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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Of Death and Babies

    by , 07-03-2014 at 05:23 PM (409 Views)
    Wandering Vagabond (Non-lucid)


    I am going through what seems to be a repeat of my dad's death, with different events. Somehow, this results in no longer being able to stay at my aunt's house for the summer. In the meantime, I've gathered my things to crash at my mom's.

    I have a different phone that seems a lot older and more basic than the one I have now, which is saying something. Someone calls and I can't figure out how to answer it, so it goes to voicemail. The voicemail plays live through the speakers of the phone, but I cannot interact with the caller. It sounds like my dad! "Lola! This is important. I'm calling to tell you----" In my frantic effort to answer the phone to speak to him, I accidentally drop his call. I desperately try to call him back, but the number is odd and it goes straight to some person named Jana.

    Later, I am outside my mom's house contemplating things when a little baby walks into the yard and starts playing. There is no one else around who the baby could belong to, and I'm concerned for his safety--- especially when he trips and nearly falls face forward into a ditch. I dive towards the baby and stop him from going into the ditch. When I pick him up, he is a lot tinier than before. At first, he was toddler sized. Now he is smaller than even a newborn baby should be, while still exhibiting the characteristics of a much older baby. Since he seems to be all alone, I take him inside and hand him off to my mom. It was really hot outside, so I tell her that he's probably thirsty. I walk away for a few minutes. When I come back, my mom is bathing the baby in a little pool of cold tea. I have no idea what purpose this is supposed to serve.

    I am trying to figure out where I'm supposed to stay for the remainder of the summer. I refuse to live at my mom's house again. The only other relative I really know well enough to stay with is my grandmother, but the thought of living with her isn't that pleasing, either. I sigh. I really look forward to the day when I can live alone in my own house and stop bouncing from place to place between the school year. I decide to call my grandmother, having such few options. Since my phone refuses to pull up contacts, I dial what I assume to be her house number. Instead, a rather deep-voiced woman answers that is definitely not my grandma. "Umm, I have the wrong number," I tell her apologetically.

    "Awh, that's alright. I'm just about to go have a lovely meal at [restaurant I've never heard of]. Hope you have a wonderful day!"

    I wish her a good meal, then hang up.

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