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    Death's Other Kingdom

    9/29/17 - Swamp Witch

    by , 09-30-2017 at 06:58 PM (491 Views)
    Swamp Witch (Non-lucid)


    I've retrieved a mushroom-shaped piece of wood from the forgotten portion of my dream directly before this. It must go at the center of the Sleeping Pond. The pond is shallow right now; shallow enough to touch the bottom with my hands even at the deepest part. I sense it is not a good idea to touch the water for too long, however.

    I use a log to cross to the center of the pond, where I place the wooden mushroom and then quickly walk back to shore. I'm left feeling accomplished yet drained of energy.

    There is a witch/swamp creature here who tries to lure people into the pond to sleep before doing who knows what with them. She is disguised as a beautiful lady. I'm trying to warn people about her, but she convinces everyone that I'm wrong. Either way, I do enjoy talking to her...

    My little sister
    (who does not exist in waking life) walks out onto the log and lays down on it. The Swamp Witch walks on the water toward her. The pond is much deeper now, with large neon-green tentacles writhing up out of the water. The log my sister is on flips over, dumping her into the murky depths. I talk the witch into helping me fish her back out.

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    Tags: witch