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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Roaming the Night

    by , 03-19-2013 at 03:08 PM (324 Views)
    Roaming the Night (Non-lucid)


    Prior to the events of the dream, I was hanging out with a werewolf and a vampire in a pub somewhere in the city. These two happen to be characters of mine from some silly story I tried writing in middle school/early high school.

    The dream opens as I am walking through the city at night, searching for my car. Once I find it, I make a wrong turn down a dark, sketchy looking road. Somehow I end up on foot again as I try to turn back around (dream logic doesn't like me driving, apparently). As I'm walking, a tall guy in his late teens approaches me. He is dripping with an air of false friendliness.

    He soon questions me about the vampire I was hanging out with in the pub. He wants to know his name. "Vincent," I tell him, mentally preparing myself for the fight or chase that is bound to happen.

    "Vincent what?"

    "Just Vincent. He doesn't have a last name. For all I know, Vincent isn't even his real first name, either."

    The guy loses his friendly act and says that the vamp is bound to come here once he hears my screams. I can't really see Vincent caring one way or another what happens to me, but Dakota (the werewolf) would surely flip out. Not wanting the wolf to find out what trouble I've gotten myself into yet again, I break into a sprint.

    I easily stay one step ahead of the guy, but soon we come upon my Aunt's house and I see that this isn't going to end without a fight. The guy is stronger than I would have thought; it becomes clear that he intends to rape me. The fight is brutal and lasts several minutes. In the end, I get the upper hand and beat the guy until he is moaning on the ground, pleading for me to stop.

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