guy. Just then, out of no where, some blue entity walks up to me. Imagine the generic astral projection blue guy because that's basically what he looked like. He grabbed both of my hands, and then yanked me out of my physical dream body, instantly turning me lucid. I couldn't believe what was happening! I was in shock, but he knew I was questioning whether or not I was in a dream and pointed to my hand. I looked at it and half of it was just... not there. That confirmed it for me, and I began to pop off. I looked back up to celebrate, but he was gone. I didn't get to make the most of it because of just how shocked I was.

    So, it didn't happen the way I planned, but it worked nonetheless. You see, I've had this theory in my head and have been working towards it for a long time now, about 2 years or more. Perhaps thinking about it so much got it to my subconscious and just triggered some form of it automatically. A dream character showed up in my dream for the sole purpose of making me lucid. Now the only thing to see is whether he comes back tonight. I hope. I believe. If he does, that means I never have to do a technique again! Good riddance.

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    1. DorianMask's Avatar
      Very nice! The use of Dream Characters as an almost "lucid accountability partner" is a severely underutilized technique. I have had success with this in lucid chains in the past where upon becoming lucid I just turn to the closest character to me and say "hey! This is totally a dream! Do me a favor? The next time I'm dreaming tell me this is a dream!" And they usually agree and continue with the dream plot. The next dream I would be consumed by the dream plot non-lucidly and that very character burst into the room shouting my name and excitedly exclaiming that this was a dream!

      There is a sort of prevailing theory that the subconscious or the dreaming mind doesn't "want" the conscious mind to be lucid in dreams. I have experienced dream characters actively trying to distract me from lucidity or make efforts to get me to succumb to the dream plot again. I personally believe the dream plot to be an intricate message from the silent mind to consciousness, but that's my schema.

      It sounds like you may be dabbling with some tulpamancy here, which is not a bad technique for for lucid accountability to be honest. But don't be surprised if your guide chooses to represent themselves in other ways than you have primed or decided upon. Cheers
    2. Lokoloi's Avatar
      You said they'd do it on the next dream. How come you didn't ask them to do it on a regular basis, say once a week or once a night?
    3. AtomicChocolate's Avatar
      Perhaps they could ask them just for the next night to see if it works, and then move up to once a week or once a day after it's a proven strategy.
    4. DorianMask's Avatar
      Yeah I reckon I could have. I've attempted to incubate something similar to this again but I'm usually rubbish when it comes to remembering exactly intentions once lucid. Was really surprised this worked before but like I said it hasn't been a regular thing.