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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Overthrowing the Tea Party

    by , 03-13-2013 at 01:35 PM (450 Views)
    Overthrowing the Tea Party (DEILD)


    I wake up in sleep paralysis, and my clock informs me that I'm late for work. I'm not sure if I'm just hallucinating this, but I can't be late after missing so much last week! I struggle to wake up. No avail. The entire time, a sermon from some conservative southern Baptist preacher is blaring from my television. It is one of the most irritating things ever...

    Suddenly Amanda comes in the room. "Hey, don't you have class now?" she asks.

    "Yes," I mumble in a weak voice. "Please wake me up."

    She sits down on top of me. At first, I am still paralyzed. But then: "Hey, I can move now." I do a reality check and confirm that I'm actually dreaming. I decide I'm probably not really late for anything.

    "I need you to come with us," Amanda tells me in a strange voice. It's almost as if she's hypnotized. Curious, I decide to play along.

    "Fair enough. But afterwards, you should help me find that girl that you drew. That's my goal, remember?"

    She doesn't answer. She just looks at me expectantly, waiting for me to follow her. I shrug and attempt to put on my bedroom slippers. It doesn't work, and I figure I don't need them since it's just a dream.

    She leads me into an attic where my other friends are waiting. "Hey guys, what's up?" I ask.

    "Welcome to the Tea Party," they all say in weird, robotic voices. I look around the room and see that it is completely filled with radical Republican propaganda, including some pictures of my friends that show women "in their proper place." What the hell?

    I take their pictures off the wall and stare my friends dead in the eyes as I rip the papers to shreds. They all gasp in horror. "That's what I think of your stupid Tea Party," I laugh, knowing that I just picked a deadly fight.

    They all come at me at once, screaming about how I betrayed them and ruined everything. I leap down from the attic, intending to just ignore them and to carry on with my original goal, but they latch onto me. Since they're restraining my arms, I kick out at them violently. Alex complains that I've broken her ribs. "Good," I growl.

    I wake up when Alex sneezes in real life.
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    1. AURON's Avatar
      Blessing and a curse I tell yah. I hate those moments when I think "you know what...what if something is really going on in waking life". Seemed like you handled it pretty good. And lol at how Amanda kinda went lifeless once you became lucid. I find it that most of the time DC's vary in intelligence based on my lucidity (smart if it's low, dumb if it's high). However, they've been pretty smart during some occasions where I was super aware.
    2. LolaTheLoner's Avatar
      I used to have it happen so frequently, that I made my number one rule: Do not wake yourself up under any circumstances. (Of course, I kind of neglected that rule after all of my SP episodes lately. But I'm getting back to it now.)

      That's an interesting observation about your DC's intelligence. Normally mine vary based on the type of DC, regardless of how aware I am. DCs that are people that I know IRL are almost always really dumb or weird, while a lot of the "original" ones are more intelligent.