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    Death's Other Kingdom


    by , 11-15-2013 at 02:47 AM (426 Views)

    Gryphon (DILD)


    I am lucid, riding a Gryphon over the dreamscape. His name is Cerberus. He is flying very close to trees and I have to be very careful not to get hit by branches. We are having a conversation the entire time--- I can't remember what we talk about, but he is pretending to be annoyed with me for riding him (though secretly he enjoys my company).

    We land amidst some ruins where an evil witch sets a feral dog after us. I beat the dog with a nearby tree branch and, with Cerberus's help, impale it--- thus pinning it to the wall. We fly away before the witch can send more creatures. Cerberus tells me I'm brave--- for a human.

    We keep flying together for a long time.

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    lucid , memorable