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    Yeah I might actually be onto something (3/21/2022)

    by , 04-02-2022 at 10:49 PM (176 Views)
    I got another lucid. This time I entered, I went into the same place I fell asleep in.

    The first thing I did was shout "Stability and Clarity" and the effect actually work for a little. It was a contrazoom effect.

    I went outside and it had just heavily snowed but I wasn't cold. For a brief moment, I was fully in the dream. I then tried summoning but it didn't work. I then woke up.

    What I learned is that I have to take it slow. I have to do more work stabilizing and clarifying at first. This is exciting.

    If I find that after stabilizing I still can't summon anything then I'll just ask a nearby dream character. They're all just your subconscious, so I figure if I have any mental blocks then that'll be the easiest way to find out what they are.

    Now I just need stabilization techniques.
    Shouting Clarity and Stability worked for a little bit, but it wasn't enough. I also tried rubbing my hands together, but in truth, I didn't focus on it.

    I could try shouting repeatedly because I did only do it once.
    I also want to stimulate my sense of taste. Maybe I should lick the first thing I see when I get into the dream.
    Rubbing my hands together could work, but I'd have to focus more and do it with more intent.
    I could also try breathing deeply. I wonder what that does to the dream.

    So about that contrazoom effect-

    I wasn't expecting my "Dream stabilization animation" to look like that. I'd always thought it was a shockwave of color and vibrancy entering the environment around you. I wonder if it's the same for other people or if everyone has their own unique animation.

    I'm confident I can get into another Lucid. Every time before this, when I got success, I'd try to replicate exactly what I did but it would never work. This is the same technique from the last entry and it worked just as smoothly as the first time; it was free. Now that I actually have a technique that I can replicate for success, my next stop is stabilizing the dream. Once I do that, it'll be time for my plan to really get in motion...

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