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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Failed TOTM - Seeking An Elevator to Hell with Dreamer

    by , 07-07-2014 at 03:27 PM (594 Views)
    Well, it's a good start.

    As The Venom Flows Through (Non-lucid)


    Cheyenne is holding an incredibly beautiful snake, which has coiled itself around her body and is reaching out to regard me at eye level. I've never seen a snake quite like this, but I can tell from its eyes that it is venomous. "Be careful not to let it bite you," I tell Cheyenne. For now, it seems more focused on biting me. I am just within the line of danger, but I manage to dodge its strikes. I decide its best to step back.

    When I do, the snake loses its one distraction and notices the warm, living body that it is coiled around. It turns around slowly and deliberately to glare at Cheyenne, before latching on to her neck.

    Now I'm practically dragging her through the woods, screaming for help as the venom takes hold of my poor friend. First, she simply begins to act a little loopy. But soon her veins are bulging black from her skin while her lips turn a deathly shade of blue. A green liquid leaks from her temples, running down her face.

    I barely get her to help in time to rescue her.

    This is hugely symbolic of a situation that occured IRL.

    Onward To Hell (DILD)


    College is in session once more, and I'm entering into the cafeteria for the first time since summer break. When I get to the place where I'm supposed to scan my card, I struggle to remove it from my new wallet. I apologize to the cashier for the delay. He hands me some kind of scholarship form from a different college and says I must fill it out before I can eat.

    This form is impossible! The directions the man gives me make absolutely no sense, and the sections I'm supposed to fill out keep disappearing and changing order. Plus, some of the answers I've already written are nonsensical when I go back over them.
    It slowly dawns on me that I have to be dreaming.

    "Screw this!" I yell, slamming my pen down before the now bewildered man. I storm off, phasing effortlessly through the glass door and entering a neighborhood similar to my grandmother's.

    I suddenly recall my task of going to Hell to find out what the Devil wants with my high school ring.

    It is a rather cloudy day; the sky is dark with a reddish, rusty tint. I smile to myself. "What a perfect day to visit Hell," I chuckle.

    I remember that first I must summon Dreamer, so I call for her a few times. When that doesn't work, I make the decision that she's going to be in one of the nearby houses. I walk towards one, clapping and rubbing my hands together as I walk because the dream has taken on a surreal, old movie quality and I keep nearly losing my vision altogether.

    When I ascend the steps, I lose the dream completely and am pulled into the black void of sleep paralysis.

    "No biggy," I think, "I'll just turn this into a DEILD."

    I succeed in the dream part, but lose the 'ILD' in the belief that I've actually woken up. I check the time. 8:44. That's well after my alarm should have gone off! I'm going to be late to work!

    I run off to get ready, only to
    wake up for real when my alarm goes off at its normal time.

    Interestingly, after I've actually gotten going and mostly ready, I check the time at exactly 8:44. For real this time.
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Good try, too bad the summon didn't work out this time!

      You write so nicely, I love your style!

      Can't wait to hear about our next adventure!
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    2. LolaTheLoner's Avatar
      Next time, for sure! If I had only gotten to that house, I know you would have been in there. Passive summoning is definitely the way to go.

      And thanks! I fancy myself a writer, so that actually means a lot to me.
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