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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Cult of Campus

    by , 11-23-2012 at 01:51 AM (460 Views)
    With this, I'm finally caught up.

    Night of 11/21/12

    I have stumbled upon a dark secret at school: several students are missing, and I suspect they are dead at the hands of a sinister cult that practices on campus. In my search for answers (as I vow to solve this mystery and expose the cult), I come across a student named Mary. She basically confirms my suspicions: "You'll become one of the bodies before you ever find them!" she taunts me.

    Angered, I manage to escape her before she kills me. I find my friend Jessica and tell her that I am closer than ever to finding out the cult's secret. "Have you heard of a girl called Mary?" I ask.

    "N-no. Why?" She seems kind of anxious and fidgety, asking if I'll go on a walk with her. I agree, until she starts to lead me into the forest. I suddenly become suspicious that she is going to kill me. I refuse to go any farther and head back alone, but I intend to secretly follow her to find out what she's up to. I am now almost certain that she is part of the cult.

    I stalk her further down the path to the forest, but she suddenly cuts back and heads to the graveyard instead. There is no good cover, so I head off to report my suspicions to Alex (my roommate).

    "I might just be really paranoid," I say, once back in our room, "but I'm pretty sure Jessica is part of the cult. And now they're all out to kill me."

    "That does sound pretty crazy," Alex agrees calmly, eating her Ramen. I pace the room, trying to think of a solution.

    Soon afterward, Mary sends us on a treacherous train ride (a strange train that is powered by a crank) in the hopes that we'll die along the way. Now Alex is more accepting of my "crazy" theories and tries to help me.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Weird. I read a dream someone had a few months ago about a creepy cult at their school.
    2. LolaTheLoner's Avatar
      That's interesting... There's a term for that, when various people dream about the same subject within a certain time frame, but it has completely slipped my mind. It's something similar to shared dreaming, but with a concept or object instead of an actual dream. Wish I could remember the word...