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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Dark Places

    by , 11-22-2012 at 03:35 PM (396 Views)
    Night of 10/16/12

    The choice to skip my classes today has ultimately sealed my fate. Had I not been feeling so ill this morning, I'd have never run into Alice as she fearlessly chased after her vile and mysterious enemy right by my dorm. Somehow I end up vowing to assist her. Now here I am, scaling buildings along side her in dead pursuit of the masked man and his henchmen.

    We leap from rooftop to rooftop, killing henchmen as we go. She uses her unparalleled martial arts skills while I use a more mysterious power, the Branch of Sin, meaning that my blood itself is a weapon. ((Deadman Wonderland reference.))

    My blood swirls like a whip from the palms of my hands, slicing enemies into bits. I remind myself not to overuse this power, or else the loss of blood will weaken me.

    After losing track of the masked man, Alice and I meet up with Carlos, along with a young kid who is also helping us, to discuss strategy. However, we realize as soon as we reach our headquarters that something is wrong. The masked man is there, waiting for us. It is an ambush! His powers are unlike anything we've imagined, and though we make a break for it, it is not long before he and his henchmen have us tied up and helpless.

    It is immediately clear that he plans to torture us.

    I try to use my powers to take them by surprise, but one of the henchmen notices what I'm doing. Grinning wickedly, he grabs my foot and twists it roughly to the side. There is a loud, sickening CRACK. I know that there should be pain, but it doesn't hurt. Now, however, I'm too freaked out to concentrate on using my powers.

    The masked man is debating on who to torture first. While he is distracted, Alice and Carlos manage to cut me free. I immediately run out the door to find help. It isn't long before I come upon the police station. I do not believe the police are equiped to deal with the Masked Man; however, they might provide enough resistance for Alice and the others to escape. As soon as the police move out to help, I begin to notice the throbbing pain in my foot. I take a moment to examine it; the top of my foot is darkly bruised, which I find odd since it should be my ankle that is broken.

    Shaking away the pain, I run back to where my friends were held captive. As I expected, they all managed to escape. Weary and in pain, we slowly walk away from the horror we just faced, toward a beautiful ocean.

    "Did I manage to get the police there before anything too bad happened?" I ask after a moment of silence.

    "Yes. Are you quite pleased with yourself?" Alice remarks sarcastically. I am not sure why she is irritated with me; maybe because I am actually somewhat enjoying myself, now that we are out of harms way.

    When I ignore her caustic remark, she continues, "Anyway, it's too dangerous for this to continue. I'm officially revoking your vow. You shouldn't be involved in this anymore."

    I glare at her. "Vow or not, I'm still helping you. Besides, the enemy already knows what I look like. It's too late to quit now." Before she can protest, I look down at my broken foot, which is now becoming too painful to walk on. It appears as though my toe is broken as well, judging from the grotesque angle at which it is bent. I shudder, more in disgust than pain. "Now, I need one of you to carry me to a doctor."
    ((I wake up shortly afterward.))

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