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    Death's Other Kingdom

    A Matter of Circumstance

    by , 06-29-2014 at 05:11 PM (444 Views)
    Vengeance (Non-lucid)


    My aunt has, for some reason, invited Cheyenne's insane parents into my mom's house while I am house-sitting. "My mom is going to be *furious* when she finds out about this," I growl to my aunt, wondering what could have possessed her to make such an awful decision. I go inside to investigate. Much to my horror, the couple are standing in the middle of the kitchen having sex. Disgusted, I run back outside.

    "We're going to have to make them leave," I tell my aunt. Things get a bit more disturbing before I'm finally able to talk to Bob to ask him to leave. "It's time for you to go home now," I tell him firmly. He glares at me.

    "Not until I speak to my daughter," he says.

    "If you don't leave, I'm calling the cops."

    He begins cursing at me, demanding to see his daughter. He accidentally calls me Cheyenne--- I assume from the familiarity of talking to her in this way. Now I'm pissed. "I'm not your f***ing daughter!" I growl furiously.

    He grabs me by my throat and starts to strangle me. I hear my aunt protesting, but she does nothing to help. Completely infuriated, I punch the man in the throat--- when he lets go of me, leaning forward and spluttering, I send an elbow down into his back, knee him in the face, then shove him to the floor where I proceed to stomp---hard--- onto his junk seven or eight times before stomping on his head and knocking him unconscious.

    My aunt and Cheyenne's mom stand there staring at me, stunned. I glare at them. "Is anyone going to call the police, or do I have to do that, too?"

    The Devil and The Ring (DILD)


    After much nonsense that I'm not going to copy over, I end up in a house with my two young cousins. They want me to go dancing with them at some party, but I dislike such situations. Still, they beg me to go. I look in the mirror and notice that my hair has changed color and style--- it is a bit shaggier, colored black in the front and blonde in the back and lower layers. I look like a rocker chick. Maybe with this cool hairstyle, I'll feel better about going dancing. I reluctantly agree to go with my cousins to what ever party they're going on about.

    On the way there, they start questioning me about my jewelry. I think they're referring to my pentacle, which I show them. I accidentally refer to it as a ring instead of a necklace. "THAT'S the ring you brought with you?" they ask. They sound almost angry for some reason.

    "Oh, no. I meant this is my necklace. These are my rings," I hold up my hands to show them my high school and college rings. The girls instantly try to take them from me--- I close my hands into fists to stop them. "Not even the Devil can have my ring," I joke (referring to an old dream where the Devil insistantly tried to steal my high school ring for it's magical properties. I say this often in real life as a kind of inside joke with myself.) However, as I notice the sinister smiles appear on my "cousin's" faces, I
    suddenly realize that they are indeed demons in disguise, after my rings. I'm in a low-level stage of lucidity at this point.

    Knowing that I'm onto them, the two girls suddenly transform into succubi, joined by a third succubus who had been watching from afar. They are planning to take me somewhere, where their master awaits my rings. However, I use their own tactics against them and manage to make them forget all about my rings....

    I "wake up" in the middle of the street. My brother and grandmother are standing over me, chastizing me about things I was apparently doing in my sleep. Their ranting is interrupted when a vicious growl rips through the air. I turn to see a dog--- or what was once a dog. It looks as though it has stepped directly out from Silent Hill. The rest of the dream is a confused blur of running from and fighting these dog creatures.

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