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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Disturbing Sleep Paralysis

    by , 03-04-2013 at 05:23 AM (336 Views)
    It's getting worse...

    Disturbing Sleep Paralyis (DILD)


    I become lucid as I'm driving down the road, though it's a pretty low level. I feel as though it is important to drive to my mom's house, as that's where I was headed before becomming lucid.

    I get distracted, and slide into sleep paralysis. At first, it is normal SP. I lie there, not really caring about anything. It feels nice and somewhat relaxing. But as I slide deeper into it, the vibrations become disturbingly intense, to the point that I feel like I am convulsing on the bed. Not for the first time, I question whether or not I'm having a seizure.

    I focus on my breathing, trying to make it as fast and abnormal as possible to jar myself awake. I seem to have good control over this, but it is not helping matters any. My eyes are open; I am lying on my back with my head tilted just enough to the right to see my clock. 7:59. I remember Alex, my roommate, saying that she is going to get up at 8:00 to do some homework (We are both taking naps at this time). I hope she will get up soon so it will wake me up.

    Desperately, I try to call out to her. It seems as if I'm actually able to do this (though I later find out it is all a hallucination.) "Alex!" I call out in a dry, raspy voice. "Alex!" I see her sit up in bed. She looks at me in confusion.

    "Wake me up," I plead. It is a struggle to get the words out.

    "What?" she asks. I think that it probably sounds weird of me to ask her to wake me up.

    "I can't move," I moan.

    She gets out of bed and makes her way towards me, but she stops in the middle of the room. I am worrying that I'll scare her by jolting awake when she touches me. I then worry that I might not wake up at all, and I'll be stuck like this forever. I notice she's not coming any closer, and I wish she'd hurry up.

    After a moment, I jolt awake for real. I think that I'm still looking at Alex, but I soon realize that I've been seeing her poster across the room the whole time. She is still in bed asleep.

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