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    Death's Other Kingdom

    9/30/17 - My Dreams are Ready for Halloween

    by , 09-30-2017 at 07:01 PM (432 Views)
    A Hairy Situation (Non-lucid)


    I'm in a strange school where some of us are werewolves, though this fact is hidden from the non-werewolf students. One of my male classmates has gone through the Change for the first time, which is never fun. We have him locked in the Isolation Chamber for the time being. He should become rational enough to have a conversation with on the 2nd night of the Full Moon. For now, I go to check on him. He is a large biped type werewolf with dark fur. Completely feral, he smashes himself violently against the walls and doors in an attempt to escape. I'm thankful that the Chamber is reinforced so that he cannot get out and hurt someone. I'm also glad that I'm past being unable to control myself in wolf form...

    I end up visiting another school where things are run a bit differently. I don't believe the werewolves are as commonplace here. There is one girl who I can tell is a werewolf, and I know that she suspects me of being one as well. I take great amusement in watching her "secretly" investigate me (she is quite obvious about it). She does not want me there. She doesn't like me at all, but I find myself quite smitten with her.

    Mirroring Innocence (Non-lucid)


    I'm in a classroom with my coworkers when we are harassed by a little ghost boy who is an envoy of a much greater, invisible, malignant spirit. He chases us all through the school, and the spirit follows with its mighty wrath. I remember at one point I'm holding the door closed with my body, and the spirit slams it open with a blast of energy, knocking me clear across the room.

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