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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Double Death Tragedy

    by , 12-20-2012 at 04:38 AM (532 Views)
    Double Death Tragedy (Non-lucid)


    Alex has come down with some horrible illness after we've locked ourselves in one of the buildings on campus. Her grandfather and (nonexistent) brother are with us. We can hear people in the hallway who aren't supposed to be there, but they don't come to bother us.

    Alex is having very violent spasms, yet she assures us that she'll be fine. Her grandfather pulls me aside and tells me that Alex is definitely going to die. I am shocked. In the short time I've known my roommate, she has become like a sister to me. I can't believe she is going to die.

    But she does. She dies right in front of me.

    I briefly wake up. I am relieved that it was only a dream. However, I have not moved or opened my eyes, and by the time I try to I am already stuck in sleep paralysis and then pulled back into the dream.

    I leave the room that we were in, thinking that Alex is still alive. I am going with her brother to investigate why people have been trying to break in. As soon as we walk into a large common room, a bee stings me on the neck, temporarily paralyzing and blinding me. When I am able to move again, her brother informs me that a ninja girl had broken in and done something. We are not sure what, but we know that she was working for our enemy.

    We split up to investigate. I come upon my mother, who is sitting with a large group of people. "Have you come for the final visitation?" she asks me in an eerie voice.

    I am thinking, "Visitation...? But... Alex didn't really die. That was just a dream. Right?" Confused, I go back to the room where she was to check on her. A horrifying sight greets me: Cheyenne is lying there, dead.

    I run from the room, crying, trying to find out what happened. Everyone present is too weird and crazy to answer my questions. An old man with horrible, blistering red flesh is dragging himself around the room, ranting crazily. His fingers and toes are all melded together, making his hands and feet look like flippers. He crawls in front of me and says I am too polite, just like my mother. (wtf?)

    I go find my mom again. She says I don't have to be here if I don't want to be, but I don't even know what is happening and I am so distraught that I can barely think straight. All I know is that my heart feels like it is torn to shreds and I can't believe I will never see her again.

    Finally I wake up, because my dream crying is making me breathe oddly in real life.
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