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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Another Night of People Trying to Kill Me

    by , 02-20-2014 at 04:22 AM (555 Views)
    A Little Scissor Happy (Non-lucid)


    It is 11:00 pm. I'm watching tv with my mother in our old house when she abruptly says that it's time for bed. Thinking she means it's time for her to go to bed, I say that I'll go later. "No," she orders, "You need to go to bed NOW."

    Put off by her telling me what to do since I don't even live with her anymore, I refuse. We argue for a while until I get sick of it and stomp off to my room to gather my things. If she's going to be like this, I'll just leave. Thinking that I'm obeying her, she goes off to bed as planned. While I'm packing, I hear a CREEPY girl's voice outside my window--- "Don't you wanna play?" Disturbed, I run to my mom's room.

    "You heard it too?" she asks, wide eyed.

    We go into the living room, where we hear someone breaking into the back door. There's no time to go grab one of my knives as a demented-looking girl with wild black hair bursts into the house, brandishing large scissors. Her choice of weapons reminds me that there are kitchen shears in the nearby cabinet--- I lunge for them, arming myself just as she begins psychotically trying to stab me. I stab at her as well, right in the jugular. The only problem is, her skin is as hard as steel! I do no damage whatsoever!

    ((Somewhere along the line, the dream deteriorates into me cutting all my hair off.))

    More Attempts on my Life (DILD)


    The townspeople of Storybrooke (from Once Upon a Time) and a couple of other characters are all gathered around a large tree late at night. They are discussing my fate, which seems to be in jeopardy due to some dark forces.

    While they're busy worrying, I come across Dr. Lauren Lewis from Lost Girl and we quickly become very fond of each other. The storyline "pauses" itself as we have sex. When we're done, the dream resumes as if there was no interruption.

    I somehow end up in Wal-Mart with Lydia (from Skyrim). She still looks like Lauren, but in the dream it is understood that she's Lydia. Just as in the game, she is my wife.

    We're currently being pursued by the cohorts of an evil botanist who wants me for some plant spores that have cultivated in my blood. I am armed only with a small screwdriver. This seems to be weapon enough for now: I easily slide my make-shift shank into my enemies' throats, who subsequently choke to death on their own blood. It is quite satisfying to watch.

    There are a LOT of enemies, however. Lydia and I decide to split up so they'll have to divide their efforts. I'm worried, because while they're ordered to bring ME in alive, the botanist gave no such orders for Lydia.

    As one of my enemies grows too close for comfort, I stab in in the neck like the others--- and my screwdriver breaks off into his flesh. Great, now I'm weaponless...

    I suddenly remember that I have a knife in the pouch I carry, which hangs from my belt.
    I quickly draw it out and, partially lucid now, rejoice that it is somewhat bigger than in real life.

    Lydia meets back up with me just as I slash out the throat of yet another henchman. He is one of the few remaining. The man is still alive, begging for mercy through a gurgle of blood. Even so, I see that he is reaching out to kill me. Lydia finishes him off wih a sharp kick to the head.

    The man had possessed a large serrated blade, which I proptly give to Lydia so that she can better defend herself. We walk arm-in-arm from the stor, bragging to each other about our victory.
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    1. SinisterDezz's Avatar
      Haha, you married Lydia in Skyrim? What a poor choice .

      Good entry. Keep it up.

      Happy lucids
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    2. LolaTheLoner's Avatar
      Different stokes for different folks, I suppose.
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    3. Iokheira's Avatar
      Exciting dreams! Can't say I would have married Lydia either, I'd cast in with Aela except then she'd seem to be totally unfree. So I haven't. But you're right, different strokes and all
      LolaTheLoner likes this.
    4. LolaTheLoner's Avatar
      Mainly, I married her because it was my first playthrough of the game and since she had been there with me from the beginning I kind of just got attached to her. Nothing really about her character, just the sentiment of long-time companionship. xD
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