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    by , 02-24-2023 at 04:04 PM (223 Views)
    I did WILD and the first thing I did was take a deep breath and stabilize. To stabilize, I rubbed my hands together while narrating it out loud. I remember noting that my hands were very humid. After that, I tried spinning around, which seemed to work. Finally, I think I did a pushup or something.
    After my dream was somewhat stable, I tried summoning a dream character using the revelation technique, and it didn't work. I don't think I put enough effort in it though. I might have been rushing because I didn't trust my dream. I notice that my WILDs tend to be shorter than my DILDs. Much shorter. My DILDs can go like 15 minutes without me stabilizing, but my WILDs last less than 5 with stabilization.

    I wanna try licking things. There's untapped potential in my sense of taste.
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    1. WanderingGhost's Avatar
      Congrats on the progress! I've never really tried WILD but it's always been interesting to me. Being able to form the initial dream scene seems really powerful. Also as to taste in dreams, I've never been able to utilize my taste in a lucid (I've tried before but it was as the dream was fading and it didn't really work) but I have had a vivid non-lucid where I drank a honey-like drink and I remember it tasting amazing. The potential to do something like that in a lucid dream is really cool to me.

      Good luck with your WILD progress!
    2. Meiseki's Avatar
      What's the revelation technique?