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    Death's Other Kingdom

    The Scorpion Still Stings

    by , 07-13-2014 at 12:18 AM (742 Views)
    The Scorpoin Still Stings (Non-lucid)


    Alternate life dream in which I have an older brother.

    My memory has been wiped, as has my brother's. He was once overcome by darkness and tried to kidnap me as a baby to drag me along into the shadows. My family was meant to kill him, for the darkness could not be contained forever. Instead, they pulled the memories from both our minds and prayed for the past to remain hidden.

    Of course, you cannot bury the past. On my brother's 13th birthday, our memories are restored and with them come the darkness that swallows his soul. I am in danger once again.

    While my parents serve as distraction, I am meant to journey out to retrieve an object that will bring my brother to his ultimate demise. I have no idea what the object shall be--- only that it is hidden within an Easter Egg, of which many are scattered throughout the woods for the great hunt that is taking place on this day. I am given only one clue: "When you retrieve the egg, hold on to the sun to preserve your life."

    As I run through the woods, cracking open each egg only to find bits of candy, I wonder what this riddle is supposed to mean.

    Even more concerning: my parents have failed in their attempt at distracting the boy who was once my brother. He is hunting me through the forest as relentlessly as I hunt the egg. I barely stay out of his reach, using a rather deep bend of the creek to hide. He always was afraid of the water.

    Suddenly, the meaning of the riddle becomes clear to me. I am submerged in the creek, reaching up toward the sunlight that sparkles brightly above me. I'm "holding on to the sun." The egg must be hidden deep underwater!

    I dive deep below. Sure enough, I see an egg lying in the still water at the bottom of the creek. I grasp the egg just as the urgency for air propels me to the surface to face my brother once more.

    I am angry at him now. He has destroyed all sense of peace within me, poisoning me with the paranoia of being ever hunted with not even a moment to spare for rest. I try to push him below the water to drown him. When that doesn't work, I shove him forcefully against a tree, beating his head against the hard trunk over and over again. There is no life in his eyes, as if my abuse means nothing to him. Sickened, I throw him to the side and run with the egg back to my family.

    The dream disintegrates to nonsense after this point.
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    1. OneUp's Avatar
      Was this all one regular dream? How long was it? just curious
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    2. KestrelKat's Avatar
      wow :O
      That sounds intense...!
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    3. LolaTheLoner's Avatar
      It was all one dream. It felt like it lasted quite a while; I was chased through the forest for ages before I finally found that egg, and there were even more vague scenes from the beginning that are difficult to recall properly. So it felt like it lasted a couple of hours at least.

      And yes, it was quite intense! Family dreams usually are, though.
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