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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Hiding Spots

    by , 03-24-2013 at 02:52 PM (328 Views)
    Hiding Spots (Non-lucid)


    I am running from a particular group of people who always manage to find me. My brother is with me. We are part of some Hunger Game-esque future in which college and high school age students are thrown in prison camps.

    My brother and I run down the dirt road behind my old house, when we see a dark car up ahead. We quickly take another fork in the road, only to come across another car. Both drivers are now after us. We veer off the road into the forest until we see a cabin. With nowhere left to go, hidng there seems to be a good option.

    When we enter, however, there are two men standing there. I am about to fight them, but they convince me that they are on our side. "Not everyone agrees with wiping out part of society," one man says bitterly. He tells me that he was a teacher. I decide that I can trust him.

    We hear car doors out front. "Hide!" the men say.

    There aren't many suitable hiding places in the room. My brother hides beside a bookshelf while I hide under a couch. The men chasing us never come into the cabin.

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    Tags: escape