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    Death's Other Kingdom


    by , 12-01-2012 at 05:48 PM (353 Views)
    Last night I got to bed extremely early and therefore had awesome recall. To avoid a super long post, I'll post them all separately.

    Hunted (Non-lucid)


    An evil woman is dead set on killing me. I have foiled her plans numerous times and have run to far away places, but she always manages to find me. I am afraid to even sleep, because I'd be left open to attack.

    My escape takes me to a cliff by a vast ocean. I believe I have just drowned the woman and that all of my troubles are over. As I am walking towards the forest across from the cliff, a huge form flies towards me. It is a vampire with enormous bat wings who has skin the color of red rocks. He is wearing nothing but a kind of loin cloth. "Look out!" he shouts at me, and I duck as he swoops over my head and attacks the woman who is somehow still alive.

    When he is satisfied that she is dead, he picks me up and flies with me into the woods. It is an amazing experience, and I want to just keep flying around with him for as long as I can. However, all too soon we hear an eerie noise behind us. "How can this be?" the vampire asks, alarmed. "She's alive?" Suddenly realization strikes us both: the woman has turned into a vampire!!!

    He sets me down and tells me to run; he'll hold her off for me while I get away. I do what he says, but it isn't long before the vampire lady is once again right at my heels. I hope the other vampire is alright...

    I slide down a steep slope to get more ground between us, when I come across a small black dog. "We've got to run!" I tell the dog.

    "No," she says. "I'll take care of her." I wonder how a dog her size is going to help in this situation at ALL, but to my surprise the woman seems terrified of her. She will not come near me while I'm standing behind the dog. Weird...

    I look around and notice a camouflaged army truck parked nearby. "We can get away in that," I tell the dog. She agrees and we run to the truck. She sits beside me in the passenger seat and says I should look for money in the glove compartment. "I don't have time for that," I tell her, "and besides, I don't want to steal from soldiers, I just want to get out of here."

    The good vampire shows up at this point and offers to drive. As we are speeding out of the forest, he asks how I got away from the woman. "This little black dog helped me," I say.

    "Little black dog!?" the dog screetches, apparently offended at the term.

    "Um, sorry?"

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