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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Epic: Journey into the Requiem

    by , 11-15-2013 at 02:54 AM (562 Views)
    Facing the Goblin Hoard (Non-lucid)


    My faithful companions and I enter the palace of the light goblins, seeking the Goblin Princess named Whisper. She had sent word to my Knight that she has some important information for us. The light goblins may be less savage than their kin, but we still must be careful. Humans in the palace are subject to intense scrutiny: one wrong move and we'll all be killed.

    A young female goblin servant slips my knight a letter from the Princess. It reads: "I'm in the subconscious right now. You must meet me in the Requiem." We all exchange anxious glances. The Requiem--- home of the dark goblins--- is exactly where we did NOT want to go.

    We begrudgingly make our way to the Market and buy as much fruit as we can, as tribute to the dark goblins. You won't get very far in the Requiem without a substantial food offering to pacify the greedy little beasts.

    Then the time comes to enter the massive cave system known as the Requiem. We decide to go in groups of two to ease suspicion. The Dark Goblins tend to find humans amusing, even going as far as inviting large groups of them to attend events in the Requiem's inner chambers. However, getting to these inner chambers is easier said than done. The goblins along the way will find any excuse to snatch a human away before they reach their destination.

    Because the goblins are confident in their vast numbers (and rightly so) we are allowed to bring in our weapons under the condition that they are sheathed at all times. I decide to bring my faithful scimitar, though I hope I won't be needing it.

    I enter the caves with my friend Alma, a healer who is actually quite knowledgable about Goblin culture. After giving the doorman his part of the tribute, we make our way inside. An older she-goblin stops me a few minutes into our slow, wary journey. She wants to play a game with me. Apparently this game involves slapping me in the face with a mostly deflated balloon. I stand there and take it, hoping that she'll grow weary of the "game" and let me go. She tells me I'm not doing it right, that I'm supposed to cry out in pain. I realize she is kind of like a child who hits an adult and finds it funny when the adult pretends that the weak attack has injured them. The next time the she-goblin hits me, I cry out and pretend to be in pain. Unfortunately, an older male goblin watching nearby lets out an annoyed "shhhhh!"

    "Ah, a shush from him means an execution. Too bad!" the old she-goblin cackles. I sigh in frustration and weigh my options. Resisting their attacks wouldn't do much good--- there are far too many of them to fight. Even if I could, it would put Alma in the middle of the danger. I have no choice but to run.

    So run I do. I barrel into the annoying she-gob, sending her sprawling to the floor. I bolt through the door before me, cringing at the sheer number of goblins who begin chasing after me.

    I run for a very long time, deftly taking unexpected turns and even throwing myself through a large stained glass window, but they always keep right on my heels. Maybe it's time to make a stand.

    I climb up a pillar in a large cathedral like room, all the way up to the rafters. I figure that the goblins could only move single file along the narrow beams, thus allowing me to chop them down one at a time. But more by luck than anything, I somehow fall through a nearby window into a large courtyard where a lot of other humans are gathered for an event (including my comrades). Goblins are notoriously bad at recognizing individual humans in a crowd, so I blend right in and successfully escape. As long as I can hide my limp from the fall, they shouldn't recognize me...

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